My Dark Angel

Chapter 3: Exhale

Here we go, the final chapter of this fic. I have to say, I'm very proud of it, and very thankful for all of the wonderful feedback. A very big thank you goes to Star of Airdrie whom gave me support and suggestions throughout the whole of this fic.

Metal graced paper, the sound of a pen scratching its way across parchment. Slim fingers grasped a dip pen and slipped it under the surface of ink before lifting it up and resumed creating a path on the paper. Emerald eyes narrowed slightly in concentration as their owner continued her work. A full lower lip was trapped under white teeth as scarlet hair spilled forth, slightly obscuring vision before it was impatiently swatted back. The writer didn't even jump as a knock resounded in the otherwise silent room.

"May I ask whom it is that is requiring permission to enter my bed chamber?"

"It's me." The writer allowed a gentle smile to grace her face.

"You may enter."

A soft "whooshing sound" much like the whisper of a breeze, signified the visitor had entered. Robin casually strolled over toward Starfire's desk. "Hey Star," he greeted. "I just wanted to make sure that you were alright, usually I'm the one holed up in my room."

Pausing in her work, Starfire spun in her chair to meet the slightly concerned gaze of her boyfriend. She let out an exasperated sigh before shooting a sheepish grin. "Forgive me Robin, I suppose I have become accustomed to being in solitude when working with…" Her grin faded as her voice trailed off. Her form seemed to deflate as sadness set in.

Hardly a second passed before Starfire found herself in Robin's arms. "Hey," he whispered. "It's okay to get upset. These memories aren't going to go away for quite sometime. You and I both know that. I've been there before, remember?" Robin felt her nod against his shoulders before her arms made their way to rest against his back.

Starfire exhaled, deep and slow, Robin feeling her lithe body sinking further into his arms. She buried her head in the crook of his neck, her lips tickling his skin as she murmured, "Thank you Robin, I needed that."

The Teen Wonder smiled, "Anytime Star." He took note of the writing on her desk. "In need of a diary?"

Leaning back to look Robin in the eye, Starfire shook her head. "No…those are…not quite meant for a diary, but I am also not ready to share them with anyone."

Robin nodded. "Understandable."

Starfire continued. "These are part of a Tamaranian tradition I remember my mother doing. She would write as a way of cleansing herself, by placing her inner demons on paper. After which, she would usually be so much happier. It has been said that this ritual was performed by using one's blood as ink. Yet, I preferred using the "blood" of this planet." She gestured toward the inkpot. "This was created by pressing raspberries I found in the cold box called a 'fridge'. I did not use too many, perhaps ten or fifteen," she added hastily.

Robin grinned. "That's fine Starfire. It sounds like a very cool tradition."

Starfire frowned. "But it does not require one to become cold."

"Oops," Robin said. "Sorry Star, I forgot, you haven't quite picked up the lingo we use here in America despite being here for a few years. Cool can also mean really interesting."

She blushed. "I see, thank you for correcting me." She then became worried. "Are you certain I have not become a burden to you?"

"Never Star."

"And what of the other Titans?"

Robin became thoughtful. "Beast Boy I can easily tell is warming up to you, he's pretty easy going and I think you won him over when you tried his tofu." He chuckled at the grimace that formed on his girlfriend's face.

"Raven is too because she is the one who was most supportive of me going after you while you were in Slade's grasp." He looked at Starfire sidelong, worried that she would curl into herself after his mentioning of her former master.

Yet he needn't have fretted for Starfire smiled. "I do like Raven and enjoy our meditative periods when the sky turns to dusk." She sighed happily. "Such a beautiful time of day, though not nearly as glorious as sunrise." She then became curious. "What about Cyborg? He is not entirely indifferent toward me but…"

"He's just cautious," Robin answered. "As the older brother figure of this team, he's protective but that doesn't mean he'll shun you if you need help. Cyborg's always willing to lend a hand." He smiled softly at Starfire. "Just give him time, soon he'll be one of your best friends."

Starfire nodded once. "I trust you Robin."

Robin merely grinned.

Raven and Starfire faced a beautiful sunset as they meditated, legs folded into the lotus position, the latter bobbing in midair as the former simply floated. "Azarath Metrion, Zinthos," the pair chanted, Starfire welcome to use Raven's mantra for meditative purposes.

As she meditated, Starfire relished in the feeling of unwinding, serenity suffusing itself within her bones. The warmth of the sun left soft kisses on her face, a soft smile appearing. Within her mind's eye, memories began to unravel like a silent film.

