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Summary : Tezuka and Fuji were bestfriend. After graduated from Senior High School, they went to their own ways. Seven years later, Tezuka came back to Japan with his three years old son. What would happen when Tezuka's son mistake Fuji as his mother?

Kizuna (Bond)

Chapter 1

-Festival, 08.00 pm-

Tezuka Ryo was walking happily through the crowd. He separated with his father few minutes ago but he didn't feel scared. He was just three years old boy but he already strong enough to protect himself, at least that was he was thinking. He looked around happily. It was his first time he went to a festival and he was very happy about it. He continued his journey, forgot that his father was in panic looking for him. He stopped when he saw a certain figure standing under a beautiful Sakura three. The figure was very beautiful and slim with honey brown hair and blue yukata. Ryo smiled widely and ran to the figure while shouted.


-Somewhere, 08.00 pm-

Tezuka Kunimitsu panicked. He never had this kind of feeling before but now he had. His only son was missing! He ran anywhere to search his son but he didn't see him. God where was his son now!!! That boy as only three years old but he was so naughty. Tezuka sighed in desperate and continued his journey again.

-Ryo's place, 08.00 pm-

"Mommy~" he threw his arms to hug the person's legs. The person looked down at him and chuckled.

"Hello, little one~" The person greeted him with beautiful voice. Ryo's eyes shone with happiness.

"Hello mommy…" Ryo smiled happily.

"Mommy? Well, I'm sorry but I'm not your mommy" The person said kindly. Ryo shook his head and continued to stare at the beautiful person in front of him. He was sure this person was his mommy. His long lost mommy. His father said that his mother was the most beautiful person in the world and the most beautiful person in the world was here, in front of him.

"Syuusuke?" A man with dark brown yukata and silver hair walked to the person name Syuusuke and looked down to Ryo.

"Heh~ who is this?" He asked. Ryo frowned.

'Who is this mommy?" He asked Syuusuke person. The silver haired man looked surprised.

"Mommy?" He asked amusingly.

"Kojiroh, this boy mistook me as his Mommy. Help me to explain to him!" Syuusuke tug at the other man yukata.

"But Syuusuke, he has your eyes. Maybe he's your son after all" He said, laughing.

"Kojiroh, first I'm a GUY. It's impossible for me to have a child. Second I'm not the only one who have blue eyes in this world okay!!" The Syuusuke boy said.

Ryo looked at the two. His innocent mind was still thinking happily about his mommy. He broke into a smile. His father would be happy and proud of him because he found his Mommy.

"Mommy~ go home with me…" Ryo whined. Syuusuke and Kojiroh looked at him amusingly.

"Ryo!!" Ryo turned around to see his father ran to him. He smile to his.

"Ryo, where were you?" Tezuka knelt down in front of him.

"Daddy, I found Mommy~" He said happily. Tezuka's eyebrows raised in confuse.


Ryo nodded happily and grabbed Fuji's hand. "This is Mommy"

Tezuka looked up and saw his long best friend.


"Ah Tezuka" Fuji greeted back.

Fuji couldn't believe his eyes. The Tezuka Kunimitsu was here in front of him. After few years they went to their own way after they graduated from Seigaku Senior High School. Fuji's eyes looked at the little boy in front for him.

"Is this your son?" He asked, looking at Tezuka.

"Yes" Tezuka said. Fuji felt his heart hurt a little. So he had a son now, huh?

"I'm sorry if Ryo's bothering you" Tezuka apologized. Fuji smiled and shook his head.

"He's not bothering us right Kojiroh?" Fuji asked Saeki. Saeki nodded.

"Daddy, let's go home with Mommy~" Ryo whined and tugged his father's pants. Tezuka looked at him softly.

"Ryo, this is not your mother. This is Fuji Syuusuke, my friend" Tezuka tried to explained gently.

"No!! This is mommy and Ryo wants to go home with Mommy" Ryo cried. Tezuka sighed. He was not good if it came to children. Fuji looked at Tezuka desperate face and he tried to help.

"Ne Shiro-chan, let's find something to eat!" Fuji said happily. Kunishiro looked at him and beamed.

-Food booth-

"I'm sorry about him" Tezuka apologized once more. Fuji chuckled.

"It's okay, Tezuka. He's kind of cute" Fuji said, looking at Ryo who was busy eating his dango.

"So…" Fuji began "You have a wife already, ne?" Fuji asked smiling.

"Yes, but she died few days after Ryo born. She lost too much blood." Tezuka said.

"I'm sorry…." Fuji said. Tezuka just shook his head.

"It's okay, I don't love her anyway. It was arrange marriage" He explained. Fuji stared at Tezuka.

Saeki looked at his childhood friend and Tezuka. He knew they way they looked at each other. He knew that they love each other since they were in Junior High School but they just too stubborn to admit it. Or maybe they hadn't realize their love to each other yet. Saeki smiled. This would be interesting. With Ryo mistook Fuji as his mother, Saeki sure that it was the way to make these dense guys to realize their feelings.

Ryo yawned out loud.

"Are you tired, Ryo?' Tezuka asked his son. Ryo nodded sleepily.

"We have to go home now, Jya Fuji" Tezuka said as he picked Ryo into his arms. Fuji smiled and nodded.

"Mommy will come home with us, right?" Ryo asked.

"Ryo-" Tezuka began.

"Mou..I want Mommy to come home with us~" Ryo whined, he began to cry.

Looking at the little boy's face, Fuji's heart melt. Tezuka looked at his son's sad face then to Fuji's.

"Fuji, can you just, well, accompany us home?" Tezuka asked. Fuji looked at Saeki who nodded.


Then Fuji, Tezuka and Ryo walked out the food booth while Saeki went home by himself. They got into Tezuka's black car. Ryo lied his head on Fuji's lap and soon fell took over him. Fuji smiled and stroked his hair. Tezuka looked at them from the mirror. A warm sensation filled his heart but he didn't know what is it.

Once they arrived at Tezuka's house, Fuji got off with Ryo in his arms. Tezuka walked over to Fuji and took Ryo into his arms.

"Thank you, Fuji" Tezuka smiled. Fuji smiled back.

"You're welcome. Well, I have to go. Jya Tezuka" Fuji said and tuned back. He stopped a taxi and looked back to Tezuka and Ryo before got into the taxi.

Tezuka stared at the moved taxi. He couldn't believe he would meet Fuji again and his son mistook him as his mother. He couldn't angry to Ryo since his mother looked like Fuji with brown hair and blue eyes. Tezuka sighed and walked into his home. His home was huge, very huge with many maids. But he felt lonely because he just lived there with his son. He hope one day he would find a person who cared about his family so he wouldn't alone anymore. All he had to do was wait.


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