Blanche's eyes go huge and round in shock as she realizes what is on her body, Sophia opens the door then steps back quickly and they all see Peter, Horatio, Eric, Tim Speedle and other officers pointing their guns straight at Kenneth Lee who is holding Blanche at gunpoint.

Horaito tells him:

"Drop the gun, Kenneth, it's over, let her go" "No…"

Just then, Jane turns around with her mother and she asks:

"Kenneth, did you kill Charles?"

He looks at everyone with sweat coming out of his pores then he says:

"Yes, I did"

She clasps her mouth in horror and he mother cries in pain and he says:

"I did it for you Jane"

She looks at him and screams:


He tells her:

"He was going to ruin everything with his gay ways, yes, he left but somebody could still dig him up and get him to come back to Missouri and ruin everything we worked for, it's so close to election time….I, I found out where Charles was and I found this Malik guy and he gladly did it"

Jane screams:

"You monster!"

Jane turns to her mother to cry on her shoulder and Kenneth just digs the gun in deeper in Blanche's ribs and she tells Dorothy in a meek voice:

"D-Dorothy, tell my, my babies, I…"

Right at that moment, a glass vase hits Kenneth in the head and he falls to the ground, everybody looks and sees Rose holding the bottom part of the vase and she smiles and shrugs her shoulders in triumphant and Dorothy yells:


The police officers put their guns back in their holsters and Horatio says:

"Good work ma'm"

Dorothy tells Rose:

"Rose, I don't know if that was brave or stupid"

Rose says:

"Maybe I'm just brave enough to be stupid"

Dorothy looks around and Horatio tells Speed:

"Cuff him and get him out of here"

Kenneth groans awake, Tim pulls him up and handcuffs him, Dorothy, Sophia and Rose gather around Blanche to hug her then Horaito Caine tells Dorothy:

"Mrs. Zbornack?"

She turns to him and says:


He says:

"Thank you for the pictures, the D.A. is looking at them right now"

She smiles and says:

"You're welcome"

He turns and leaves then Rose asks:

"What pictures Dorothy?"

Dorothy looks at her mother then says:

"Before Malik started his rampage, I had got the pictures I needed of the books and I took them down to the C.S.I. headquarters, that's where I was earlier"

Rose says:

"Oh, thank you Dorothy!"

They all give each other another hug then Dorothy says:

"It will most likely be in the papers in the morning of Ricardo's arrest and I think he will understand a all-American girl like you breaking up with a criminal"

She smiles and then they notice Blanche falling to the couch and crying, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia all look at each other then Dorothy sits next to Blanche and asks:

"What is it honey?"

Blanche wipes a tear away then says:

"He's dead, he's really dead"

Rose says:


Blanche interrupts her by saying:

"I didn't tell you girls everything…Coco was like a son to me…."

She laughs a little, thinks of something then says:

"The first week after George and I hired him, I was in the bathroom doing a cucumber facial mask, Coco came by, looked at everything then me and…he sat down and told me 'You know, they say leave these things on for 30 minutes, that's wrong, do it for a hour, you'll look fantastic!' then he leaned back in the chair, put some cucumbers on his eyes and that was that! We did it every week from then on…until he died"

Dorothy pats Blanche's hand and Rose just puts her head on Blanche's shoulder and Sophia remembers in her mind, all of the girls sitting out on the patio and Sophia telling them, 'The Fancy man and I are going to the track'.

The End

(It's the end of this story)