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Bella and Edward are just friends right now and this story is about their relationship. Oh! And it's all human.

Chapter 1

"Edward, stop it!" I squealed as he chased me through the back yard of my house. We had been sitting in the living room goofing off, as any friends would do when they have the house to themselves, when he decided to pour ice cold water over my head. I, in turn, smashed pizza into his face and ran. That's when he started chasing me…with the water hose.

"No!" He laughed. "This is what you get for getting pizza sauce in my hair!" He hit me square in the back with the cold jet of water. I ran in the back door to the laundry room. I quickly found a white dish towel and waved it out the door.

"Truce, truce!" I shouted to him.

"Nope, no truces." He said, turning the water hose off and following me inside. I backed up against the wall, and he pinned me there. I was fighting the urge to laugh. Edward held up his hand and wiggled his fingers.

"Edward," I warned, "don't." He came closer. "I mean it. Don't do it."

He suddenly started tickling me on my sides. I wiggled, trying to get out of his grasp. It wasn't helping matters that Edward was easily seven inches taller than me and three times as strong.

"Edward!" I squealed, laughing. He was laughing, too. "Stop it!"

"What?" He asked, harmlessly. He continued to tickle me.

"Quit it or I'll pee my pants!" I exclaimed, still trying to fight him off. He quickly let go and threw his hands up in the air.

"Fine, game's over. I don't want to see you pee your pants." He said teasingly. He put his hands in his pockets and stalked off to the kitchen. I quickly changed into dry clothes and followed him. I walked in on him trying to get the sticky pizza sauce out of his unruly, bronze hair. He was facing away from me and hadn't seen me walk in. He sighed. "God, that woman's amazing."

My jaw dropped. Was he talking about me? Surly not! He had to be talking about some other girl. I quickly regained my composure and acted as if I'd just walked in. "Do you need help with that, Edward?" I asked, humorlessly.

He quickly spun around, like I had startled him. "How long have you been there?"

"Not long." I lied. "Why?"

He stood up straight. "No reason." He pulled a comb out of his pocket and pretended to be a drama king with his hair. "I don't think the damage was too bad. I'll forgive you." He smiled and, for some reason, this smile seemed different than the others. I had always known his crooked, perfect smile, but this time it seemed…better. Why was that?

Edward put the comb in his back pocket and threw his arm around my shoulders. We walked into the living room and continued with our movie marathon that consisted of Jaws, Twister, Stand By Me, andseveral Jim Carrey movies.

Later that night, after Edward left, I got ready for bed. I stood in the bathroom and looked into the mirror. Edward couldn't have been talking about me. I mean, look at me; I have a plain, pale complexion. I had long, curly, boring, mahogany hair that went to the middle of my back. I considered myself a nerd because I constantly read books of all sorts. I wasn't athletic in the slightest. I was the clumsiest person you could ever meet. So, there was no way someone such as Edward could think I'm amazing. I'm just…me.

~~~Same Night: Edward's point of view~~~

As I drove home that night, I thought about the day. Had Bella heard me in the kitchen? I hoped not. She might think of me as 'the crazy, obsessed guy friend'.

I pulled into the garage and parked my car next to my father, Carlisle's, black Mercedes. I hung my keys up on the peg by the door and went into the house. I heard my mother, Esme, in the kitchen and found my father sitting in the living room with his nose in a book, like always.

"Did you have fun with Bella?" Carlisle asked without looking up from his reading.

I shrugged. "It was fine." I grabbed up the TV remote and turned on some random sports channel. I was too busy with my thoughts to pay attention.

Esme came into the room and kissed the top of my head. "Er…Edward, why does your hair smell like pizza?"

I laughed. "Long story short, Bella smashed a slice of pizza into my hair."

"Well, isn't that nice." Esme said with a chuckle as she walked back into the kitchen. It was late so I headed upstairs to bed.

As I lay in my bed, I thought of Bella. I started to hope that she had heard me in the kitchen. Maybe that will help her realize how amazing and special she is to me. And not just in the friend way either.

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