The bright sun shone through the half closed curtains, casting a dark shadow on the small bed where and unconscious girl lie asleep.


He stood there watching her longingly, wanting her with a desire so great, nothing could stand up against it. His upper lip quirked into a small smile as he thought of the girl being his.

She was Stefan's but she belonged to him, and nothing could stand in his way of getting her.

Wake up my darling

The once lifeless body stirred, she was bound to wake up soon, He desperately felt the need to wake her, he wanted her badly.

Wake up my love….lovely Elena…lovely bellisima…

Her eyes fluttered open, and the Lapis Lazuli he adored stared in awe of him.

"Why hello there, my lovely Elena" he smooth voice said with desire.

"D-Damon…what are you doing here" She snarled, her eyes were fixed on him with hatred, but Damon could see right through them, she wanted him as badly as he wanted her.

"Oh you fell asleep early, so I tucked you in"

"Well isn't that nice, you can leave now."

"Oh I don't think so my love" Damon took a step torward her, she was stuck between him and the wall, no means of escape, he came up to her and pressed his body against hers, "You see Elena, I know how you really feel about me, your in love with me. Just as I am in love with you."

He kissed the side of her cheek, and then crushed his lips against hers. She tried to move away from him, but he was too strong. She finally gave into him, just like she dreamed she would.

"Damon…please…" She looked in his eyes longingly, he knew what she wanted, deep down inside he wanted it too.

He closed his eyes and smiled, his fangs tingled with pain and the desire for her, he went for the kill.

Don't worry my love, I will never hurt you…

A/N: okay, sad to say, this is the last chapter…but I may write a sequel to this if you guys have any ideas. And happy holidays!