Underline is Hebrew. This is just a little teaser. Tell me if you want me to continue

A little girl, who appeared to be about 3 years old tottered into the bullpen. She had shoulder length, dark brown hair that cascaded down in waves. She had deep brown eyes, and a confused and triumphant expression. She was wearing a dark blue sweater, light wash jeans, and teal crocs. Tony also noticed a gold Star of David, identical to Ziva's, that hung around her neck.

"Hello. Where is Ima, who are you"?

McGee, Gibbs, and Tony were awestruck, and just looked at her blankly.

"You spweek engwish? I wanna kno where Ima is. And hwu are you"?

She had a cute little voice, and a slight hint of an accent. She stood there with her hands on her hips, completely sure of her self, demanding and answer.

Gibbs was the first to break from the trance, and made his way over to her. He crouched down beside her and smiled

"What is you name, sweetie? My named is Gibbs".

"Tali. Nice to mweet you Gwibbs" she answered, and smiled at him

Gibbs seemed unfazed, and opened his mouth to speak when Tony came running over.

"Umm, boss, I need to talk to you. Now. Probie, come over here and introduce yourself"

Dinozzo and Gibbs walked into the elevator, and pushed the emergency stop button.

"Talk, Dinozzo. You have 2 minutes" His famous glare was directed at Tony, and he gulped

"Gibbs, I think she is Ziva's kid. She speaks Hebrew, has a necklace just like Ziva's, and well, Ziva had a sister. Who was killed in a bombing. Named Tali" Stopping to take a breath, Tony yelped as Gibbs slapped him.

"You could have told me that in front of the kid, lets just ask her".

He flipped the switch, and they walked back into the bullpen.

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