The memories started out vivid and in full color. Starfire saw Slade, the…man…if one could call him that, Starfire would have to ask Robin for a better word later…was correcting the various stances and fighting techniques she was learning, thoroughly impressed when she began to incorporate the fighting styles she had picked up from the warlords of Okaara. These were the safest memories of Slade Starfire had.

The image of Slade then morphed into a boy with quite a pale pallor, skin almost chalk white. He had a mop of ebony hair though not nearly as unruly as Robin's locks. Some of his hair flopped over his eyes, only one cobalt orb exposed. Frank…

A pang of sadness touched Starfire as she looked at her deceased boyfriend's carefree expression. I hope you are no longer in pain Frank, wherever you are. Goodbye…

Frank's face then became much more feminine, less sculpted, but higher cheekbones and sapphire eyes that held a bit of a sparkle. Not quite flushed cheeks, but the skin had more color than Frank's did. Long blonde hair spilled over narrow shoulders. Terra.

Hello my friend, Starfire's internal voice was a whisper. I am finally free Terra, and I need not have become a star to do so. The Teen Titans have taken me in, they are becoming like family to me.

Starfire became wistful. I have done the bonding with Beast Boy, he misses you quite often. I have not been on this team for too long, but through powers of observation, I can see that Raven is slowly healing the wound in his heart. I am certain this is acceptable to you, is it not? The Terra in Starfire's mind smiled gently and knowingly before fading, a new face replacing hers.

A boyish smirk beneath a mask of mystery. Greetings Robin…

Robin stepped forward, his body coming forth from the shadows. The smirk became a smile as he wrapped his arms around Starfire's memory self's waist. Robin leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers. Starfire felt warmth and affection flowing throughout her being. Before she could relish in more of Robin's unconscious company, she was brought back to reality by the sound of glass shattering.

Snapping her eyes open, Starfire scanned the Ops room and noticed three light bulbs overhead had broken. She turned to see Raven giving her a wry smile. "Uh, can you ease up on the lovey-dovey-ness Starfire? I'm an empath and if I'm too attuned to one emotion, things can get a little out of control."

Starfire grinned sheepishly. "I am most sorry for disturbing you Raven. I shall try to reign in my emotions, especially these 'lovey-dovey' ones."

Raven did not return the smile, but merely nodded, which Starfire had learned to be enough of a response from the empath. "Thank you."

Starfire faced the window and closed her eyes again. More memories appeared to her, only this time they were severely lacking in vibrancy, so faded and blurred, like a smeared watercolor painting. The first image was of a barren land, practically devoid of life save for a smattering of alien creature herds here and there. A large, complex castle loomed in the northern face of the land, balconies pocketing the dwelling's surface.

The scene changed to that of a nursery, a royal nursery to be exact, with a gilded cradle in the middle and an object most similar to a mobile hung from above. A woman entered the room, her face angelic and her statuesque form lithe. Soft auburn curls cascaded down her back, bright violet eyes were large and rounded. Smiling, she reached into a cradle and lifted out a tiny infant, whose fine wisps of hair matched her own, yet her eyes were that of emeralds. The baby gurgled happily as the woman cooed to her. "My beloved Koriand'r," the woman murmured.


The infant Starfire, known as Kori during her time on Tamaran lifted herself out of her mother's arms and floated toward the ceiling. Laughing herself, Kori's mother flew after her daughter and caught the baby in her arms again. Smiling, Kori took a large gold and ruby amulet that was hanging on a thin gold rope and promptly placed it in her mouth. Sighing lightly, a chuckle escaping her lips, Kori's mother gently tugged on the piece of jewelry removing it from Kori's mouth who then blinked her large emerald eyes before her lower lip trembled. Sensing a slight meltdown from her baby, Kori's mother began to rock her while humming a lullaby. Almost immediately, Kori yawned and closed her eyes.

The next memory that came to Starfire was being bounced as a toddler on a man's knee. He was tall and muscular, but not nearly as tall nor muscular as her caretaker. This man must be her father. Surprisingly, his face had been blotted out,. Did she have no recollection of her father's visage at all?

Dimly, Starfire recalled a deep rich voice and a name. Myand'r. The name of her father? The only aspect of her father that truly stuck out was a silver head ornament. It framed his face and was close to being heart shaped, silver in color. This must be the Tamaranian equivalent of a crown. So this meant that her parents were rulers of the planet and she was a princess. Perhaps she would keep this newly relearned fact to herself for the time being. How she would broach that subject to her friends let alone Robin, Starfire had no clue.

