Suddenly they where interrupted. A band of men, all large, muscular and toting guns or other weapons burst into the inn.

"Everybody, hands up where we can see them!" One of them yelled. One of the men went up to the innkeeper and demanded all of the money while the others watched for "heroes". Lucky for them, there where no heroes in there at that time. The men left.

Scar finished eating and the two left. There was a commotion on the street. The old man who had healed Scar stood facing the raiders. Several frightened villagers stood behind him, trying to look like something of a formidable backup.

"Id leave now, if you know whats good for you."

One of them yelled, his voice shaking despite his attempts to mask his fear.

"You cant keep robbing us like this, our village has nothing left. We've given you so much already."

"Really?" Laughed one of the thugs. He went over to a tubby man and poked him roughly. "I don't see anyone starving here. Why, your still catering to guests even." He'd noticed Scar and Lust. The two didn't exactly blend in.

"Although, heres one I might not mind doing a little hosting for, if you know what I mean." He laughed, and so did his cronies. He went over by Lust, and grabbed her arm. "I just might take you with us. How would you like that, sweet lips?"

Lust smiled, and Scar came up. He knew Lust could take care of herself, but Hell if he was going to not do anything. He would kill the guy if he didn't beg for his life.

"Let go of her!" He yelled.

"Whos this? What're you going to do, Scar face?"

"I wouldn't ask him that if I where you." Lust grinned.

"You seem cocky, Missy. Or are you thinking your going to like what I got planned for ya?"

"Oh, I like a man with a plan." Lust replied. "Hm, but not your plan."

Scar was about to pummel him across to the other side of the gate when a woman screamed. She grabbed at a young man as he was dragged away from her by one of the thugs.

"What are you doing?" The leader, the man who had Lust, yelled.

"This kid here tried to get me. Let me kill him."

The leader nodded. "Go ahead. Like I said, I don't put up with no heroes."

"No!" The alchemist ran forward. He couldn't use alchemy without a transmutation circle, which he hadn't been able to draw, but the villagers had still come to him for help, like they always had. He was their only hope. He tried to free the boy, but he was no match against any of the thugs. He too was secured, and the order was given to kill him.

"Stop!" Lust ordered. Faster than anyone could see, she drew her claws and sliced up the hem of the leaders pants, causing them to fall. Nobody could have noticed that she did it, it just looked like she'd moved her arm. Only Scar knew, because he already knew she could do things like that, and when the man reacted and tried to pull his pants up, letting Lust go, Scar ran forward and punched him in the face so hard the crack could be heard straight across the village from one end to the other. The man howled pathetically and went from tending to his hopelessly ripped pants to his crushed and bleeding orbital socket. All of his men reacted with shock and let their guards down, allowing the alchemist and the boy to free themselves. The alchemist quickly drew a circle and made bars shoot up from the earth, incasing all of the men. They where trapped.

One of the villagers came forward to Scar and Lust.

"Thank you, thank you, strangers. I don't know where your from, but we haven't been able to get the edge on these guys for a long time. Now our sheriff can lock them up and send them off to a jailor who can deal with them. We just weren't equipped. Please, let us treat you two to a celebration, and your welcome to stay at the inn on us for as long as you like. We'd be honored to have you."

Scar and Lust looked at each other. Scar shook his head.

"And where are you going to go Scar?" Lust asked.

"Ugh, good point. I mean, I don't have a plan or anything. Maybe It would be ok to stay a night and think things over."

"I agree. We'll stay one night." Lust said. "But please, no celebration. We'd prefer to be left alone."

As soon as she'd said it, she wished she could take it back. She knew what everyone would be thinking about them, and why they wanted to be alone at an inn. She wondered if she should request separate rooms, but she really didn't want to. If Scar wanted to, that was fine, but she wouldn't mention it. Besides, she was hoping he could help her figure out what to do with her life. Without her quest for the philosophers stone, she was lost. Being with Scar was all she had. She knew Scar would be dead if she hadn't talked to him, so she figured he didn't have much of a plan, either. She had to ask him if he would continue his quest of killing alchemists.

That night, she got her chance. They had been given the largest, most luxurious room the town had to offer, with two queen sized beds and a private bath. They had each just finished cleaning up from the day and Lust had changed into a simple black silk dress. She had been reclining on her bed while Scar bathed and she couldn't help but imagine him doing it. She'd seen most of his body before, when she'd tended to his wounds, she just hadn't been able to remove the locket from the pocket of his tunic. She only froze when it was in her view. Anyway, she was picturing him bathing and was thinking about how bad it was that she was doing that. Am I just living up to my sin? She thought, depressed by the notion. She couldn't deny that she was lusting for Scar. But there was more to her feeling for him than that. Much more, things she didn't understand. Even if they never got together sexually, she wanted to be with him forever. She was drawn to him, and she cared about what he thought of her. Scar came out of the bathroom, wearing fresh pants and a tunic to sleep in. He sat on his bed and reclined, hands behind his head, staring at the ceiling. He signed, as if the weight of the world was held on his shoulders.

