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Naruto Tamers

Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto was running away from Konohagakure no sato. Why?

Because that blasted council, the civilian part, called for a vote to decide if he should be punished for bringing back the traitorous Uchiha Sasuke with a few minor scratches on his person. The entirety of the ninja half of the council voted no, but every last civilian, save Tuechi Ichiraku (He voted with the ninjas), voted to banish naruto. Unfortunately the civilians outweighed the ninjas.

Of course this didn't go well with tsunade, so she ordered naruto's inheritance be given to him, away from the council of course. When naruto was told who his parents were, he wasn't too surprised as to who his father was, hell, he'd placed bets with himself as to who his dad was. So he wasn't surprised when he was told his dad was Namikaze Minato, the Yondame hokage, the yellow flash, ect., was his pops.

He had no clue his mother was a redhead though. How his hair was completely neon blonde with that deep of red on his mothers' side was beyond him.

Kyuubi offered to put streaks of red in his hair if naruto made the seal more comfortable, so naruto, with some trial and error, managed to change the seal into an endless expanse of forest and greenery with the seal being a collar with spikes pointing outward. Kyuubi loved it and immediately made a den for himself in one of the cliff faces in naruto's mind. An hour later, naruto had two streaks of red an inch and a half thick on either side of the middle blonde streak, and the rest of his hair on either side of the streaks was still blonde of course. He loved it, and thanked Kyuubi.

Jiraiya helped with the getting of every thing that belonged to naruto rightfully by sealing every thing in the namikaze estate, and the estate itself, into sealing scrolls, then sealing those scrolls in one big heavy duty sealing scroll, then sealing that into a scroll small enough to fit in his pocket.

He also shed himself of the hideous orange jumpsuit, burned it, and bought himself a more 'ninja fit' attire. It consisted of black shinobi pants taped off at the bottom, a black, sleeveless AMBU-style shirt, some lightweight armor, and a pair of purple sleeves with the ying-yang symbol over the back of his hands(picture Renamon's sleeves on naruto, only purple instead of blue, and made for humans).

He then got his fathers' trench coat and modified it, putting a design of a cartoonish fox laughing hysterically at whoever looked at it. Jiraiya, on naruto's request, had gone to wave country and retrieved Zabuza's sword. Naruto said he wanted to honor the swordsman by keeping the sword in use, instead of letting it rust in the ground. He'd have liked that.

Of course, when the countries naruto had helped learned of his banishment, they cut all ties with konoha, they stopped trading goods with them, and sent their mission requests to other villages, cutting konoha's budget in half. The civilian council didn't like that, and tried to force the other countries to continue trading, but the ninja council didn't like that and denied the usage of force, because that sort of vote needed a unanimous decision.

All this had taken a week, and at the end of the mandatory 7-day 'get your stuff, say your goodbyes, then get the hell out' period given to all banished ninjas, he left the village.

That brings back to now.


Naruto was running as fast as his legs could take him, witch was pretty fast considering he was only a gennin. Unfortunately the Ne(ROOT)Anbu Danzo had sent after him were gaining on him. He stopped in a clearing, planning several ways to slow them down, because after all, he was a master prankster for years, evasion was one of his stronger points. As he was about to turn and initiate plan A, a beam of pink light and numbers raced over him, and sucked him out of this dimension, putting him into one much more technologically advanced, and much more accepting. In fact, there would be a certain yellow furred vixen roughly 20 meters from his landing site.


Okay, chapter one is a little short by some people's standards, but, it's the first fic I've put on fanfiction, and it's more of an explanatory chapter. The rest of the chapters will be, at the very least, twice the size of this one. Now for those wondering, the main pairing will be Naruto and Renamon, you guys, by popular vote, will decide the rest of the sub-pairings. I will be turning naruto into a digimon called Solomon. He will look…well, his physical appearance will be explained in the next chapter, but it will be a little cliché, you know, fox, all his evolutions will have nine tails, Ect. He will still be able to use chakra and all it's wonders, so he can use a henge to go about in broad daylight, so don't worry about this being the only time we see naruto with the awesome trench coat. Naruto will be Renamon's tamer, yes the Renamon Rika/Ruki gets, rika is just too hard to write, if I do her like I would sasuke, she'd come across as a power hungry bitch, and after awhile, renamon would start to hate her, eventually turning her into Blackrenamon, the virus attributed version of renamon, and she would destroy rika and any thing else in her path, inevitably ending in Blackrenamon's deletion. Not going there. I like renamon too much…no not like that you sick bastards, as a character. Though I have to admit, renamon is attractive, even by furry standards. ANYWAY, I look forward to reading your reviews, should you choose to leave one. Please, minimal flames, constructive criticism is appreciated, if you do flame I will use them to cook my food.