Focusing hard on the memory before her, Starfire heard her father speak. "Luand'r, has Komand'r returned to the palace yet?" His voice was not completely hard, but tense and concerned.

Starfire frowned. Komand'r? Who was that? Komand'r…the name was so familiar, yet the person whom it belonged to was foggy in Starfire's mind. She felt as if that person held a vital key to who she was, yet they were out of her grasp.

She concentrated on the name. Perhaps her sibling? Brother or sister? The faint soprano voice of her mother pierced Starfire's musings. "She returned to her quarters a little before moonset Myand'r." She. Komand'r was the name of her sister. Definitely older, for if she were younger, Starfire had a feeling her father would be asking after her and not Komand'r.

Starfire tried picturing herself, only older. However the image she got was cast in shadow. She reached out and grasped at the shadowy form, shocked at the wave of sudden pain that lanced through her and seemed to strike her very being. She screamed, wanting desperately to let go, but found that she couldn't.

"Starfire!" Raven's sharp voice ripped through. "Release the anguish and open your eyes! Everything will be alright."

"I-I can't," Starfire whimpered, too overwhelmed by pain.

"You have to try," Raven insisted. "You can feel my presence, that's a start. Let's try something physical. Can you feel Robin holding your hand?"

"Barely," Starfire whispered. "What is he doing here?"

"Your scream affected me and I too yelled," Raven replied.

"I apologize."

"It's not your fault," Raven said. "You're still not used to being around me and my powers. However what I want you to do is concentrate on Robin holding your hand. It should be able to help you leave your state of meditation and come back to us. And whatever you do, don't forget to breathe."

Starfire obeyed, taking long slow breaths, feeling her lungs fill with oxygen then slowly release it. She concentrated on Robin's hand, moving beyond the simple acknowledgement that it was there. She felt the softness of his green glove and the firmness of its grip. The emotions his hand alone seemed to be radiating.

Several heartbeats later, Starfire felt her eyelids lift. She winced at the sudden brightness of the sun and lifted a hand to shield her eyes. It was then that she noticed she was lying on her back. She looked at Robin, noting his immense relief. "Did I faint?" She asked.

"Raven asked me to lay you down," Robin said soberly. "She said it was to prevent you from going into convulsions due to the shock and stress you felt at whatever you saw."

"What did you see Starfire?" Beast Boy asked. The Tamaranian turned her head to look at him, surprised at how uncharacteristically timid his voice was.

"I saw people," Starfire replied. "People from my past." She started to get up, smiling gratefully as Robin assisted her. "And people from my present."

"Anyone in particular who could've caused such a reaction from you Star?" Cyborg asked gently.

She frowned in concentration. "I saw my parents, from many years ago. Memories I thought I would not have for I was barely out of infancy. They were alive and well, both my mother and father. I am not certain if this is the case now." She swallowed the tears beginning to form before continuing. "My father mentioned the name Komand'r. I inferred this name to be the name of my older sister, yet when I tried focusing on any memory of her, I got burned." She frowned, perplexed as to why that was. "I am unsure why."

"Maybe this Koma Ander person has psychic powers like Raven and she didn't want you to know because she's done some bad things and she's trying to protect her little sister from them." Beast Boy offered.

At the raised eyebrows he received, the changeling tried to defend himself. "What? It's just a speculation." Unfortunately the eyebrows were raised higher.

"You know what speculation means?" Cyborg asked incredulously.

"Hey! I listen when you guys speak!" Beast Boy shot back. "Raven said it just last week!"

"You knew what I meant?" Raven's voice was dry.

"Not at first," Beast Boy admitted. "I did have to look it up…and anyway, shouldn't we be focusing on Star and why she got hurt?"

Raven and Cyborg turned back to Starfire who smiled. "I am fine fellow Titans, truly I am. Right now I believe it is time for patrolling and not be overly concerned about my well being, yes?"

"You're certain you're alright Starfire?" Robin asked.

"Yes Robin!" Starfire exclaimed. "Now let us make with the haste." She flew toward the exit, only to be halted by Cyborg.

"Wait, Starfire." She turned toward the cyber kinetic teen. "You don't have to refer to us as simply team mates anymore. We're your friends now. Don't forget that."

Starfire nodded and attempted to exit the main room a second time before being stopped by the alarm. She flew over to the monitor waiting patiently as Robin tapped a few buttons on the keyboard below her.

"There's trouble on the West End," He reported, pointing to a glowing red spot on the map he brought up.

