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Full Summary: He was her tormentor, her bully all through freshmen year because she was at the lowest of the totem pole. Now, it was her sophmore year and she found him at the bottom along with her.

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When Rachel noticed she hadn't been splashed with any different flavored drink for the past week that was when she started noticing him.

Ironically, she laughed in disbelief at the thought of something so trivial like being splash with slushies could have the audacity to distract her, just for a little bit, from her main train of thoughts. Thoughts that was full of stardom and ways of achieving just that. It was strange, weird even, but enough to peg her curiosity.

Was she deemed not worthy anymore? She didn't understand why she was in the first place. Jealousy maybe?

She was more driven then most of the students here at Williams McKinley high school, maybe a little more knowledge-able too, and wasn't afraid to show it. Not to mention more talented than others.

That would put some people off; certainly make someone jealous of her.

But she knew what the answer was and that being that she was a member of Glee. Not everyone, mostly all, consider Glee to be the most enthusiastic club to join. It was there to be ridiculed by the more appealing activities such as football and cheerleading. Thus, bring her back to her problem at hand.

Why was Noah "Puck" Puckerman not splashing her with slushies?

If she had to think about it, the thing that bothered her most about this whole "not being splashed" fiasco was that it ruined her perfectly made out schedule. In a strange way, she sort of fitted Noah's splashing time right between lunchtime and third period. This ridiculous act has been going on for about a year now and suddenly the start of her sophomore year it stopped. Like she said before, her curiosity was hooked.

She spotted him walking down the crowded hallway one day through her mirror taped to the inside of her locker. The reflective device always aided her in seeing what was going on behind her. People don't just talk when her back was turned, they made faces and rude gestures that they thought she didn't know about but she did. She just chose to ignore it. But in this matter, where her main tormentor walked the hall without a second glance her way, she chose to acknowledge it.

"Rachel, are y-you ready," stuttered Tina right behind her blocking her view through the mirror.

Closing her locker door, she turned to the Glee member who always wore black and smiled.

"Yes I am."

Walking side by side, they walked down the hall along with other students heading in the same direction and destination as they. Looking up and through the clusters of people around her, she just barely caught a head with a mohawk hair cut turning the corner. He was also heading in the same direction they were and that being the school's cafeteria.


Something was off about him. Rachel would have never noticed since she could be a little self-absorbed sometimes but something was definitely off. His posture, his whole deposition seemed not like the Puck she once knew. Well the part of him she did remember. A wicked smile right before he would splash her with a slushy, a flirtatious look upon his face when he was eyeing an equal flirtatious female when his girlfriend wasn't looking, a confident demeanor when scouring the halls with his friends and saying rude jokes about her among his friends. Looking at him now, he looked defeated. And by observing the table he now occupied, he looked alone as well.

"D-did you hear the news," Tina started, interrupting her thoughts.

"Tina, gossip isn't news, just misinformed information to start rumors about someone's personal life. You should try to ignore them."

They were sitting at their respectable table close to a window with the view of the back of the school, observing the courtyard where round tables stood for outside eating. Small vendors were setup outside as well and Rachel caught herself looking from the slush machine to Puck going back and forth between the two.

"….quit the team."

Her attention went to Tina after catching on to the last of her sentence.

"Excuse me," she questioned.

"Puck quit the t-team."

Why? She voiced in her head but didn't want to say it out loud or else she would be a hypocrite to her own statement about gossip, but that didn't stop her from listening to Tina go on with the news of Puck quitting the football team.

"K-Kurt heard some of the football players t-talking about Puck quitting the team after they d-dumped him in the dumpster. Saying something about they should dump Puck in the dumpster for what he d-did."

"He probably just misinterpreted them."

Tina shook her head. Her long black hair with strips of blue highlights hitting her face.

"No it t-true. Mercedes overheard Santana and some of the cheerleaders t-talking about him. They confirmed it. He had quit."


Looking over at his table again, she noticed he was gone. She turned towards the doors to the cafeteria just in time to see Puck walking out.


Another week has gone by and Puck was on her mind yet again. And it all started with her wondering why the former football player stopped his reign of terror with the slushies a week ago. More rumors were developing and Rachel was starting to wonder what to make of them. Apparently, the quitting of the football team was true. She hadn't seen him in his lettermen jacket or on the field practicing since she noticed his stoppage of slushing.

It was visible proof.

Others rumors were just hearsay. He was leaking game plays to rival teams. He was seeing someone from another team beside Santana. He was quitting because he thought he was better than the rest. The list goes on and on. It was overwhelming. To her, she tried not to get caught up in the drama going on in school unless it was dealing with the school's play but it was the topic of everyday news, especially in Glee.

