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"I cannot believe," England said "that two years ago you're possessed, cursed, given the sight, and save me from an undead monstrosity, and it's now, only now because of that bloody book, you want to learn about magic."

America jumped up and down in his long black robes and red and maroon scarf he had begged England to make for him. "Aw, come on Iggy! You like the books too."

The older country pointed a finger at him "Mrs. Rowling is a British hero and Harry Potter is a national treasure, but just because we're both fans does not mean I'm all of a sudden going to teach you magic!"

It was Halloween and America had insisted on bringing England to Salem Massachusetts because that was "Where the party is" and England had to admit this was a town that new how to celebrate the holiday. From parades, to carnivals, to costume balls, and even to "open circles" lead by the biggest pagans in Salem, the Briton could hardly remember a celebration like it.

America had chosen his latest obsession for his costume this year: Harry Potter. A nice young woman from Brittan had written it a little over a year ago and needless to say England wasted no time in gloating over how it was he who finally got the worlds biggest superpower to finally start reading, and of corse felt it only right to remind America from time to time that the story was "about him". There was just one thing about that though that came to England as a rather mixed blessing.

"So you want to learn about magic now?"

America nodded furiously and tugged on the older country's matching Gryffindor robes. "Please Iggy! Just one little spell."

England rolled his eyes "I'll think about it."

A group of girls dressed as witches ran past the pair, stopping down the street to have their picture taken next to the tombstones in the cemetery. Everyone was in costume, from the tourists to the store clerks, and it was obviously the day were being normal was weird. The crowds were getting a bit obnoxious however, and England pulled America into a store to get some breathing room. It was bizarre, the older country thought, seeing all these objects and Gods he had made and seen all before America was a thought in anyone's mind all assembled in one place. And it was all over this bloody town! Honestly, how many occult, pagan, new age, and just plain weird stores could one town hold? It gave England an odd feeling of both pride and frustration, like he wanted to run around screaming "I made the magic you're all using, now give it back!"

"Isn't this town awesome?" America whispered into England's ear as he ducked under a broomstick hanging from the ceiling.

"You like it?" The older country asked, examining a display of pendulums approvingly.

"Yeah, don't you?"

"Yes," England replied "I just never thought I'd live to see the day where the occult fascinated instead of frightened you."

America frowned "Are you kidding? Hero's aren't afraid of anything!"

The other country raised an eye brow "Oh, so am I mistaken about the time I came home to find you wouldn't come out from under your bed for a week because of the 'incident' that happened in this town?" he pointed casually toward the street.

"Well ok, there was that, but I was a kid!"

England put down the small cauldron he had been examining and went outside, seeing the conversation was getting historic and not very normal, even for Halloween.

"It was soon after that I believe," the former empire continued "that you began to loose your faith in magic. You wouldn't even talk about the trials soon after you were so embraced!"

America looked down the street at the old cemetery "Yeah, but those people were all innocent Iggy, and besides, would you believe me if I told you I was seeing things you didn't see?"

England frowned and mumbled something that sounded like "Guess not…"

"Great!" America beamed behind his round Harry Potter glasses he had gotten just for the occasion "Now about teaching me some spells…"

The former empire kept walking down the street, arms crossed "Once I'm convinced you've changed and are dedicated to the delicate art of magic then maybe. It's not like some bloody movie, magic takes patience."

America moaned dramatically "But Iggy I have changed!"

England wheeled around "Changed? Until recently you still thought my magic was stupid and that I was crazy! Now, bloody Harry Potter comes along and you're all ready to hop on the occult bandwagon."

"Right, so I've changed."

Now it was England who moaned "Not because my life is at risk or anything, that would be too-"

America suddenly caught a glimpse of something over England's shoulder and laid a finger over his partner's lips to silence him. "England, I hear you and I love you but I have to take care of something." He left England standing in the street gaping as he ran into a nearby bakery.

"What?" The island looked over his shoulder to where America's eyes had went and got his answer in the form of a gaunt, pale man with no eyes standing gloomily on the street corner seeming to gaze at the people with eyes who could not see him. England sighed, he forgot that one thing had definitely changed.

America could see spirits now.

Not all the time, only on Halloween, but sure as day last year and now this year America could see spirits just as he could when Annabel was cursing him. England speculated that it was a piece of Annabel that was logged in America from when their souls were almost one, it allowed him to see spirits but only when the veil between worlds was thinnest. He watched as America ran out of the bakery and down the sidewalk to where Jack O'Lantern stood, pumpkin in hand. The former colony patted the aged spirit on the back and handed him the box of cupcakes. Jack smiled wide, causing England's whole body to shiver, and America waved goodbye as he walked back to his former master's side.

