Before you start sending me private messages, all my lovely Total Drama Extreme people, please realize I have only 1 or 2 paragraphs left to go in the next chapter! I'm trying to think of a good closing, see.

Everyone else, read on.

The Fair Kari (otherwise known as The Amazing Morph):
This is a fanfic that features one of my favorite bands, They Might Be Giants. I always thought Trent's voice sounded a little like the main singer in the band. Also, I've decided to take the original series episodes names and modify them. Also, as this is a C+D Fanfic, I need to have something private for each of my main characters (mostly Duncan, but Courtney too) to have to themselves. Therefore, between every chapter I will have Duncan's songbook, where he will be trying to write songs, but finds himself making a journal instead, and Courtney's log, which she will be trying to keep tabs on the band, as she is manager, but instead starts to write about Duncan and how she "despises" him. A few times I may have them exchanging letters, but that will come later in the series. Anyway, a few side couples in this will be Gwen/Geoff, as I think they go better than Gwen/Trent, although I don't care for Gwen, if you know me, you'd know that. Another is Bridgette/DJ as DJ is very sweet to Bridgette and they could be good friends, maybe even more. Hint, hint.

Ok, I'm going to finish up a much needed chapter of my other fanfic now. See you soon.

~Kari, AKA Morph