"What kind of trouble?" Beast Boy asked.

"Not sure," Robin replied. "We'll find out once we get there. Titans, go!"

Upon arriving downtown the Titans were greeted with the sight of mass chaos. There were several car pileups, fallen trees, lamp posts and tangled wires. The wail of sirens mingled with the cries of terrified civilians filled their senses.

"X'hal," Starfire murmured. "What is going on?" She then spotted a group of meta humans, one manipulating fire, another using telekinesis, and third whose arms seemed to be made of vines, yet had the power to slice through an eighteen wheeler as though it were made of butter. Starfire's eyes went wide. "X-X-X'hal," she spluttered.

Robin was hardly one to be fazed. He began barking orders, "Raven! You take on--!"

"The telekinetic?" She asked dryly. Robin nodded and with that, the empath flew off.

Robin picked back up where he left off, "Cyborg! You handle the one with the vines, the pyrokinetic is mine. Starfire, I want you and Beast Boy to get the civilians to safety." The three remaining Titans nodded. "Titans, move!"

As Starfire and Beast Boy worked to get civilians a safe distance away from the battle site as quickly as possible, they maintained a watchful eye on their teammates. Within a matter of moments however, the battles were quickly finished. They are not very skilled with their powers, Starfire thought. The abilities must be either newly acquired or newly inherited.

She then noticed with great alarm one of the fallen teenagers charging at Robin with a gun in his hand, the muzzle cocked at the vulnerable leader. "Robin!" She screamed. "Look out!" Without thinking about it, she fired a star bolt knocking the gun out of the criminal's hand, grazing him in the process. Whipping around, Robin saw the fallen assailant and tackled him, effectively putting handcuffs on the boy at the same time.

Growling with frustration, the adolescent yelled out, "Bianca! Now!"

The Teen Titans stiffened in anticipation, shoulders tense and fists tightened. Robin gritted his teeth, his eyes slits. The only sound that could be heard was the gentle breeze that stirred up Starfire's long hair and rippled capes. Nothing was happening, but no one dared to breathe, not yet.

The boy yelled again, "Bianca! Where are you!?" Still, Bianca, whom Starfire believed to be female did not show.

Faintly, Starfire heard a cry. Refusing to leave herself exposed, Starfire began to slowly float backward, ears straining to pinpoint the location the cry for help came from. It appeared to crawl up from the alley that was to the southwest. Cautiously, Starfire spun around and flew over to the alley. "Hello?" She whispered.

A voice, almost like a pitiful whine answered, "Over here."

In the far right corner, Starfire saw a pale girl with short black hair and big, frightened sapphire eyes huddled on her knees. "Bianca?" The girl nodded. Trying to keep her voice authoritative yet not too intimidating, Starfire asked, "Why are you not assisting your friends?"

"They're not my friends," Bianca spat. "They're monsters. I'm a monster." A tear ran down her mud streaked face. "I don't want to do what they want me to do."

"How did you and the others come to be this way?" Starfire asked.

Bianca hesitated, "Can we talk about this somewhere else?"

Nodding, Starfire placed a hand on the girl's bony shoulder and led her out of the alley, the sight of her teammates putting the other adolescents in handcuffs and having them loaded into squad cars. She explained to Robin the current situation before helping the shaken Bianca into the T-car.

Bianca hugged the blanket Raven had given to her tighter around her shoulders. Both Robin and Starfire could see how hard life had been for the girl. In the light her face was pinched and wan, unwashed hair falling into her face. Her eyes sparkled with unshed tears.

As Raven tended to the wounds that had been hidden from Starfire's sight, Robin asked, "What was it exactly that the other kids wanted you to do earlier?"

Bianca laced her fingers together, hanging her head. "My ability, my curse is very powerful, absolutely devastating. It would be easiest to show you my explanation."

Nodding, Raven gestured to the other two to join Bianca and herself. "Join hands," she stated. "Close your eyes." Once these instructions were followed, Raven murmured, "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos."

When Starfire opened her eyes she saw Bianca standing in an empty field. Within seconds Bianca began to glow with a light that originated from where her heart would be then spread outward. As the light spread over her skin, she took on the look of space. A black foreground dotted with thousands of tiny stars and swirls of galaxies. Her eyes were devoid of any color, completely white. Twin trails of silver tears ran down her face. In an empty whisper she murmured, "This is what I'm cursed to do."

Bianca's surrounding aura grew to a blinding brilliance causing Starfire to wince. The light began to concentrate within Bianca's hand and with a flick of her wrist, she ripped open the sky above her, a jagged hole scarring the atmosphere. Immediately, Starfire felt a powerful suction pull her forward.

