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¨°º¤ø„¸CHAPTER 12¸„ø¤º°¨

¸„ø¤º°¨ EPILOGUE ¨°º¤ø„¸

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Hermione checked the clock sitting on her night stand in her dorm: it read 9:45pm. The Gryffindor once again sighed because Luna still didn't want to come out of the bathroom.

"Luna, come out already... Please," she heard Ginny beg as Lavender banged on the door. Hermione rolled her brown eyes and decided to put on her black cut out Guess stilettos that went with the equally black Sweetheart heck strapless pencil dress, beautiful with its lace overlay and long frilled hem, and the satin bow around its waist.

"So, how do I look?" Parvati asked, looking at herself in the mirror before turning to the Head Girl for her opinion. Hermione appraised her roommate's belted bandeau dress of silver and black, its neckline ruched and frilly, black lave overlay much like her own and but with silver gentle pleats and black heels.

"You look great," Hermione said.

"Thanks. I think that we should go and help Lav and Gin," Parvati exclaimed, pleased with Hermione's compliment, as she nodded her head in the direction of the bathroom door.

Standing up with another sigh, Hermione walked over to the entrance of the dorm bathrooms, were Lavender and Ginny were quite clearly about to give up all hope. "Luna, can I come in please?" she asked as she tapped on the wood - a moment passed and her Ravenclaw friend cracked open the door just wide enough for her to grab Hermione and pull her into the room.

"Okay Luna, why don't you want to come out?" Hermione asked, looking at the birthday girl in her vintage cream lace mini dress, which had cropped sleeves with scalloped edges, a boat neckline and an open back.

"Why am I the only one wearing white when everyone else is wearing black," she muttered unhappily, looking at her reflection dubiously.

"Because it's your birthday Luna and it's a black dress code party. The whole point of you wearing white is that you will stand out the most," Hermione told her once again, taking out her wand and fixing Luna's blonde tresses into an elegant updo. "And since when does Luna Lovegood care about what others think of her?"

"I'm just nervous," Luna confessed, sitting on the loo and putting on her golden leather heels, their rhinestones reflecting oddly in the bathrooms light.

Hermione smiled at her friend, kneeling down to her level as she moved her wand onto completing the girls makeup. "Don't be," she told her, "you look hot; Blaise is going to have a heart attack when he sees you."

Luna giggled and the Gryffindor stood back up to grab the blonde's hand, forcing her to stand and finally leave the room.

"Luna," both Ginny and Lavender exclaimed in their excitement as the pair emerged. "You look gorgeous."

"So do both of you," Luna observed eyeing Ginny who was sporting a black lightweight contrast top mini dress, printed lace top with scallop detail straps and Ruffle ra-ra style contrast mini skirt. While lavender had gone with a black sleeveless with deep v-neck design to back - bubble hem skirt and gemstone belt buckle.

"Just on time," Parvati announced, joining the group of girls by the full length mirror by lavenders bed, "time to go it's ten on the dot."

All the girls game themselves a once look over and were out the door.


"Where are they," Blaise said impatiently from his position at the bottom of seventh floor stairs of Hogwarts castle as he waited for the birthday girl and her girlfriends to appear.

"Chill Zabini, they'll be here any minute now," Harry informed the Slytherin standing next to him, trying to calm the boys nerves, as he watched Ron wave at him with a smile on his face and Pansy Parkinson on his arm as he walked into the Room of Requirement. Sighing as he waited Harry saw many couple walk past them - looking out for red hair led to him finding the Weasley Twins, who were back to normal size, with their own girlfriends approaching them.

"They're not here yet?" Fred questioned in his all black suit. Harry shook his head as the two couple walked up the stairs into the party.

"Hey Potter, look, can you believe it," Blaise said pointing at two couples coming up the stairs.

"Well would up look at that," harry murmured watching Neville Longbottom hand and hand with his girlfriend Astoria Greengrass and Cormac McLaggen with his date, who had the best (and most uncharacteristic) smile on her face.

"How's it going Daphne?" Blaise asked noticing the smile on her face too.

"I'm doing great; I'll see you inside Blaise," Daphne replied, and then, giving all her attention back to the gryffindor boy that had his arm around her, left.


Making their way up the school's main staircase, the group of four Gryffindors and one Raven birthday girl could see many people ahead of them. Hermione watched Lavender walk over to Adrian Pucey and Parvati to her date Anthony Goldstein.

"And then there were three," Ginny muttered making the Head Girl grin.

Stepping onto the sixth floor as they waited for the stairs to stopping moving, Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnegan with their Hufflepuff dates Hannah Abbot and Megan Jones came up to them. "Happy 18th birthday Luna," they all said at once.

"And a very merry unbirthday to you," Luna said confusing Hannah and Megan before the two Gryffindor boy's quickly explained the unbirthday song from Alice in Wonderland to them while the Ravenclaw girl and her two Gryffindor friends walked up the stairs to find Blaise pacing and Harry calmly leaning against the wall.

"Luna," Blaise said, looking her up and down with hungry blue eyes as Ginny went to her own date and Hermione walking into the party unnoticed by the Slytherin boy.

"Blaise, don't you look handsome," Luna exclaimed kissing her boyfriend who was sporting a white tux jacket, and all black vest, shirt, black and white tie and black pocket silk with black trousers. "But I thought I was the only one wearing white tonight?"

