As they sit on his couch watching rhinoceros sex on the Discovery Channel, Wilson notes a conspicuous lack of snickering, whistling, or mutters of 'Yeah , that's what mine looks like too."

But when he looked over to start the puerility, Wilson noticed that House couldn't be bothered to ponder Rhinoceros Romanticus. Instead, House looked preoccupied. Perplexed, even.

It's never good when House is perplexed, Everyone else has to pay the price until he gets his answer.

But this time, House just sat there silently. Trying to figure something out, Wilson could tell.

So when House pulled down the neck of his own T-shirt, trying to angle it to look down at his own shoulder without being too obvious about it, Wilson asked, "What are you doing?"

House just said "Nothing," and gave him one of those looks that could mean anything.

A House look.

And House sat perfectly still then, pretending to watch tv but obviously still trying to concentrate on solving his mystery, whatever it was.

And Wilson thought about it for a minute. And then he turned back to House, hooked his finger into the neck of House's T-shirt and jerked it down to reveal the skin on House's bare shoulder.

They both stared at the broad bite mark Wilson had left the night before.

"Looking for that?" Wilson asked gently.

"Yeah," House admitted, avoiding his eyes. But eventually, he gave into Wilson's stare and continued, "Those are definitely bite marks. And there's no way I could have put them there myself with that angle."

"You'd have to be twin contortionists," Wilson agreed.

"And it can't be put there by someone else. Because so far, it doesn't erase stuff - it won't make me forget. It just... adds things."

"So you wanted to check them," Wilson said, calmly, with no mockery.

House gave a brief nod, barely there.

"What we did was real," Wilson said as he gently ran his fingers around the bite mark, "You and me. We're real."

"There's proof," House agreed.

"You could have asked me."

"What if I hallucinated you telling me it's real?"

Wilson sighed. Then he leaned over and kissed House, hard but slow, moving his tongue around House's mouth and using his hands to press House against the couch just forcefully enough to make House moan.

"That was real, too, House," Wilson said with a smile as he slowly pulled away.

House grabbed Wilson's belt and started undoing the buckle.

"I know," he replied, "But even if it's not, I'm doing it anyway."


Written for comment_fic on Livejournal, a multi-fandom prompt community called "Comment_fic: Bite Sized bits of Fic," where you can request or write fic from any fandom.

Prompt was H/W, House isn't sure what memories are real