A/N: Well, here it is! The start of Boys Will Be Boys' sequel. If you haven't read that story, I recommend reading it first before you read this one, though this one can stand alone - but it does make reference to the first one, so reading Boys Will Be Boys first is a good idea. This one takes place during season 02. Just like last time, we have some alternating POVs before we get into the story, which will be in the third person. Now, without further ado, here's hoping you all enjoy Lover Boys.


I don't think any of us will forget that summer three years ago. It was the greatest adventure of our lives. Hands down. And while we lingered in the experience for a while, real life eventually began calling. We had to move on. A lot has happened though, actually. To be honest, I don't think any of it would have been possible without our adventure. We all found new courage and strength to be ambitious and do what we wanted. Joe is a senior now at a private middle school. He'd doing really well, exceeding in everything, and he starts high school entrance exams soon. Of course he's a nervous wreck, but we know he'll survive.

I'm pretty sure a lot of his emotional flailing comes from the fact that Mimi isn't around any more. Her dad took a job in New York, so the family had to pack up and move. Mimi was really excited at first. The Big Apple is her kind of place, but then she realized that an entire ocean would be separating her from Joe. We've all figured out that they like each other. I think it's great. I don't know how Joe managed to grab her attention, but he deserves it. She calls him all the time, though.

Yamato is moving up in the world, too. Oh yeah. He abandoned Matt. I think he wants to be more grown up. I'm not ready for that yet, but I think it suits him. He started band. Yup. Yamato graduated from the harmonica to the guitar and put his vocals to use. He's the lead singer. He's pretty good. Really great, actually. Yamato really does belong on the stage. He has great looks and awesome presence. I never miss a show, even if I have to stand in the back. He, Sora, and I are all second year middle schoolers at the same school.

Speaking of Sora, she managed her way onto the tennis team. She's actually really good. I miss her at soccer games, but at least she's still into sports. Even her mom approves. Sora's rising to the top quickly, too. She just won a tournament last week. I'm not really surprised. She goes to practice every day and never misses the chance to go to a training camp. It means she's gone most weekends, but hey, we all have our own lives now, right? At least we still see each other in class. We even see Izzy in the halls.

We kind of expected him to go to the same private school as Joe. The kid is definitely smart enough. He decided to go here though. It's still his first year, so he might change his mind. Personally, I think he likes being around regular kids because he really wants to be one. Sometimes Izzy is a little too smart for his own good, but his intentions are sincere. He really is a good kid.

Again, speaking of kids, TK and Kari have really grown up. You almost wouldn't think they were the same people. Kari's taken up photography. She goes through cameras like Yamato goes through guitar picks. She's got tons of albums in her room, too. She's got a good knack for it. TK looks more and more like Yamato all the time. He shot up like a weed and his even on the basketball team at the elementary school. I can't believe the two of them are two years away from starting middle school. Times goes by so fast!

Oh, and me? Well, I'm still Tai to my friends. My parents insist on calling me Taichi. It's not bad, I'm just not used to it. And teachers too. I still play soccer and I'm still team captain. We're a shoo-in for regionals this year. Not much can stop us. Running around in shorts and a jersey feels pretty good after wearing that school uniform all day. Yamato might look amazing in green, but it's just not my color. Oh well. What are you gonna do?

Even though we hadn't seen our Digimon in three years, and the chances of us going back there were slim to none, I still carry my Digivice with me. I dunno. Call it nostalgia. It paid off today, though. Out of the blue, it started beeping on my belt. Right away I knew it was because Agumon needed me. I ran out to behind the school, clutching my Digivice in my hands. How was I supposed to get to him? I don't know how, but suddenly, I found myself in the Digital World. I can only guess that Agumon needed me so much, and I wanted to help him so badly, that I was drawn there to him. I found him fallen on the ground. A renegade Snimon was up in the air attacking other Digimon left and right. I noticed some kind of black collar around his waist and it made me think of the black gears. I tried to get Agumon to Digivolve, but that proved impossible. My only choice at that point was to take refuge in a cave and e-mail the others about the situation.

And that's the story I was told when I arrived in this Digital World as well. I have to tell you, the first day of school has never been this exciting. It all started when this weird kid named TJ or TF or something showed up. He hadn't been going to our school before, but somehow he knew Kari so well that he called her by her full name! I did the only sensible thing and confronted him about it, only for Yolei to show up with a print-out of an e-mail for Kari she received somehow. She brought us to the computer room and we met up with Izzy, who apparently knew what was going on just like Kari and TC, but they wouldn't tell me. Yolei left them alone, but I had to find out what was going on. Eventually TM said something about Digimon, and I knew I had heard Tai talk about that before. Some time after practice he was talking to some blond kid about them and I managed to get him to tell me a bit about them. Mainly that they live in a digital world and not ours. So when Izzy talked about going to help Tai, I knew exactly where they were going and I was going with them. They said I couldn't, but I had to. Why? Because I wanted to. I wanted to help, I wanted to see the Digital World, and I did not want to leave Kari with TF.

