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Okay so this is Outtake #3. This is done before the wedding and before Bailey. And it's for titanterror12. Here ya go!

Outtake #3: What He Deserved...Sort of


It was a year to the day that James had gotten to me. It's hard to believe that a just a year ago I was basically dead inside, unhappy with myself, and ready to die.

Now, I was a proud mommy and engaged to the love of my life.

And I was ready to give James what he deserved.

I had Maggie on my hip when I confronted Edward. He'd just gotten home from work - work being an ER doctor in Seattle. "Welcome home." I said as I kissed him.

He smiled and kissed Maggie's forehead. "Hello, my lovely ladies."

"So...I was thinking about James." We were both silent. We'd never talked about it since we found out about my pregnancy with Maggie.

"What about him?" Edward said as he removed his shoes, brow furrowed.

"I want to turn him in." I mumbled, paying more attention to Maggie all of a sudden.

Edward leaned up against the front door. "What brought all of this on? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you want to turn him in but I'm still curious as to why."

"Well...I was thinking that if something like this ever happened to..." I glanced at Maggie. "To someone we know, I'd want justice for them. And I want justice for me and for you."

"Why me?" He asked.

"Because you had to deal with me when I was all depressed and everything."

He came over to me and put his arms around both me and Maggie. "Even though I do want that bas-" He stopped himself and smiled at Maggie. "Guy to rot in a jail cell, I don't want you to do it because you think I deserve justice."

I shook my head. "No. You deserve some form of justice."

He smiled. "I'm so proud of you, Bella. We'll go to the police tomorrow morning." He kissed me on the forehead and took Maggie from my arms, hugging her to his chest.

The next morning, as planned, Edward and I were headed to the police station. We left Maggie with Carlisle and Esme.

Edward held my hand as we walked into the Seattle Police Station. "Are you ready?" He asked me.

I nodded. "As I'll ever be."

We were taken into a room with both a male and female police officer.

"So you're here to report something?" Officer Monroe, the male officer, said.

"Yes," I said quietly.

"What was this event?" Officer Ryce, the female officer, asked me.

"I was raped." I said with surprising confidence.

"How long ago did this happen?" Ryce asked as she wrote something down on a piece of paper.

"A year ago yesterday." I told them.

"And you're just reporting it now?"

"Yes. I was too scared to say anything but now I want justice." I looked at Edward and held on to his hand a bit tighter.

"Can you give us this man's name and a detailed description?" Ryce asked me.

"Yes. His name is James Phillips. He's about six foot, blue eyes, long blonde hair that he usually has back in a ponytail. The last time I saw him he was attending Washington State University."

Officer Monroe wrote all of that down. "Alright. We'll keep an eye out for him. When we get him, you'll be the first to know."

I thanked them. Officer Ryce stopped me before I left. "You did get checked out, didn't you?"

I nodded. "But the doctor didn't know." That wasn't the whole truth. "I told her it was just a checkup."

She nodded her head. "We're going to need your medical records if we're going to charge him with anything."

I nodded my head and signed a few papers indicating that I had given permission to access my medical records.

As Edward and I drove to his parents' house he asked me "So are you going to tell the rest of the family?"

I shrugged. "If I can avoid it."

He nodded. "I understand."

We arrived at Carlisle and Esme's. Apparently since Maggie was there, everyone else just had to be there too. Alice and Jazz were there, Charlie, Sue and Seth, and Jacob and Billy.

We ended up staying for dinner and didn't get out of there until maybe 11pm. Maggie was sleeping like...well, a baby.

The next morning, Edward went to work and I stayed home with Maggie. It was maybe 10am I guess when I got a call.

"Hello?" I answered the phone.

"Isabella Swan? This is Officer Monroe. We've brought James Phillips into custody."

I about did a dance of joy. This happened so fast and finally, this sick fucker was going to get what was coming to him. "Alright." I said calmly. "I'll call my fiance and be there in thirty minutes. Thanks so much. Bye." I hung up the phone.

I called Edward. We were going to meet there after I dropped Maggie off with Esme - she didn't mind a bit. On the drive to the station, in my brand new Volkswagen van, I thought about what I wanted to say to him. What could I say that would sum up how much of a living hell he made my life, even if it was just for a little while?

I arrived there and Edward was already waiting in his car. I got out and we walked hand in hand, my head held high, into the station.

"Hello, Miss Swan, Mr. Cullen." Officer Ryce greeeted us. "We have him in the back room. We need you to identify him."

I nodded and followed her. We stood behind one of those two-way mirrors. I saw James sitting at a table with his head in his hands. "Yes. That's him." I confirmed.

She nodded her head. "He's going to be in lock up until trial day. We have enough to charge him with your identification and medical records."

I nodded. "Can I speak with him?"

She shrugged. "Sure. But if you touch him then he can counter charge, so I suggest you don't do that." She said looking at both of us.

Edward and I walked into the room and sat down across from him.

"You're a fucking bitch, you know that right?" James said, slowly lifting his head to look at me.

"I could say the same about you." I shot back. "What made you think you could touch me like that? You put me and Edward through hell!" I felt Edward's arm on my shoulder. Apparently I had been leaning closer to James. Slow down, Bella...

James leaned back in his chair. "Oh, you actually think I care?" He laughed sharply. "I could care less what I put you fuckers through." He shrugged and looked away from me. "Besides, it wasn't even worth my time. You're a shitty lay."

Edward about flipped the table over when he jumped to his feet. "You're a low life fucker who should have no right to live right now! There's no telling how many other women or girls you put through this!" Edward grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet. "Come on Bella. He's not worth our time."

I smiled at him and then turned to James. "See you on court day. I hope you rot in hell." I said with a smile.

A month later, the court date was set and James was scentenced to 30 years in prison, the majority of that time for what he did to me, and a few years for outstanding warrants. He was also being investigated for two unsolved rapes in the Seattle area.

Bottom line, James got what he deserved...Well, almost. I know Edward would've prefered him dead.

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