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Show Me 12/?

"How in the world can you still be hungry?" Catherine asked as Greg appeared holding a plate of food.

"What?" The lab tech asked innocently.

"He is still a growing boy," Nick teased patting Greg on the back.

"I guess so," Catherine stated giving Greg a smile.

"It looked good," Greg shrugged stuffing one of the many appetizers in his mouth.

"You polished off the rest of my fries, as well as the other half of Sara's mushroom burger," Catherine laughed.

"It ALL looked good," Greg grinned.

"Unbelievable," the strawberry blonde scoffed.

"No, that would be these stupid name tags," Nick said ripping the sticky appendage off his shirt causing Catherine to laugh.

"Rebel," Greg commented.

"What? I think those things are stupid. We're here, present and accounted for, I am not wearing that damn thing any longer. I'm not twelve years old," Nick huffed.

"Damn good idea," Catherine replied taking hers off as well.

"How are people gonna know who we are?" Greg asked.

"That's easy, stick out your hand and say 'Hi, I'm Greg Sanders from the Las Vegas Crime lab, nice to meet you'," the Texan stated obviously. "Hey, where's Sara?"

"Last I saw she was chatting with a group from New Mexico," Greg stated in between bites.

"When did she turn into such a social butterfly?" Nick commented taking a sip of his beer.

"What do mean?" Catherine asked.

"I love Sara, you guys know I do, she has just always been the quiet type ya know? At least that's what it looks like from the outside. Admit it, we all know she is obsessed with work, refuses to take time off, you have to practically have to chase her out of the lab, but lately, I've noticed a change in her. She leaves on time, I've noticed her smiling a lot more, it's got to be those guys she'd dating," Nick concluded as Greg choked on the food in his mouth.

"What guys?" The strawberry blonde asked a little to quickly.

"You were there, a few days ago in the locker room, she had to rush out because she had to meet someone, we all questioned her, and she said she was seeing to different guys," Nick stated as Greg began to laugh, and Catherine smiled. " What is so funny Greg?"

"Nothing, absolutely nothing," the lab tech replied stuffing another piece of food in his mouth.

"Come to think of it," Catherine started looking around the room for the brunette, "I have noticed a change in Sara. I like it."

"Oh, I do too. She's like a sister to me, I was a little worried about her there for awhile," Nick said.

"If people would just take a chance to get to know her maybe she wouldn't seem like such a lonely person to everyone," Catherine replied getting a little defensive.

"Whoa, you're preaching to the choir Cath. I wasn't trying to start anything I was just making an observation," the Texan commented throwing his hands up in surrender.

"I didn't mean it like that Nick, I'm sorry. It's just Sara is a wonderful person I just wish people would try and see past the surface," the strawberry blonde smiled.

"And what made you suddenly see what's underneath?" Greg questioned

The look in Greg's eyes made Catherine feel like she was being grilled by an over protective father. Just as Catherine was about to answer the brunette appeared at Nick's side.

"Hey guys. Having fun I see," Sara commented looking around at her colleagues.

"Best High School reunion I have ever been too," Nick stated bitterly.

"Huh?" Sara asked slightly confused until Catherine pointed to where Nick's name used to be. "Oh ok," she laughed. "Have you guys been standing here the whole time?"

"No, Greg went and got food," Catherine said.

"You're still eating?" Sara questioned.

"Mmmmm," came the reply and Greg ate another piece of food.

"Unbelievable," the brunette stated shaking her head earning a smile from Catherine. "Well, I have made a few contacts in New Mexico, Utah and San Diego," she shrugged.

"I met with some people from the labs in Seattle, Colorado and Arizona," Catherine stated. "Dad's not gonna yell at me," she declared finishing the last of her cocktail.

"And you guys?" Sara asked looking at Greg and Nick. The boys looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. "What are we gonna do with you two?" Sara laughed, "Hey, you wanna another one. I was going to grab a beer?" she questioned looking at the empty drink in Sara's hand.

"Sure, thanks Sara," the strawberry blonde replied handing her empty glass. "It's …"

"A dirty Shirley. I know, Catherine," the brunette smiled.

"I could use another beer," Nick stated examining this bottle.

"Then I suggest you finish that one and grab another," Sara replied as she walked away to the bar.