They still said I couldn't go without some kind of little things they called Digivices. But I knew there had to be a way, and wouldn't you know it, some light came out of the computer, shot into my hands, and turned into one of those devices. Sure, mine's all updated and looks a lot cooler, but it works all the same. Gotta admit, I was floored when Kari and TM managed to use their Digivices to literally jump right into the computer. It was weird, but I wasn't going to chicken out then, so I followed. Another weird thing was that when I got there, my clothes changed. I got this sweet bomber jacket with flames on it, it's totally... sweet. Everything seemed pretty normal, like some kind of jungle. That was until some weird slimy things came out of a vending machine in the middle of the wilderness. You can't make this stuff up. And even weirder, Tai showed up, with three freaky looking creatures which must have been Digimon. He brought us to some cave where this little white cat thing called Gatomon that stood on two feet explained to us that there was some evil guy named the Digimon Kaiser making all of the Digimon turn evil with his dark rings. I was freaked out enough that a cat was talking to me, let alone evil emperors. That's when Tai told us his side of the story of how he got there, and asked how I had. I showed him my Digivice thing and shrugged.

I didn't have time to worry about why Davis was here or how he even got a Digivice in the first place. Actually, I know where it came from. That one and two others. They'd come out of a DigiEgg I tried to pick up, but it didn't budge. All I managed to do was draw out the new Digivices, but they took off before I could get a good look at them. But why did Davis have one? Was... Was he a new chosen child? The Digital World was clearly in danger again, but why did it need new Digidestined? We were still here. We could help just like last time. So why...? "Daisuke," I used his full name to get his attention. Whatever was going on was serious, and he needed to know what. "Come with me." I led them to another chamber in the cave where I found the egg. It was red with yellow flames and a weird horn. It also bore the Crest of Courage. If I was right... "Try and pick up that egg."

"Why?" I asked, hesitant to even touch anything in this freaky world. When I didn't jump on the opportunity, Kari and TC both tried and complained about it being way too heavy to pick up. So when I tried it, I got a good grip, stood steady, and pulled as hard as I could, only to fall onto my back because the thing was light as air! "What were you guys complaining about?" I asked, brandishing the egg as I sat up. "This thing practically weighs nothing at all!"

Davis picked it up like it were an apple on a table! What's more, a fire orange light poured out from the hold the egg had been covering. Slowly, within that light, a shape began to form and eventually turned into a little blue Digimon I had never seen before. It looked up with big red eyes, blinking, and then jumped down to dance around Davis, singing the boy's praises. He kept saying something about a Digimental. Did he mean the DigiEgg?

Another one of those things showed up, and this one was way more energetic than the rest. He probably jumped around me three times before he stopped and introduced himself. He told me his name was Veemon, and that he'd been waiting a really long time for me. Or, at least, for the kid who was able to move that egg thing, which he called the Digimental of Courage. I don't remember being able to find my voice to say anything back to him more than introducing myself. The whole thing was just too weird.

I needed time to think about all of this, but I wasn't granted so much as a second before the cave began to shake. Davis cried earthquake just as TK pointed above us at a Monochromon breaking in through the ceiling. Its eyes were glowing red and we could see another one of those dark rings around its middle. Patamon and Agumon took their shot at it, but their Rookie powers were just too weak. Monochromon was about to launch its Volcano Strike on us, so we ran out of that cave as fast as we could.

This thing was huge! Like, Godzilla huge! Okay, maybe not that big, but it was way bigger than any of the other Digimon I'd met that day. Plus, it breathed fire. I was suddenly second guessing going to the Digital World. Veemon kept insisting I not run away and use my courage, but it's hard not to run when a giant monster's breathing fire at you! We finally got out of the cave and up onto a cliff, but that giant Digimon came charging out at us and shot another stream of fire. Veemon suddenly tackled me right off the cliff, and we fell down to the ground below, and hard. He kept saying, "Say Digimental up! Do it and hold out the Digimental!" Well, he had saved my life. I guess I'd give it a try. And when I did, something wicked happened. That little blue guy turned into... well, a bigger blue guy. With with a horn, and armor with flames on it! It had to be one of the coolest things I'd ever seen. And once he'd changed, he proceeded to kick some giant monster ass.

Flamedramon, the Fire of Courage. So, this was the new generation, huh? Armor Evolution was the next step. There were no doubts in my mind that these new kids would be stronger than we were. But I was sad to know that this also meant a stronger enemy was in store for them. Apocalymon had seemed near impossible to defeat. I can't imagine what could be worse than he was.

Once the dark ring was broken, the Monochromon was back to normal. Having witnessed the power of Davis' Digimon at work, I knew what needed to be done. "Daisuke..." I called him over to me. "You're a new chosen child, Daisuke. That means the fate of this world is in your hands now. You need to protect it. Courage was my attribute back in the say, but it seems to belong to you now. Here..." I took off my goggles. It would be my way of passing the torch. "I want you to have these."

And soon enough, in my hands, I held Tai's goggles. I don't think anyone else understands how important that is. Taichi's goggles were in my hands, and he was giving them to me. Those things were his mark, his symbol. And he was giving them to me. I must have literally ripped my old, smashed goggles off to put those beauties on. Sure, I'd just become a chosen child, whatever that was, and sure, apparently I had to save a whole world from complete destruction, but... Taichi's goggles, man. Taichi's goggles.

I was afraid to leave the Digimon alone, but Agumon assured me they would be safe, seeing as how the Kaiser only came out during the day. I asked Kari where they had come in at, since I'm not sure how I got here. They led me to a television where I saw Izzy eating ohagi with two other elementary kids. A girl with purple hair and big glasses looked at us and her jaw dropped to the floor. Davis shouted into the screen only for it to suck all of us in and dump us back out into our own world. Seems the gates needed a little work, but that was the least of the Digital World's problems. It was time for another adventure, only with a new enemy, and new chosen children.