How to make the Volturi mad:

The sequel to how to make the Cullen's mad

Chapter 1- Aro, Marcus, Caius

ask them how old they are

tell them that they creep you out

Hum the Darth Vader theme song at their entrance

Dye all of their robes from black to vibrant colors (pink, yellow etc)

During a important meeting randomly burst into song

Buy them all moisturizers saying they really need it

Force them on an all animal diet

Make a movie about them titled 'the 3000 year old virgin'

Throw things at Caius when he tries to speak

When Aro tries to read your mind yell- "mind rape! Mind rape!" till he leave you alone

Say "I told the whole world that vampires are real and what are you going to do about it?" run yelling "suckas!" and hope you live

Say that the volturi are wimpy and cowards

Tell them to bite you then run away screaming "VAMPIRES ARE TRING TO EAT ME!!!" After that calmly walk away, confusing everyone…

Ask them if they drink Bloody Marys

Next chapter is:

Jane and Alec

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