It's Magic, You Know?

I'm finally back! It's been so long but I hope this fic satisfies all your needs. I wrote this fic for Halloween (the best holiday) and hope it turns out scary in the end. I also wrote this in an attempt to add a level of accuracy to the "Magic!England" character everyone has so much fun with. I study Magic in my free time (but don't do it...much XD) but seriously, I find all aspects of magic and religion fascinating and hope I do a good job representing them here.


It all began the first day of October, when America was over at England's house before starting off the month "the right way" by watching scary movies. At least, that was where it began in America's mind, truthfully maybe this whole ordeal may have been a long time coming to bring the former colony and his once master to edge of nightmare where they were now…But all that was inconsequential now, America knew thinking over the last month, all that mattered now was finding England before it was too late.

England sat cross-legged under the shade of a gigantic dolman, sipping his tea and smiling at the comic figure of America digging around in the dirt. The older country wasn't alone however, there were at least five or so fairies and three elves sitting with him.

"What's he doing?" a small fairy boy asked

"Archeology. He's studying those old things you guys built to find out why you built them."

"Well why doesn't he just ask us?"

"You idiot," an elf said "its because he can't see us!"

"Oh he's the one…"

America looked up from his neatly cut square hole "Iggy, did you say something?"


All the magical creatures erupted in a chorus of laughter as the younger country went back to innocently digging. "England, I dated this thing to be from 2000 BC! Gosh Iggy I didn't know you were that old."

England stiffened up "I'm not that old because I didn't build it!"

"Oh yeah you said that, but you used it after the…"

"I used these places after the Thula de Daanan went underground, not because I'm old!"

"ok…" America didn't always understand the strange things England would sometimes put in his early history. "So how old are you, Iggy?"

The older country rolled his eyes up towards the sky, and lifted his head indignantly "What a rude question!"

"Oh come on England, I didn't mean it like that! Everyone else knows, so why not me of all people?"

"Because you'll just use it to make fun of me!"

"You make fun of me for being a kid!"

"That's because you are one."

America gave an exasperated sigh and climbed out of his hole "Ok, I'm done here for today. Where else were you going to show me?"

England looked at his watch "I suppose we have time to make it to Glastonbury today-"

"Great, let's go!" The former colony grabbed England's hand and began dragging him to the car.

The mist at Glastonbury hug around the middle of the air, like the two countries were submerged in invisible water that stretched far beyond the shores of the lake.

"So tell me about this place."

England leaned against a nearby tree, staring out at the surface of the lake pensively and didn't answer right away "The abbey was built a long time ago, but its not as old as the ledgends about this place, or the kingdom that was said to lie beyond it."

"What kingdom?" America asked quickly dating the abbey by eye.

The older country smiled "Remember the stories of King Arthur I told you when you were a kid?"

"Heck yes, those were awesome!"

"Remember Avalon?"

"Yeah...Wait a minute this isn't the place…"

England nodded.

America made a disbelieving noise with his mouth and waved his hand at England as a way of shrugging him off, quickly prompting an argument about how the whole thing was real and how England had been there many times but it was closed now. The younger country blinked "Iggy, do you know you're crazy?"

England's face reddened like he was about to say something, but swallowed his words and begain to walk away "We should be leaving now if we want to get to your house on time."

America frowned, wishing the older country would be less moody, and headed off in his direction. "I hope this doesn't turn into too long of a night…" he moaned under his breath.

Then they watched the movie, and America had a hard time hearing England's complaints over his screams.

"Oh my God! Look behind the door you idiot!" the former colony screamed at the scantly dressed girl on the screen who walked past the ghost boy hiding behind the door she just opened.

"A ghost wouldn't act like that…" The island groaned, not phased in the slightest.

"Gahh! Watch out!"

"Demons don't look like that…"

"Oh shit, what the fuck are they doing??"