"Hope those were the cakes you were looking for!" He grinned and looked down at England "See? I've changed."

"Once a year." England said, starting off once more down the crowded street. "Besides," he said with a smirk "muggles can't learn magic."

"Oh, and why is that, Draco?"

The pair rounded a corner and clashed head on with a crowd passing quickly by a large stage, trying not to make eye contact, where a man wielding a red speakerphone stood preaching.

"You are going to Hell! You who practice magic, the art of the devil; you who are gay, you who have strayed from the path of the Lord must repent to save your souls!" Around the man were hung a collection of signs all reading messages like "MY FATHER GAVE BIRTH TO YOUR MOTHER" with an image of two hands holding the globe, and another that read "GOD HATES ALL GAYS, PAGANS, AND NON-BELIVERS."

England glared at America "Maybe that's why."

America bit his lip and rubbed the back of his head "Look I'm, uggh I'm sorry England, you know I hate them too."

"But they are apart of you."

The former colony sighed "Yeah but, not a big part. Come on I still love you despite all them! Have I ever even once tried to convert you or anything?"

England looked up at America. It was true that the younger nation didn't intend for people like this to come along and ruin their times together, and he was just as aggravated by them as England, but the fact remained that these people would always remain a voice, no matter how small, in America's heart. He had no choice.

"Please Iggy, let's go. I have way more to show you!" America gently took the older nation's hand and lead him away, blue eyes begging forgiveness.

They walked down the brick stone streets awhile like that, America still holding England's hand in his, before the younger country lead them to the door of another shop. He turned to England "Um, I have some uh, stuff, the take care of in the back of the store, so do you think you could just hang out in the front?"

The older country frowned "And why can't I come with you?"

America looked to the sky for an answer "Um, it's private, so yeah." With that he ran inside, leaving England on his own to enter the shop. The former empire glanced at the sign, it read "New Moon Witchcraft", yeah, private business indeed, he mused as he stepped inside.

At the counter sat a man wearing a top hat and a long Victorian undertaker's jacket, and something told England it wasn't just on Halloween he dressed like that.

"Blessed be!" the man greeted England as he entered the store.

"Blessed be." The country said back and shifted his gaze to the shelves on the wall laden with candles, incense, and talismans. Looking quickly around the shop he spied a fairy and winked at her, asking her if the items were legitimate. The fairy smiled and nodded, to which England gave a small thumbs up and began inspecting the candle that read, "To control another". The former empire turned it over in his hands, these things weren't always that bad to have around, especially before meetings when arguing didn't suit him, or on those days he wanted America to behave exactly as he wanted…but he tried not to use magic like that on America. England picked up another candle that read "For protection" now there was a useful one for that idiot, speaking of which…

England turned around to see America bouncing through the other people in the store towards him, carrying a bag in on hand. "You done?" he asked

The older country nodded and America turned around to wave goodbye to the clerk he had been with "Blessed be!" He yelled cheerfully.

"Blessed be!" A dark haired woman waved a silver covered hand to the two countries as the left the shop.

"What was that all about?" England asked "What did you get?"

"You'll see. Come on, let's sit down we've been walking all day!"

There weren't many open benches in the common, but there was a low brick wall that served the two nations perfectly. As soon as they were sitting, America spun to face England and held out the bag to him "Here you go! It's a present."

The older nation felt a quiet blush creeping onto his face "Wha-for me? Now?"

America nodded "Happy Halloween, Iggy!"

England took the bag in his hands and took out a long, rectangular, wooden box from inside.

"Open it, open it, open it!" America said, bouncing up and down.

The older country did as he was bade, opening the box to find a 13 inch pale wand resting on silk inside the box. His jaw dropped.

"I heard you complaining a few weeks ago about how your old one got broken." America said "So I came down here because they know all about weird stuff like that in this town and had them make you a new one. I didn't know your birthday, so I just used that St. Gorge's day thing you celebrate, and they said that was willow. Your last one was willow, right?"

England smiled as he took the delicate but strong wand out of the box and held it up to the light, it was a perfect fit, not boring yet not too ornate. He glaced at America, who had been looking almost nervous seeing as England hadn't said anything.

"Do you like it?" he asked.

The older country's smile grew wider "I love it!" he leaned over and gave America a kiss "Thank you."

The former colony beamed "I knew you'd like it! I had Laurie Cabot bless it and everything, so it's officially hardcore." He scooted closer "I just thought, you know, England without his magic is like, me without my awesome, and we can't have that!"