At the makeshift bar the college had set up, the brunette ordered a beer for herself as well as Catherine's drink. Taking a look around the room, she noticed almost everyone looking like they were ready to flee any moment. No one wanted to be there but they were all making the best of it. Stupid name tags and all. Her eyes drifted back to her friends and the woman who she loved more and more each day. Though Catherine's back was turned away from Sara, the brunette couldn't help but smile as she saw Catherine's head fall backward laughing at something Nick had said. The bartender set Sara's drink order on the table catching the brunette's attention again. The drink were free but Sara placed a small tip on the table and offered the bartender a smile before turning around. Just as she began walking back to Catherine, Nick and Greg someone walked straight into Sara's path.

"Oh excuse me," Sara offered and she focused her attention on the drink about to spill from her hands.

"Hello Sara," came a voice she recognized almost immediately.

"Oh, hey. Hey Mick," Sara replied looking up for the first time. "It's been awhile."

""Not long enough huh?"

"You know I don't mean it like that. It's just kinda weird seeing you again," the brunette stuttered.

"I guess so, seeing as how you mentioned in your e-mails you weren't going to be coming here this year," the redhead replied

"Last minute change. The CSIs in our department who were scheduled to come had a huge case break right before they were scheduled to leave. So, myself, and a few others from my shift took their spots. You never mentioned you'd be here either," Sara said.

"You never asked," came the reply. "Would knowing I was gonna be here changed your mind about coming?"

"I had no choice in the matter," the brunette stated.

"Right, Grissom is your boss now. He say's jump, you say how high. If I didn't know any better I'd swear you and him had a thing going."

"No, I don't feel the need to jump into bed with everyone I work with." Sara replied with a little more emotion than she intended. "It was good seeing you again Mick, now if you'll excuse me," she added stepping around Mick.

"Sara," Mick stated as Sara turned back around. "I thought we were past this."

"I did too, Mickayla. The "how are you doing" e-mails and the once in a blue moon phone calls there fine, just seeing you in person…" Sara began.

"You're still in love with me aren't you?" The redhead asked.

Sara took a deep sigh and cast her eyes down to her feet before looking at her former lover again.

"You are still in love with me," Mickayla stated with a cocky satisfaction.

"Mickayla, I am not in love with you anymore. All I meant was seeing you here in person, face to face, I'm finding it a lot harder to be civil."

"What happened between us was years ago Sara. The only reason you have to be so defensive about it is if you are still in love with me," Mickayla smiled.

"Mickayla, once upon a time, yeah, I was in love with you. You broke my heart, I moved away and moved on. What's done is done."

"You moved away but you never moved on."

"Think what you want Mickayla, I am not going to stand here and argue with you," Sara replied.

"How many women have you slept with since you left San Francisco? Men? I mean, have you had a real relationship with anyone?" Mickayla grilled as Sara looked at the ground. "Of course not. We're talking about Sara Sidle." The redhead almost laughed.

"I never said…" Sara said looking up

"You didn't have to Sara. It's written all over your face, you have no one. Haven't had anyone since …" Mickayla began until a woman appeared at Sara's side.

"Did you get lost or something sweetie?" the strawberry blonde giggled, taking her drink from Sara.

"Catherine, hey, no, not lost um, I just…" the brunette stuttered as Catherine stood by her side, placing her hand on the small of Sara's back. "…um… I kind of…" Sara stuttered trying to recover from Catherine's touch.

"Baby, are you ok?" Catherine asked leaning into the younger woman.

"Yeah," Sara managed to reply looking at Catherine with a slightly puzzled face.

"Hello," Mickayla stated interested in the strawberry blonde who was calling her ex pet names.

Catherine glanced quickly at Mickayla "Hi," she replied flatly before returning her attention back to Sara. "You sure you're okay?" the strawberry blonde winked.

"Yeah, I'm fine Catherine," Sara smiled at the older woman.

"Alright," Catherine smiled stepping a little in front of Sara extending her hand, "I'm sorry for that rude hello, my mind was elsewhere for a minute, I'm Catherine Willows," she smiled at Mickayla.

"Mickayla Anderson, nice to meet you Catherine," she replied shaking Catherine's hand.

"You too Mickayla," Catherine said stepping back next to Sara.

