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Hide and Seek

Caroline was home alone, and she knew it was just a matter of time before he showed up. She didn't know how he always knew when she was alone, but he was sure to come knocking (figuratively of course, because he had never used the door after that first night) thirsty, and hungry. So, in preparation for his arrival, she got into the shower to freshen up.

Almost as soon as she had stepped into the downpour of hot water, she turned and looked into the mirror that faced her shower, and her heart stopped from fright. " Damon!" she shouted over the water. He was standing just inside the doorway, staring intently at her. "Don't you ever knock?!" she asked jokingly. Her confident smile was back in place, but it turned into a look of confusion at the expression looking back at her.

His face had none of its usual airs, it wasn't cocky, it wasn't sadistic, lustful, or even the feigned love he showed her sometimes. He looked puzzled, definitely hungry, but sad. He was just staring at her, taking in the sight of her naked form under the spray of water. His bright green eyes looked at her with confusion. Something Caroline had never seen in them before, but there was no hiding the hunger he was feeling. "What is it?" she asked, she wasn't playing coy now, she was genuinely concerned, and bemused by his stoic countenance.

There was no answer for a minute as he slowly stepped closer to her. His facial expression changed from confusion to understanding as he came closer. "Nothing." He finally said, his eyes cast down onto the floor. "I just have something I have to take care of." His voice was so soft she would not have been able to hear him if she had not turned the water off. He leaned in to kiss her, but before he did, he let out a deep breath he had taken in as he leaned towards her, his eyes smoldering into hers as they met before, he kissed her.

This kiss was like nothing she had ever felt with him before; it was all tenderness and softness, no underlying tone of power, or sadistic control. One hand held her face gently, as the other pulled her to him. After their lips broke apart, he nuzzled into her neck, and then rested his cheek on hers, before kissing the corner of her partially opened mouth. Caroline felt her insides all melt together, as she entwined her fingers into his soft hair; she wanted this so badly, even if it was just a game he was playing with her. "Caroline." He whispered, then he was gone leaving her to her puzzled thoughts.

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