"There was talk of him secretly dating Quinn Fabray behind Finn Hudson's back," Kurt stated.

He looked from one person's face to the other, gauging their reaction to the news. The three people around him shook their heads in disbelief.

"This is a hot damn mess," was Mercedes response.

Rachel just shook her head too but not out of disbelief but out of detest. The things people would believe was appalling, even if what they believed were just rumors. But she would have to admit it was contagious. Even she was starting to wonder why Puck quit the team. A good source of knowing why would be Puck himself or maybe his friends but it wasn't like she was friends with them. They were or most of them were her bullies. Deciding against getting information from Jacob Israel was out of the question if she wanted to be drooled over or written about in another of his inconvenient blogging. But she had to do something. She was getting distracted.

"Rachel, are you with us?"

Rachel snapped to attention from the worried tone coming from Mr. Schue's voice. He was standing in front of her, a little hunched over to get eye leveled, while frowning at her. The other Glee members were looking in her general direction too and she figured she must have zoned out for a while, if their looks of curiosity and concern didn't clue her in.

"Yes," she quickly answered.

"Good because we can't afford to get distracted right now."

You're telling me she thought to herself.

"We have to get you guys ready for Invitational in the next two weeks and...."

"Sorry Mr. Schue, I don't mean to interrupt but I thought we talked about this. If we remotely have a chance of winning, we have to have a male lead that can keep up with me, especially for sectional. Artie may have the voice but physically...I'm sorry it just won't work. No offense Artie."

"None taken," Artie replied.

"I'm well aware of that Rachel but we obviously don't have a lot of people signing up. We just have to make do with what we have now until I can find someone. Now to where I left off, I think I might have the perfect song for you guys. It maybe..."

She couldn't afford anymore distraction if she wanted Glee to work out. Without the right male lead, making it big and getting out of this town would surely become a pipe dream and she wouldn't allow that to happen. So if she had to face her tormentor to get this puzzling question about Puck out of her system and for everyone else's, then so be it.


She didn't know why she didn't notice it before. The disgusting looks, the whispering behind his back, the writing of cheater and betrayer on notes taped to his locker or truck, the alienation. He was being bullied and by his own comrades at that.

Behind ever rumors lies some truth. And now that she thought about it, about all the rumors, the connection between them all have some reference of the team hating him. But at this moment, after leaving Glee to look for some answers, she found this. She found Puck balling up a folded note that was once on his locker and seeing some of athletes laughing among themselves behind him. It became clear what was happening. He was at the bottom of the totem pole now. He was one of them, a member of the lowest social rank.

It was hard to believe if she didn't have the evidence right in front of her face.

She watched him threw the balled up paper to the floor and opened his locker to grab a binder and closed the door. Ignoring the sneaking laughter behind him, he walked out through the doors of the school to the parking lot.

This was really getting to her. Things were happening that shouldn't be and she couldn't quite place why except to place the blame on Puck. When he stopped slushing her, everything else soon followed. Like a ripple in a pool. And now she was doing thing she wouldn't normally do. She followed him.

Trying to be discreet, she followed him out in the parking lot where his truck was parked. She went to hers to keep from being too noticeable in her spying and watched him carefully. Fishing for his keys in his jean pocket, his binder in his hand slipped and fell open on the ground causing him to curse. With his keys finally out of his pocket, he quickly grabbed at the fallen binder and hurriedly made his way to his truck. In his haste he missed the small piece of paper falling out of his binder, but Rachel didn't and she kept her eyes on it until she heard the muffle sound of his truck pulling away.

Finally looking up from the fallen item on the ground, she scanned her surrounding before she made her move. There were only a few cars left in the parking lot. Those of teachers and students still left in the school for after school activities. There was no one in sight from her vantage point so she took the opportunity to move ahead and seize the paper before it could be picked up by another or the wind.

It was small, rectangular in shape and felt smoothed on one side. A picture came to mind, Polaroid perhaps. She felt hesitant at first. This was almost like invading someone else's privacy. But it wasn't if the picture was left in the public for everyone to see with their viewing eyes, even if it was dropped mistakenly. In a way, she sort of felt that this picture would answer some of her questions. Would satisfy her curiosity just for the time being to know what happened to the Puckerman she once knew.

Now with some motivation, she turned the picture over to see the secret it held and gasped. For what was shown in the picture before her was of a baby, a couple months old, lying asleep in a pink and white crib. She was wrapped snuggly and safely in a white blanket with her head tilted to the side, turned towards a brown teddy bear. It was cute if she didn't happen to read the permanent white writing written on the picture. In big letters, it was written:



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