Blaise only shrugged noncommittally, taking the birthday girl's hand into his and leading the way into the party.


Hermione entered the Room of Requirement, hearing music and feeling the beat go vibrating through her body as she wondered where her date could be and glanced around.

The come-and-go room had been transformed into a night club. A big dance floor now stood in the centre of the space, three steps lower than the rest of the room; flashed colour lights were everywhere, but most appeared where the 6th and 7th years were moving and grinding to the rhythm with their partners. To the right of the room was a glass wall where the lounge room was. Looking through the glass Hermione could see a black leather sofa that went around the whole room with three round glass coffee tables which were set with liquor bottles; Hermione could see that at each of the tables were laden with a chocolate fondue fountain, trays of strawberries beside them.

Hermione turned her head to the left, making out the scene at the bar where most of the Slytherins and strangely enough the Hufflepuffs where taking shots. My money is on the Hufflepuffs, the Head Girl thought, remembering the last time she was at a Hufflepuff party and just how wasted most members of the house allowed themselves to become.


Draco had caught sight of Hermione the moment she walked into the room. Taking off from the stall at the bar where his house was losing badly against the Hufflepuff crew, Draco came up behind the Head Girl, covering her eyes. "Guess who," he said lowly into her ear.

"Draco," Hermione answered removing his hands and turning to face him with a smile on her face.

"You look beautiful," the Slytherin informed her, making her cheeks turn a delicate shade of rose, before taking Hermione's hand in his and leading the way onto the dance floor at just the same moment when the DJ decided to put a slow song on.


"What are you staring at, Pan's?" Ron asked the Slytherin who was leaning against the bar watching Draco and Hermione gracefully revolve on the spot.

Pansy just nodded her head at the couple in way of an answer, causing Ron to look over at the Slytherin who had his hands all over his best friend. He turned red and anger flashed through his blue orbs as he pushed off of the bar, ready to make his way over to the pair and beat the crap out of Malfoy.

Seeing what Ron was about to do, Pansy grabbed hold of his arm.

"What?" Ron snapped at her in annoyance.

"Will you just leave them alone," Pansy said, looking at the perfect couple once again.

"What? That's my best friend down there with that git."

"I know but just look at them. They look so happy together," Pansy pointed out.

Ron looked at the couple dancing now to TiK ToK by Ke$ha and rolled his eyes, but he did see how happy they truly were in one another's arms.

Well at least she can't say anything when I ask Pan's to be my girlfriend, Ron thought with a grin on his face. "Come on Pan's, lets dance," he said, taking his soon to be girlfriend onto the dance floor.


"You know, your brothers can be geniuses sometimes," Harry told Ginny who sitting next to him in the lounge room, looking at the twins with their girls who were drinking grey goose and having the time of their lives.

Ginny nodded watching Crabbe and Goyle eating all the strawberries and with chocolate fondue all over their face, looking depressed as Millicent Bulstrode and Eloise Midgen asked them to dance. She resisted the urge to laugh as she watched the two girls dragging Malfoy's bodyguards onto the crouded dance floor.

"Wanna dance?" Ginny asked, turning to the boy-who-lived as the Ke$ha song played.

Harry took Ginny's hand in his and stood, saying, "I'd love to," as he lead her past the glass and into the main hall, were the rest of the crowd were.


Watching everyone having the time of their life, Luna couldn't believe that this was all for her. Looking around all she could see was everyone wearing black and just herself and Blaise standing out in white, just as Hermione had told her earlier that evening. She smiled at the stage where the DJ was and at a large table where all the birthday gifts that she had been brought were.

She turned to look at her boyfriend just as he asked her, "may I have this dance?" Holding his hand out in offering.

Taking his hand, Luna let Blaise lead them to the very centre of the dance floor where Draco and Hermione, Pansy and Ron, and Harry and Ginny, were dancing.

Blaise smirked at Draco, pleased that he had finally managed to get his girl, and also at Pansy, who had managed to find someone who liked her for her. His arms wrapped around Luna's waist and he kissed her as he wished her a very happy birthday, as all four couples danced the night away, not really caring about anyone but the one they were with that night.


Remembering they were the ones to know that the Slytherins would be at the doors in the great hall two days ago that started the most awesome holiday ever, they decided to help some of their friends out and get them with the person they had a crush on before valentine day as a present for them.

They kept in mind that Neville would always watch younger Greengrass when no one thought they were looking: that why they decide to give Neville that potion that changed his attitude. Getting the Slytherin Quidditch team drunk was just for fun and knowing the Marcus Flint would always spill out anything if he's drunk, they remembered when Flint had told them out in the Quidditch field about Malfoy having a thing for Hermione so they assisted on getting their dear cousin Draco get the girl with a little help from Zacharias Smith who stuck the pair together in charms class.

Peeves was a lot of help too, trapping their little brother with someone who would love him for him - even if it was Pansy.

Everything else was just a bonus to them.

Fred and George smirked at the couples at the centre of the floor dancing. Looking through the glass wall inside of the lounge the twins giving each other high fives on a job well done as they were lead to the dance floor by their girlfriends, thinking that Impersonate a Slytherin Day would now be an official holiday for the Gryffindors from that day forward.



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