"Scar." Lust began.

"What?" He looked over at her.

"What is your real name?"

"You don't remember? I thought you had memories of that time."

"I do. But I wanted you to tell me."

Scar sat up.

"Today, I have no name. That person died long ago, with her, with my brother, with my village. Now Im just Scar, living a life of sin and retribution."

"It sounds to me like Im not the only one who needs help becoming human. We've both been dead a long time."

"I never thought of it that way." Scar looked at her. "Your right. Weve both died, and Im certainly not the person I once was. Hes gone." He looked at the floor, as if the answers existed in the swirling patterns of the wood. He didn't know what to do, but he couldn't tell her that either. He could only be silent as he tried to think.

Lust, however, had thought about the meaning of her life for much longer than he. Shed been called a soulless monster her whole existence, after all. She had no idea what he was thinking, Scar was very hard to read, but she knew he was confused, empty. Just like her.

"Are you going to continue hunting down members of the military?"

Scar thought. He thought about Ed and Al, brothers who loved each other, who looked after each other. He'd been killing without thought or mercy. Was that really the will of Ishbala? No, his god was dead. The military dogs had destroyed Ishbala wish Ishbal, just as they had destroyed the person he had been and any chance that Scar could lead a life of righteousness. He had gone from heaven to hell, and now he'd been brought back up to purgatory. In purgatory, there was no room for blindness. If he where to kill, it would have to be with discretion.

"No. I mean, I will if I have to, if their hurting people. But, I guess…some alchemists might not know what their doing. They might be good people, just corrupted. Maybe I can work to stop people from abusing their powers as alchemists in a more correct way than just killing them."

Lust laughed.

"Now that's a big step, scar man. I knew you'd think of something."

"And you, Lust? What will you do? Are you going to get someone else to make your stone?"

"That wouldn't be right now, would it?" Lust replied.

"That's a very human thing to say." For the first time, Scar smiled at her. Something without a soul couldn't possibly think that way. Scar reasoned. I knew she had to have a soul. She was just misguided by whatever master was directing her. The same way I'd been misguided by my hate.

"Thank you." Lust genuinely felt shocked. Was Scar considering her human? No, I cant let myself think that. She thought. Scar hates me, Im a burden of his past. Why would he even want to look at me?

She looked away. Scar sensed something as troubling her. Could it be that his comment had hurt her in some way?

"Lust. I…uh…I think I owe you something from earlier."

"Owe me? For what? I saved you because I wanted to, remember?"

"Not that." Scar came over to her bed, and sat down next to her. He put his hand on her cheek as she looked at him, and realized what he planned to do. Lust moved to pull back but scar grabbed her, firm but still gentle, and pressed her towards him as he planted his lips on hers. Lust could see his eyes where closed, and could sense him pulling away, but this time she grabbed him and kept him close, their bodies touching from their lips down to their hips, and Lust renewed the kiss and began to gently work his lips until they parted and his tongue entered her mouth. The kiss began to escalate until they both ran out of breath and had to break apart. Then, Scar moved back in and Lust responded, locking once again into a kiss, and this time Lust closed her eyes, embracing the warm sensation spreading throughout her entire body. They both turned to fully face each other and Scar pushed Lust back so that she was leaning against the wall. He pressed himself almost fully against her, suddenly desperate to have as much of their bodies touching as possible, and more. Stop it, stop it. He begged himself. Once it happens, theres no going back.

But there was already no going back. Scar knew that he loved Lust. Suddenly he remembered something. He stopped midkiss and pulled away. He walked over to where his things where, on the floor.

"Whats wrong?" Lust asked. She wondered if she was making a mistake. She didn't want scar to think that all she was was a sin. She wondered if he even liked her, and if he ever could. The answer came sooner than she could ever have expected. Scar withdrew the locket from his tunic. Lust felt herself tense and freeze, helpless. She fell back against the wall. Scar walked over to her. He placed the locket around her neck.

"What are you doing?" Lust squeezed out.

"Eliminating a problem." He replied. Lust closed her eyes. If this was the end, she couldn't have hoped for anything more merciful. Scar kissed her forehead.

"Open your eyes." He ordered.

Lust saw him get a book of matches, an ashtray, and some paper from the drawer of the bed table. He ripped the paper up into the ashtray. What he did next made Lust gasp. He opened the locket and showed her the hair that had been inside. Then he gently kissed it, and threw it in with the paper. He lit a match and set it all on fire. Lust felt her body relax as the hair finished burning. The two of them watched until the flame had died, and then they went to the window and scar threw the ashes out, to be taken by the wind. Lusts weakness was no more…or was it only just beginning?