"That circle wasn't drawn right at all…"

"England, this is scary. Hide me!" America dug his face into the crook of England's neck and pulled a blanket over his head.

"Oh shut up you bloody git-face! Its not that scary.

"Yes it is." America murmured into the blanket.

The older nation looked down at his former colony, and thought that while it was annoying just how scared he got at these dumb movies in a way, England had to admit he also found it cute.

"America," he spoke softer now "will you please stop molesting my shoulder and shut up?"

There was a pause "Okay." The younger nation sat up, but not for long. As soon as his eyes landed on the TV again, the image of a corpse suddenly coming back to life filled the screen.

"OhmyGod!" America screamed and ducked under the blanket again.

England sighed and rolled his eyes "Bloody hell…"

After the movie the two counties went to bed, England had to walk with America every step of the way to the room because he was too scared to be alone.

"Thank you for walking with me England."

"Yeah whatever, I knew you'd get like this. You always do."

America kissed his former master on the cheek and thanked him again "It's still nice of you to do this."

England blushed slightly and frowned sharply to hide it "I still don't understand why you get this upset anyway."

"The movie was really scary! Why shouldn't I be upset?"

"Because you don't believe in anything that happened in that movie! It was all about ghosts and spirits and black magic, which you have tried to tell me again and again isn't real."

"It isn't…"

England ignored the comment and continued, "So if you don't believe in that stuff, why are you scared of it?" there was almost a hint of concern in the older nations voice as he watched his former colony searching for an answer.

"Because, I don't know, the movie was just scary and now I'm afraid. There doesn't have to be a logic to the whole thing, I just get scared."

England sighed and made his way to the bathroom "I guess you're right." He walked in and closed the door behind him, looking out the window then, his thoughts strayed to America and how he was never really able to see spirits, or anything magical for that matter and how he was perhaps the only one who never did. There was a time when he believed without being able to see, but that was long ago and it was in some ways scarier to England to think of his former colony being afraid of things that weren't there then things that are. The island shook his head, not wanting to think about what he knew was out their in the abysmal darkness waiting for him, and for all. Perhaps America was in a way lucky he couldn't see such things, and did have the luxury of passing off such ideas as "stupid", or perhaps it was a curse too, England was tired of the subject and put this thought too away.

England emerged from the bathroom and climbed into bed next to America who was lying with is head facing straight up towards the ceiling.

"Hey, Iggy?"


"…You don't see stuff like what was in that movie the same way you claim to see fairies and stuff, right?"

The older country sighed "Sometimes, yes. Sometimes much worse."

"…I'm sorry. That must really suck."

England smiled at his former colony's overly simple way of putting everything "Well I'd rather see them, then not know when they're there…like that one!" The former empire pointed a dramatic finger to the far left corner of the room.

"Iggy stop that!" America cried and closed his eyes.

"Or over there!" England pointed again, smile widening.

"Really, stop it!" The younger nation buried his head under the covers and began shaking. England stopped, it was cute to see America scared but not terrified, especially because it always made him look at least five years younger.

"America, I'm sorry. I was joking, there's nothing there."

"Yeah, I know you were joking but it's still scary you jerk!"

The older nation frowned and placed a gentile hand on America's arm while leaning over and kissing the small tuft of golden hair that stuck out from beneath the blankets "Sorry, I wont do it again."



"Ok!" The former colony pounced up and captured England's lips in a kiss before dragging them both back onto the bed, embracing the older country like some oversized teddy bear. "Goodnight Iggy, I love you!"

England groaned as he gave up trying to loosen America's death grip around his waist "Night, I love you too."


Thula de Daanan= Pronounced "Tula de Dannan". The inhabitants of Ireland and some parts of England before the Druids and Celts arrived and. Legend says that they were incredibly powerful and possessed physic abilities, but when the Celts tried to wipe them out they got weaker and weaker eventually shrinking in size and taking refugee under the hills. This is what many believe to be the origin of the belief in fairies, or "The Wee People".