I opened my eyes. I was in the Forks hospital, the one I had been in so many times with Edward.

"Bella? Bella! Oh, honey, are you OK?"

I looked over as Renee rushed over to me. She had been sitting in the lounge chair beside the window. Charlie was there too, smiling broadly.

"Mom? What happened? Where's Edward? Is Renesmee with Jacob? Where is everyone?" I asked, confused. Last thing I remembered was being safely at home with Jacob and pack and the other Cullens'.

"What do you mean? Who are Renesmee and Edward? Bella, are you OK?" Renee looked concerned.

"Well, you know! Edward Cullens! And Renesmee! My daughter!"

"Bella!" my mom stared at me, shocked. "Bella, don't you remember? That boy- Tyler-" she sniffed in contempt. "Crashed into you. You fell into a coma and have been out for a month."

"What?" I was stunned. "Edward saved me from Tyler, though!"

"Bells, who's this Edward?" Charlie asked cautiously. Things were finally getting just too annoying.

"The CULLENS! Edward! Jasper! Alice! Rosalie! Emmet! Esme! Carlisle!" I cried, desperate. "Don't you remember?"

"Honey, it must have been a dream. But Carlisle Cullen is here if you need him."

I couldn't stand it any longer. I fainted.


"She keeps talking about someone named Renesmee and someone named Edward. Then she said "the Cullens,"

"Hmm… I don't know. Sometimes, when the shock is really bad, they dream. It could have been that."

"Alright. At least knowing it's normal helps."

I opened my eyes slowly. I was still in the hospital with Charlie and Renee, but this time Carlisle was there, too.

"Carlisle?" I asked. "Carlisle, where's Edward?"

"Bella, this is Dr. Cullen," Renee looked at me meaningfully.

"Sorry, Bella. This must have all been just a dream. I'm honored to have appeared in it though!" he smiled.

"No! It wasn't a dream! I know your secret even if you don't remember!"

"What secret, Bella?" Carlisle looked confused. "We don't have any secrets that I'm aware of!"

"You're vampires," I said simply, hoping for a reaction. Anything that would let me know that it really happened.

"Ha! Vampires! You do have a wonderful imagination, Bella! Ha! Vampires!" Carlisle laughed. I started crying.

"You mean…it never… happened?" I cried, sobbing.

"I'm sorry, Bella. No, it didn't."

"When can I go back into school?"

"Well…"Carlisle looked at Renee and Charlie. "Friday? I think two days ought to be enough."

"Sure." said Renee.

Charlie grunted in agreement.


I walked out the door and onto the driveway. Hopping into my truck, I turned on the ignition, then backed out and drove to school.

I got a hearty welcome back at school. Pinned to the front of the building was a "Welcome Back Bella!" sign. No doubt Jessica had put that up. Sure enough, right as I walked in, Jessica, Mike, Eric, and Angela all jumped out.

"Bella! I'm so glad to see you! Oh my gosh!" Jessica exclaimed as she hugged me.

"Hey, Bella! How are you?" asked a worried Angela.

"Bella! Hey!" exclaimed Mike, while Eric made to give me a fist-punch, which I declined.

"Hi," I said, suddenly spotting Edward walk through the door. I resisted the urge to run to hug him. Following Edward were Alice, Jasper, Emmet, and Rosalie. Jessica followed my gaze.

"You got a thing for Edward?" she asked, smiling knowingly at me.

"You have no idea…" I said.