The two embraced. Lust wondered at how happy she felt in his strong arms. She'd never thought she'd be able to feel that way without being human. It was as if the enormous void in her was beginning to close, and her shattered body was beginning to fill in with what it had been missing. Scar initially wondered if he had made a mistake, throwing away his power over her so soon, but when he held her in his arms he knew that it didn't matter, if she killed him it would be more merciful than living a life never trusting her at all. Being with her made him alive again, and he wanted to know that she felt the same way too. They kissed. Scar picked her up and carried her to the bed. He laid her down and perched over her as they kissed. Lust untied the cloth belt that held his tunic closed and as the soft cloth opened she went in with her hands. She realized her gloves where still on, god, had she grown that used to always wearing them that it'd taken that long for her to notice, to want them off? She held her right hand out between them. Her left hand was wrapped around Scars waist. Scar noticed the glove and he leaned back, took the soft black cloth between his teeth and yanked it off her arm. He then took it and threw it in the corner. Lust laughed and presented him with the other hand, and he used his fingers to slowly roll the fabric up until it reached her palm, at which point it too was removed and thrown into the corner. Lust went to pull him back onto her but he resisted and grabbed her arm.

"Lets see what you've been hiding." He joked, examining her arm, her fingers. Then his kissed the middle of her hand and began to travel up her arm, kissing and nibbling her flesh. Lusts breathing intermixed with throaty sighs as he came up to her collarbone and touched her ouroburos tattoo. He sucked the skin there gently and Lusts hands where now free to explore his muscular chest. She gently massaged his nipples until they where as hard as the rest of his body and she caressed her face with his silver hair, breathing in deeply his smell. Scar groaned as he felt himself grow hard and he shifted himself so that Lust couldn't feel what had happened. Lust knew though, and she wrapped her leg around him and pulled him hard on top of her. They locked lips again and scar now dared to massage her breasts. He pulled up as they went for air and as they both gasped heavily lust too sat up and slid her dress over her head. Scar starred as he realized that she had been wearing nothing underneath, and his eyes drank up the sight of her. He moved towards her but she pushed him back and grabbed at his tunic. She slid off the bed and sat behind him. Scar sat entranced, only moving his arms as she slid the tunic off his shoulders. From behind Lust began to kiss his neck, his shoulder, and she traced the tattoo of his arm with her tongue. Scar could feel her breasts press up against his back and her hands tracing the outlines of his hips and abs. They traveled down into his pants, and he did his best not to shudder as they met with his manhood. Lust ran her hand along its length and then withdrew her hand and began to pull off his pants. Scar stood up to help her and then they where both completely naked. Lust laid herself down on the bed, cupping her breasts. Scar came down onto her and ran his hands along the sides of her body. Lust took her hands of her chest, preferring to touch his. They parted lips again and scar played with her breasts. Lust groaned as she began to stroke his abs and chest, her lean body rippling with her effort and her breasts taunt and firm. She spread her legs and used one to caress his buttocks.

"Oh god, Scar." She breathed. "I need you." Scar needed her too, the stroking of his body had made him yearn to be thrusting himself inside her. His part had been thus far neglected, but the time was coming fast for it to be put to good use. Scar had never had sex before. He acted boldly now, but that's the only way he knew how to act. He wondered if Lust could tell.

Lust had had sex before, not when she was the "other", but after she was created a homunculus. She'd fucked with Envy many times, but it had never meant anything. She'd only been living her sin. This time was different. This was the only time she'd opened herself to feeling vulnerable. She hoped Scar wasn't wondering about her past. It wasn't something she was proud of.

Scar touched her down there for the first time, and Lust threw back her head and writhed against the pulled up sheets. She groaned as he slid a finger inside her wet body and explored her tight interior.

"Please, do it." she begged. Scar very slowly pushed himself into her. He groaned as her soft walls pushed all around against his member. She was tight, but she was so wet he slid in easily. He began to thrust within her body. He grabbed her waist as his passion began to engulf him and his speed increased. He pummeled himself fully inside her. Lust arched her back and her legs, now both wrapped around him pressed against his back and ass and she moved herself to his rhythm. Scars eyes glazed as he watched her shaking beneath his body, their parts entwined, his penis ripped into her flesh and pressing hard into its void. Scars strong body began to sweat as he worked over her, the heat in his member increasing until he almost lost control. He grit his teeth as he continued to thrust and Lust begged him to go harder. He grew desperate, and a drop of sweat fell onto her body as he complied, much to his dismay as he struggled to last. Finally he felt her entire body convulse, and as her walls closed hard around him he could finally allow himself to release and his seed was freed deep into her womb. They each breathed each others names bwteen their heavy panting and Scar leaned down for one more kiss before he pulled out of her and lay down beside her. The two could now relax, happier now than either had been in much too long of a time. There was only one thing left that needed to be said, and that would come sooner rather than later. They both where already completely under its grasp.