The older country rolled his eyes but kept smiling "Should I be taking that as a complement?"

America's eyes grew wide "Um, yes!"

England wrapped a hand around America's waist, still holding the wand in the other, and a wind came carrying the newly fallen leaves of gold and orange, and seeming to draw the two counties closer. He sighed, magic really was one thing he had wanted America to learn since he was a child, but until now he had always had less than an interest in it. And, up until now, he could never see spirits, but that had changed, America was changing, whether it was Halloween or not. "You know, most magic isn't like it is in the Harry Potter." He mused "You can't fly on broomsticks, or speak to snakes…" England glanced into America's eyes "But, I suppose I could teach you a thing or two about magic…"

The former colony jumped "R-really England? That's awesome!" he hugged England around the waist and planted a kiss on his cheek.

"I just have one question though." England snapped, "Do you really believe now?"

America frowned, and looked out across the commons at the swirling leaves in the wind, at the costumes, the parades of witches, and at the spirits sitting around the Jack-o-lanterns on peoples stoop, and Ireland's words came to him once again.

"I can't promise that one day I'll believe fully," he said "and I can't tell you it will ever all make sense to me, but I can promise you this: as long as this night exists, I'll always know magic is real."

England blinked, momentarily shocked at America's sudden show of depth, but quickly snapped out of it "Well I don't bloody know what all that's supposed to mean, but as I recall there were a fair number of things you were just dying to take me to tonight, and it's beginning to get dark."

America laughed and jumped off the brick wall "Ok, come on! We did all the shops, so now all we have left is the séance, the Hawthorne ball, and the costume contest."

The older nation tucked his wand away and rolled his eyes "Is that all?"

"Unless," America paused "do you want to, I don't know, test out that wand or something? Make sure it works?"

England threw his nose in the air "The first rule of magic is that it should never be used for anything frivolous."

The younger country shrugged and grabbed England's arm "Ok fine, but let's get going! I've got a really good feeling that we're going to win the costume contest this year!"

"How?" England asked "You don't even have black hair, you drew that scar on your forehead this morning with a sharpie, and I don't even look a character from Gryffindor!"

"But you're British!" America said "And you actually do magic, that's gotta count for something."

A smirk spread across the former empire's face as he slowly drew his wand from under his black robes as they walked, and aimed it at the back of America's head, Watching with delight has his hair turned from honey blond to jet-black.

"On the contrary, love" England said "it counts for everything."


Oh Iggy, you're so sneaky. I had more fun picturing America and England in Harry Potter costumes than should be allowed, it's just too cute! I based most of what England and America did off of my own experiences of Halloweens and Octobers in Salem. It really is where the party is on Halloween, and I highly recomend at least going to the town in october, there are things happening everyday. I kid you not, in one night I did a wiccan open circle, danced with Hari Krishnas, was accosted by Christians, and listened to a punk band play Michael Jackson (no, not just thriler XD.) For more information google "Salem Haunted Happenings."

Salem/ "the incident in this town"=Salem MA is the famous site of the 1692 witch trials. The hysteria killed 13 people and is known as one of the darkest chapters in American history. Years later, the Congregational Church pardoned those convicted and the trials themselves became a huge embaracement to the people of Salem, no books were even written about it until the 1800's.

Wiccans/Pagans/ New age shops= There are a lot of Pagans living in Salem nowadays, and yes there are a ton of shops for them, selling mostly what you would expect them too (broomsticks, cauldrons, wands, poppets, wolf hair, and other awesome things.)

The Christian=This actually happens in Salem every year. I found it a bit funny, but also kinda scary, when I first experienced it. Also, I have nothing against Christians, just jerks.

"Blessed Be"=A common Pagan greeting, along with "Merry meet/Merry Part." Say it to someone in Salem in october and you'll get a smile.

St. George's Day=Ok, America was not actually being stupid there because England, strictly speaking, has no birthday (people have birthdays from england) but I thought that the celebration of England's patron saint would be a good substitute.

Willow wand=In the druid tree calender, certain times of the year are governed by certain trees. This is the format most use for picking wands, although metal is also used.

Laurie Cabot="The Witch of Salem" the woman who started it all (all the pagans in salem i mean) and one of the most famous witches in the world. It costs $200 to have your fortune told for an hour by her, but then again it is her only source of income. I actually got to meet her duing an open circle lead by her one Halloween and I thought she was moving and powerful. To find her now, google Laurie Bruno (I don't know why it changed.)