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'The Fancy Man and I'

Chapter 1

The four ladies sat in their living room, doing various things, Dorothy grading papers, Blanche doing her nails in the usual killer lady red, Rose doing a children's cross word puzzle and Sophia looking off into basically nothing when just that moment the doorbell rings, it rings again and Sophia says:

"Finally! a date for Dorothy!"

Dorothy looks at her mother like she's just gone insane (which you have to wonder) and she laughs and says:

"Ma, dates don't just show up at doors"

She gets up to go answer it and Blanche innocently says:

"They do for me"

Sophia starts to say something like a insult when Dorothy says:

"Ma! don't remember the 'home?"

Sophia shuts up and Dorothy answers the doorbell and a tall, redheaded man stands there, he has glasses on, Dorothy says:

"Yes, may we help you?"

Blanche gets up quickly and slithers over and says as she pushes Dorothy out of the way:

"I'll handle this Dorothy..."

Doroth just looks exhausted as Blanche considers another sexual conquest then she says:

"May I help you?"

The man smiles then says:

"My name is Lt. Caine, I'm with CSI: Miami"

He shows them his badge and Sophia says:

"What can we do for you copper?"

Dorothy is outraged and she yells:


Lt. Caine just smiles and says:

"Which one of you is Blanche Devereaux?"

Everybody points to Blanche and she says:

"I am, how may I be of help?"

Sophia just can't help but saying:

"For starters, tell him the name of every pimp in town"

Dororthy face goes red and she walks over and says:

"I'm sorry, my mother has gone crazy"

Blanche says under her breath:

"And I'll put her back in the home"

Lt. Caine just smiles then as quickly his smile dissappears then he says:

"I'm sorry, we are here to ask you, did you know a Charles Blanco?"

The girls look at each other then the Lt. looks through his notebook then says:

"You may know him better as 'Coco'"

Blanche's eyes go wide and she says:

"That's my houseboy!"

Sophia says again:

"The boy is as fruity as a orange but he's no criminal!"

Dorothy wants to die but Lt. Caine just says:

"No, I'm sorry, he's dead"

You could hear everybody's heartbeat then and Blanche silently signals for him to come in, they all sit down and Lt. Caine asks:

"When was the last time any of you saw 'Coco'?"

Sophia speaks up and says:

"Two nights ago, we went to the dog tracks"

Rose speaks up:

"Are you sure he's dead, maybe he's out with the dogs"

The girls look at her then Blanche says:

"He's dead Rose or he wouldn't be here!"

Lt. Caine just looks around then asks:

"How do you know him ma'm?"

Blanche shoves a tear away then sniffles then says:

"As I said, he's my houseboy"

He gets out his notepad and writes some notes then asks again:

"How long?"

Blanche thinks hen says:

"George and I hired him about 5 years before he died so 6 years?"

He writes it down and Blanche proceeds to say:

"But after Gorge died, the money started dwindling so for the last 6 months, it was only when I could afford him, needed him or sometimes he would just show up and work for days!"

The girls comfort Blanche then she asks:

"How did you know where to find me?"

This time he smiles and says:

"In his apartment, he left a letter stating you as his only living relative"

Blanche goes in shock and Rose says:

"Blanche, I didn't know you and Coco were related"

She stutters then says:

"We weren't...there wasn't anybody else?"

He shakes his head then says:

"Not that we could find"

Dorothy then asks:

"Lt. Caine, how did Coco die?"

Everybody goes silent as they wait for the answer.