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"Come again?"

"You didn't text me back and I spent that week worrying my ass off!"



"I think he's gone catatonic, Luce."

Natsu stared at Lucy, taking in her angry eyes that now held more relief than anything else. She sat down on the edge of the hospital bed, and hugged Natsu tightly as she could without suffocating him.

"… What."

Lucy loosened her grip and glared at Natsu.

"You and I have many things to talk about." Gray chose this moment to take his leave; Lucy nodded at him and he patted her shoulder. He set Natsu with a square look and excused himself.

Lucy scooted on to the bed as best she could and searched Natsu's eyes for a minute.

"How old were you when your Dad went missing?"

Natsu's stomach dropped and his fingers went ice cold.

He didn't say anything for a long time.

Lucy waited.

"I was probably four. Or five. Just getting ready to start elementary school…" Natsu took a breath. Lucy grabbed his hands and urged him to continue softly.

"It had always just been the two of us… you know, I don't know anything about my mom. Never figured I had one…"

Natsu looked at his hands and Lucy's.

"It was winter. There was snow everywhere, and I remember the ice. My dad gave me his… his scarf that day."

Lucy looked to the chair where all of Natsu's clothes and belongings had been placed. Her eyes traveled over the well-worn scarf that had been nicely folded on top of Natsu's clothing.

"That's his scarf, right?"

Natsu swallowed the lump in his throat and nodded, not trusting his voice to be everything that he was. Solid, whole, strong.

Lucy got up, letting go of his hands, and grabbed all of Natsu's things off of the chair, including the scarf.

Sitting back down in front of Natsu, with his stuff on her lap, she held the scarf out to him, silently.

"I'm so far… from what he was." His trembling hands took hold of the only thing he had left of his only family. It was then he realized how far he actually was from being solid, whole, or strong. Tears that he knew Lucy could see gleamed unshed in his eyes.

"I miss him so much."

Natsu's shoulders shook as he sobbed.

Lucy cradled Natsu. She ran her free hand through his hair, and soothed his neck. She never once shushed him. Or consoled him with half assed attempts at compassion.

They stayed there for an hour.

She didn't dare speak first. This was something he had to do. When he did speak, it wasn't asking for forgiveness, or apologizing for staining her shirt with his tears.

"My dad," he croaked out, slowly. Clearing his throat, he began again.

"My dad loved me so much. And I loved him, too…" He took another breath, collecting air and his jumbled thoughts.

"The first few days… I didn't know what to think. I don't know what to think now, honestly. Some fourteen, fifteen years later." Natsu looked Lucy in the eyes and held her gaze.

"I've always wanted someone to be there for me when I came home to ask how my day was. It always felt like my friends growing up had parents they could complain about. I remember thinking, 'At least you have parents!'" Natsu smiled in the most bittersweet way.

"I don't know what I'd do if… if I could meet him today. Hell knows all the shit I've done. If it weren't for Makarov or Gray, I'd be dead. I'm sure."

He looked away from Lucy and out a window that looked out on to a street and park.

"Family… I wanted a family. Fairy Tail adopted me and for that I couldn't be more… well, you know. And then I met you and I had even more of a reason not to drink. Even more of a reason to live in the present with you. To live the way I'm sure my father meant me to." Natsu turned to face Lucy again and there was fervor in his words as he spoke now.

"Lucy, I love you. You mean… you mean so much to me." Trying to think of what else to say to get that point across, Natsu's face flushed deep rouge.

"I… it was senseless, and rash, and … with your dad, and, and…" Trailing off into more incoherent thoughts, Natsu couldn't look at Lucy.

"I meant everything I said to those people at the party. I'm just a weak man. To forget my Dad… though, to forget him…"

Lucy lifted Natsu's head with a warm hand. She met him with watering eyes and smiled as two tears slipped out. Her lips wavered dangerously.

She kissed him.

"It's hard to not cry when someone else is crying. I was always the first in my group of friends to cry when someone else had lost a pet," Lucy began softly, inches away from Natsu.

"Your smile was different that day, Natsu. You know, you scared the shit out of me. I had no idea what to do, or who to go to. I've never felt so helpless in my entire life." She paused, and rubbed her eyes. She let out a huff of air that flipped her bangs up and over her head. She looked back at Natsu and continued talking.

"I can't exactly beat you up the way I want to, seeing as how you did that all by yourself." She gave him a look and leaned in close to his chest, listening to the soft beat of his heart.

"I don't have anything nearly as poetic and raw as what you offered me," she began, "But for what it's worth, I love you too."

Natsu leaned back into the bed suddenly. Lucy looked up at him and found his wide-eyed expression glued to hers.

"But… Gray had said… what with the tabloids-"

Lucy stood up and rummaged through her purse that sat on the chair next to the window. Pulling out a gossip magazine, she tossed it onto Natsu's lap.

He could only gawk at the scene that lay before him.

Lucy was right there next to him, drink in hand, at the shitty bar, surrounded by unscrupulous characters, looking less than sober.

"I finally found you yesterday. I had to do something. And you looked like you needed a drinking buddy. And happy birthday! You turned twenty-one last night!"

Natsu looked up to her confused.

"I can't have my boyfriend be drinking while under the legal age, now can I?"

Feeling normal for the first time in days, Natsu blurted, "The fuck does that mean!"

Lucy smacked him lightly on the shoulder.

"I'm a Heartphilia. Which is read as I'm swimming-pools-of-gold-and-fish-egg-eating-filthy-stinking-rich. It means you're now twenty-one. So, grow a pair and accept it."

Before she could say another word, Natsu pulled Lucy into his lap.

"…I assume Gray was the one who told you about my dad..?" Lucy nodded, feeling embarrassed for the first time, since she had arrived to visit Natsu.

"I wanted to hear it from you, but with how everything else happened, it was what I needed to know. I couldn't just come in, guns blazing and tell you to get over it. That would've been tactless, and I'll have you know, Natsu Dragonil, that I, Lucy Heartphilia, have tact."

Natsu chuckled.

"Not according to Wizard's Weekly."

Lucy began to object, but stopped when she found Natsu's eyes resting firmly on hers. Their foreheads touched again, and she closed her eyes.

He kissed her.

"Merry Christmas Eve, dumbass." Lucy snuggled into Natsu's side as she closed her eyes.

"I love you, too."

"You know, I didn't get you a present," she continued.

"You didn't have to," Natsu offered.

"Well, consider this thing we have going on still on."

"You mean you and me?"

"Yeah. Dad will probably want to talk to you."

"… Dammit."

"You brought that on yourself. Anyway, we've invited everyone over for New Year's Eve. So you've got about a week to really live life."


"You've got such a way with words." Natsu turned on his side, slightly crushing Lucy.

"Says the author."

"… Not yet, anyways…"

"Go to sleep. It's Christmas already." The clock read 12:03.

"All the more reason for me to be wide awake!"

Natsu pressed his lips to Lucy's, effectively silencing her.

"Good night, Lucy." She beamed.

"Sleep tight, dork."

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