Struggling to resist the viscous vacuum, she barely noticed she had come out of her trance. She gasped for breath, deeply relieved to be unable to see the image.

"Scary, huh?" Bianca deadpanned.

Clearly still shaken himself, all Robin could manage to ask was, "How…?"

Bianca grimaced. "The other kids and I were classmates, not exactly on good terms, but classmates nonetheless." She looked away, "I should've known something was up with that new bus driver."

"We were taken to a facility and subjected to various 'treatments'." The girl's brow furrowed. "There are a lot of blank periods in my memory, perhaps I was forcing myself to not remember the damage I had caused."

Robin turned to Starfire and asked her in a low tone, "Does this sound like Slade to you?"

Starfire shot him a wry smile, "Yes, it does sound like Slade. Need I remind you of the schemes he's come up with?" She frowned softly, "However, the one thing Slade swore he'd never do is get involved in experiments."

"I don't know a Slade," Bianca volunteered. "But the man at the top is known as The Commander around 'campus'."

Starfire's frown deepened. Commander? "Do you mean Commander or Komand'r?" She asked.

Bianca returned her confused look. "Is there a difference?"

Starfire didn't answer, having barely heard the child. In her mind's eye she saw a girl whose posture was oozing confidence. Or perhaps it was arrogance. Her eyes were a deep, vivid purple. Long black hair, spilling like ink down her back. A smirk adorned her face. Komand'r…

Starfire felt the smoldering pain that she had faced earlier. Burn…

Barely, just barely she felt her body begin to crumble to the ground, the alarmed cries of Robin and Raven faint.


A world of soft white light greeted her eyes upon opening them. Am I dead? The light faded and gave way to reveal the inside of a spacecraft. Hearing soft sobs, Starfire's gaze fell onto a smaller version of herself. Oh, a memory…

Kori struggled to reign in the tears that were falling freely from her eyes. She clawed at her wounds, digging her nails into the torn skin, trying to create physical pain to eradicate the emotional pain that flowed through her heart.

"Causing yourself physical pain isn't going to help those wounds on your soul, Child," The soft chiding voice of Roxan'r pointed out. The young girl looked at the older warrior reproachfully.

Roxan'r merely chuckled, "No amount of pouting is going to help you out, Princess."

Kori's scowl deepened. "Do not call me that!"

The older prisoner raised an eyebrow, "Did I not hear correctly? You are Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran, right?"

Kori sighed, dejected. "I don't know who I am anymore. The Psions and Gordainians alike treat us like we are like dirt. Worse than dirt, they treat us like we are troqs!"

Letting out another sobs, Kori once again dug her nails into her skin. Roxan'r reached forward and pulled her hand away. "Didn't I tell you that wasn't going to do you any good?" She gently admonished.

Kori didn't respond, instead she merely tried to stifle her tears. Roxan'r sighed. She led the former princess over to the corner and held up a plate of meager rations. "Why don't you try eating something?" Kori picked up a shallow bowl of mashed x'korkis, the Earthen equivalent being mashed lima beans with something that could only be described as curry. She glared at the bowl in her hand and with a yell, flung the food against the wall.

"Y'know, that was my food too," Roxan'r commented dryly. Kori didn't acknowledge her, she paced, yelling in Tamaranian. She was interrupted by the awful creak of the cell door opening. A large Gordanian guard stepped part way in, muttering a complaint about the stench of slaves earning a growl from the women in the room. He tossed in a new prisoner and slammed the door shut, a resounding clang ringing in Kori's ears.

Kori looked at the newcomer who was struggling to her feet, long black hair brushed against the floor. Once the girl's posture was straightened and her eyes opened, Kori gasped before running to hug the girl.

"Sister!" She squealed, hardly noticing that her sibling had gone stiff in her arms.

"Hello Koriand'r," Komand'r greeted, speaking through her teeth.

Kori frowned, looking at her sister quizzically. "Koma, what's wrong?"

Koma shoved Kori away, causing the child to fall to the floor. "I don't belong here!" She yelled.

"Well none of us belong here child," Roxan'r pointed out. "But we're all prisoners no matter what." The other female prisoners nodded their agreement.

"She belongs here!" Koma spat, pointing at Kori whose eyes grew wide with alarm.

"But sister! You cannot possibly mean that!" Kori cried.

"I can and I do," Koma shot back.

Kori was shaking, "I do not understand."

