He sat down behind his desk. Back, he typed into the small chat box at the bottom of the window opened on his desktop.

The reply came back a few seconds later. That didn't take too long.

Nope, he typed. Your turn.

What was it about?

Later. Your turn…

Was it an update from Destiny?

Sam, stop trying to postpone the inevitable.

He could almost hear the sigh on the other end of the screen before one of the chessman on his screen began to move.

He smiled to himself before typing, Checkmate. I win.

Yes… Today. Same time tomorrow?

You betcha. Luv ya.

Love you too. There was a brief pause, though far longer than typing her next message could have required. At least we're finally headed back in the right direction.. Till then…. And with that, she quickly severed the connection.

He stayed sitting staring at the screen in silence for a few minutes before closing the window and opening the one he'd been working in before his break. Long-distance chess would never replace anything, and sometimes he wasn't certain it didn't make the longing worse. But at least it was better than nothing.