"Please call me Mick," she stated looking Catherine up and down.

"Mickayla and I worked together here before I left for Vegas," Sara offered.

"Worked together?" Mickayla scoffed, "Wow …"

"Sara, please, all three of us know you were more than coworkers," Catherine smiled placing her hand on Sara's arm gently. "It's okay honey, we all have a past."

"So, you and Sara …" Mickayla questioned.

"Let's go with the term Sara used, work together," Catherine replied moving her hand down Sara's arm, intertwining their fingers.

"Really?" Mickayla said looking back and forth between the two women. "You never mentioned anything Sara."

"I don't mean to be rude, but, it's really none of your business," Sara stated.

"Why didn't you say anything?" Mickayla continued.

"Unlike you, I don't feel the need to tell everyone I know, every detail of my personal life," Sara said as she felt Catherine lean in closer to her side

"I just thought … " Mickayla began but was interrupted by Sara.

"You thought what exactly? That I'd never get over you?" The brunette almost laughed. "It's not really that hard to get over someone once you see them having sex with someone else in your own bed," Sara said defensively, "And then to find out it had been going on for months prior to that," Catherine squeezed Sara's hand immediately calming the brunette before she continued, "I'm not going to lie Mick, you broke my heart, but Catherine, her daughter, and the family I have in Vegas now put the pieces back together," the brunette finished smiling down at Catherine.

"You have a daughter?" Mickayla sneered at Catherine.

"Yes, Lindsey," Catherine replied.

"Sara as a role model for a child, that's a joke," Mickayla commented causing Catherine to giggle.

"Cath?" Sara stated.

"Congratulations, I have met some really dumb people today, but with that statement you are by far the dumbest person at this damn conference," Catherine stated.

"Excuse me?" Mickayla challenged.

"You heard me," the strawberry blonde replied. "Sara, is a wonderful influence on my daughter, and the fact that you think otherwise tells me you don't know Sara at all"

"Catherine, just let it go," Sara interrupted. Catherine looked into Sara's pleading brown eyes "Please." Catherine tore her eyes away from Sara and back to Mickayla.

"It was nice to finally meet you Mickayla," Catherine stated offering her hand towards the other woman.

"Yeah right," Mickayla sneered.

"See you around Mick," the brunette added turning around heading back to the guys on the other side of the room.

"Thank you," Catherine said quietly.

"For what?" Mickayla asked.

"Breaking Sara's heart."

"You're happy I cheated on her?" Mickayla asked confused.

"The fact you couldn't keep your legs closed was the best thing that has ever happened to me. Now that amazing woman, is mine," Catherine smiled walking away leaving Mickayla stunned.

Catherine caught up with Sara just as she reached Nick and Greg,

"That woman a friend of yours Sara?" Nick asked still sipping on his beer.

"Not exactly," Sara stated looking at the ground.

"She's pretty hot," Greg added straining his neck to leer at Mickayla.

"Don't even try Greg," the brunette commented.

"I think it would be pretty funny if he did," Catherine grinned, bumping Sara gently.

"Sara, you okay?" Nick asked noticing Sara's solemn behavior.

"Yeah, I'm fine Nick," she smiled up at the Texan still unable to look at Catherine.

"You sure?" Sara nodded. "Alright since someone wasn't nice enough to bring me another beer, I am heading to the bar." Nick stated.

"Oh, hey me too" Greg added following Nick, leaving the two women alone.

"Sara?" Catherine asked.

"Catherine, I don't, I don't know what to say, I'm so sorry, you didn't," the brunette stuttered.

"Whoa, slow down," the strawberry blonde said placing her hand on Sara's arm. "You have nothing to be sorry for. That woman, I have known her for all of five minutes and I want to strangle her, how you ever had a relationship with her for so long is beyond me."

"Catherine," Sara started.

"Sara, please look at me," Catherine asked placing a finger under Sara's chin forcing brown eyes to meet blue. "That's better," the strawberry blonde smiled.

"Cath, I," Sara struggled.

"Hey, it's okay. How about we head back to the hotel okay? I think we've had enough socializing for one night." Catherine offered and Sara nodded.

"Alright, let me go tell the guys we're leaving," Catherine stated walking towards the bar leaving Sara alone, struggling with what to say to Catherine next.

To Be Continued