"Let me make it perfectly clear for you sister dear," Koma sneered. "I shouldn't be here, just you! I should've known those filthy Gordainians would have double-crossed me."

"Wh-what are you saying? It is you who is responsible for my being here?"

"That is exactly what I'm saying!" Koma exclaimed. "Ever since your birth I have been desperate to be rid of you. You're the reason our people hate me. You're the one who stole the crown from me!"

"H-how is this my fault?" Streams of tears fell silently down Kori's face.

"Because you could fly on the day of your birth and my flight was delayed," Koma stormed. "The crown was passed over me to you!"

"B-but, these things were out of my control!"

"I don't care!" Koma screamed. "Ever since that day I have hated you and wanted you gone. When the golden opportunity for my wish to come true was in my hands, I thought I was finally free. But those bastards double crossed me and now I'm forced to be in this hellish place with you!"

Whimpering, Kori reached out to her sister in the hopes of making amends but the older girl slapped her hand away. "Don't touch me!" Then she smirked. "I guess this day won't be so bad, now I have the chance to destroy you with my own hands!"

Koma pounced, pinning Kori to the ground by her throat. Immediately the younger girl turned pale, her eyes wide with fear as she clawed at Koma's arms hoping to get her off of her. The women inmates rushed over, trying to free Kori.

"K-Koma!" Kori gasped. "S-stop! Plea…" Her eyes began to roll into the back of her head. Finally Koma's hands were pried from her throat. She struggled to pull in ragged breaths.

Koma spat on her little sister. "I hate you," she growled. "I will destroy you and everyone you care about!"

Starfire's eyes snapped open. "Oh!" She gasped and sat up. Or, at least she tried to. She saw that her torso was held down by three thick straps, her limbs tied down to the bed she was lying on. She frowned up at Robin who had gone to her side. "Why am I restrained?"

"You were choking yourself while you were unconscious," he answered in a rough voice, beginning to unbuckle her.

She sighed. "Koma, my sister, was choking me in my memory." Running her fingers over her skin, Starfire noted how tender her throat was. Turning to Bianca she asked, "Bianca, have you managed to get a good look at your Commander?"

Bianca frowned thoughtfully, keeping a wary eye on Starfire's cool gaze. What had the Teen Titan seen while unconscious?

"The Commander does quite a good job of concealing his or her identity," Bianca began. "Hair is always hidden by a cap, sunglasses hide the eyes. The Commander's voice is gravelly." Looking directly at Starfire she asked, "Do you think your Komand'r is the Commander? What business could she have with Earth? I mean, you're an alien right? That's what I heard, therefore your sister would have to be one too…"

Starfire nodded, pondering. "From what I remember Komand'r, translated into Blackfire, craved power. I am the block that is preventing her from getting what she wants and now she is out to finish me. Why she is creating an army instead of coming to me directly is something I don't understand."

"I don't think she wants an army necessarily," Robin said grimly. "If the Commander is Blackfire, then I think her goal is to create the perfect weapon." He swung his gaze to Starfire. "And clearly she knows her target is on Earth. Perhaps she means all of Earth."

"But Starfire is her sister," Raven said. "How does that make her the sole person to be in her way? What kind of power is she after?"

Starfire sighed, she had hoped this topic could have been delayed a little longer. She opened her mouth to explain but was cut off by Bianca.

"Wait," She looked petrified, she had picked up on the subtle glances she had received from the Titans while Robin was talking. "A-are you trying to say th-that I'm the perfect weapon?" When the heroes hesitated to answer her, she cried, "You have to destroy me! No way am I going to harm the world!"

Raven lightly laid a hand on her shoulder. "You're not going to die," She said bluntly. "We will all get through this and you will come out of this alive."

Starfire nodded. "Raven is right. You need not die. We will shield you from the Commander and I suggest we go to the facility to confirm suspicions as well as rescue your peers."

She turned to Robin. "Robin, I respect you both as a friend and as the leader of this team, and shall follow your orders, but I ask you to grant me this one request." Robin arched an eyebrow, prompting her to continue.

"When it comes to the Commander, whether or not it is truly Blackfire, I ask you to let me take the Commander on." A sureness entered her voice. "The Commander is mine."

As the words left her lips, Starfire felt a weight leave her shoulders. She felt like she had an identity and purpose as an individual, not just someone's tool. She knew that there were gaps to be filled and questions to be answered, but what mattered to her most in those passing seconds was that not only was she Starfire of the Teen Titans, but Koriand'r, a daughter of X'hal.

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