A/N: This story picks up when Bella gets out of the care in Volterra. I Do Not Own Any of the charters.

***********************Running Out Of Time************************

I got out of Alice's stolen Porshe' and ran as hard as I could to the clock tower where Edward was going to be standing. I ran into everyone in my way. Pushing, shoving doing anything I could to get through. It was useless. Everyone was shoving back as hard and even harder than I was. The clock tolled. I wasn't even half way across. I knew I wasn't going to make it. I was crying as the clock tolled the second time. There was a fountain right in the middle of the festival. I ran to it. My leg hit it hard and I went under. I got up soaked, wet, and cold. I began running again. I saw him for the first time in seven months. Edward was standing under the clock tower, palms up, his head looking up at the sun. The diamonds coming off if his skin, just as it did the first time we had went to our meadow.

The clock tolled the third time. I started to run faster. As I did the memories that I had kept behind the numbness so long, broke through. All the memories. Each time he touched my face, whispered something sweet, that made my pulse speed up, in my ear, and every time he had kissed my lips. I started to cry harder. I tripped over something, probably my own feet, but I got up and my pace slowed. My leg and head was throbbing. I was so close. My hands reached out for him. I closed my eyes expecting to go right into his arms. But my feet tripped over the steps. I hit my head hard. I was loosing consciousness. I was too late. Somehow I found the strength and lifted my head. Thankfully, my vision was blurred. So I couldn't see clearly the volturi ripping the love of my life, my life, my everything, and everything worth living for, apart. I only saw shadows. The screams from him tore my heart apart. Edward screamed my name most of all, the rest were screams of pain. I put my Head down and began to cry.
Then I felt cold hands around me. I thought they come for me, but I was unlucky, it was Alice. I felt her running underneath me, just as Edward did when he carried me. How I wished for this all to be a dream. I drifted asleep.


I woke up. I was laid in the back seat, with a pillow under my head, and had fresh clothes on. "Alice?" I asked, almost a whisper. She tured to look at me. 'Yes Bella?" Her face was so devastated, it broke my heart some more, if such a thing were possible. I was broken beyond repair. If I thought I was wreck before, I was definitely one now. I couldn't bring myself to ask where was Edward now. His name tore at my heart some more. So I asked an inocent question. "Where are we?" She tuned back around, and stared into the sun. Diamonds were coming off her skin. I forced my self to look away. "I'm so so sorry Bella." she sobbed. I didn't like the way this conversation was going. I looked out the window. "I should have waited to tell him after he agreed to come home." She went on. "He really did love you Bella, more than his life, more than anything in the world." She said gently. I looked out the window tears forming in my eyes. "Then why did he leave me?!" "He didn't want me!" I almost yelled at her. I look at the window again and saw we were on the inter-sate, but I didn't care I reached for the door handle. I was going to jump out of the car and hopefully a car would hit me and take me where Edward was. But Alice was faster than me she hit the lock on the door before I could open it. "Oh, no you don't." She looked at me with with her black eyes."I told you on the plane if we were to late for Edward...." "Edward!"I screamed. Banging on the window, tears streaming down my face. I feel backwards and threw my hands over my eyes, wanting to die.

That's when Alice pulled over on the side of the road, ignoring the loud beeping of horns behind her. She got out the car and around to my side. She opened my door and pulled me into her arms. I kept repeating over and over again. "He promises that he wouldn't hurt himself if some were to happen to me." I sobbed. She rocked me in her arms for along time. I was really tired. I drifted into a deep sleep.


I woke up. I was in the front seat. I looked out the window and it was dark. "What time is it?" I asked. "One-thirty A.M." Alice answered automatically. "Oh." I mumbled. Like I cared what time it was. He was gone. I just wanted to lose time and let my life be over. Thinking of him made my throat get thick. Tears where forming in my eyes. I tried my best to hold them back. But I couldn't. It was useless. I was useless. I couldn't count how many time he had saved me, and I couldn't even save him. I may have not killed him, but it felt like it. I put my face in my hands. My stomach growled. "Are you hungry?" Alice asked. Her Black eyes, hungry, stared me. "A little." I admitted. "We can stop, and get something." She offered. "No thanks." I said. Putting my face in my hands. She continued to drive.

We were at my house, when I lifted my head. "Time to face Charlie." I mumbled. "I'll take care of it." She said. Alice got out of the car and opened my door. My hands didn't seem to have the strength to move. When I got out of the car Charlie came out. That's when the yelling started. "Where were you?!" He yelled at me. "No where." I whispered. I put my head down and walked to the house. I herd Alice tell Charlie that Edward had died in a car accident. I slammed to the door and ran to my room.