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New Galvan, 10 years from now.

" Begin recording. A hem. I am Azmuth creator of the Omni matrix. This record is meant to provide an explanation to future generations of what actually happened on the third planet of the Sol system in the days and months leading to the Broken Sky incident. . . "

The old mans eyes glassed over a moment, as if he was lost in memory. He then continued.

"What has become known as the Broken Sky is the result of a combination of the mistakes the young make when they take the first steps into that larger world, and my own failings in regard to the wielder of the Omnitrix. "


Breaking the Sky: Chapter one " Downward Spiral "

Bellwood – 1:04 AM – Local time – Present day.

Ben lay in bed listening to itunes and fiddling with the watch, trying to get some restored functionality out of it. None of what he was seeing made any sense and he wasn't 100% sure the display wasn't in an alien language but Russian text displayed by one of the endless bugs that had popped up since his failed attempt to hack the thing.

" Voice control on! Genetic scan 100 feet! Diagnostic! Umm what time is it? "

The watch did nothing but cycle through his available alien forms as he spun the dial. Then the music paused in his head phones, and he glanced over at his computer. The anti-virus popped up saying it detected an issue but couldn't clean it. It had locked the file down while it updated itself to try again stopping playback.

" I might need to take a day trip to Amity Park and get that key at this point. . .or maybe. . . "

Ben smiled the computer giving him an idea. He hopped out of bed and sat cross legged in the floor. Dialing up Brain Storm, and hoped the watch didn't bug out again. He suppressed the urge to scream the creatures nick name as he changed, and was re-leaved to have actually turned into the over sized lobster thing.

" Now let us see what an advanced intelligence can make of the Omni-matrix. "

Realizing that the creatures over-sized head couldn't actually see the control disk the six legged beast scuttled over to his mirror, and tried to remember everything he was seeing was backwards.

" No doubt a safety feature that the Gray Matter form had the control disk located on its back side. "

The monumentally simple deduction that Azmuth might have used his own DNA for the Galvan entry in the watch was something Ben still kicked himself over for not thinking of sooner. Five years ago he could have been working out more about the stubborn thing if he had, and now Gray Matter was hidden some where in one million or so aliens he couldn't search through. The option to use the creators mind to unlock the watch was for now off limits.

" Eureka ! "

If he was reading it correctly he just found what he was looking for. The word diagnostic. The music came back on as he started working.


Kevin's garage 10:34 AM

Kevin labored under the hood of his car, ignoring the need to disguise his now alien appearance for the fourth straight day. He figured he might as well get the neighbors used to it sooner rather then later. That and he'd lost his set of Galvanic wrenches and it was just easier to morph his hands around the bolt. He was distracted from his work by off key singing.


" I drink to for get your name Ben. "

Ben entered the garage his usual smoothie replaced with a coffee.

" Don't let Gwen hear you talk like that! "

Kevin just smirked a little.

" You look like crap. "

" Late night with the watch, but I think I finally got some where with it. "

Ben held up the Omnitrix and showed off the flashing blue and green colors on the face.

" The flashing means that the end user and not the watch triggered the diagnostic. . . I guess . . I'm hoping any way. "

Kevin just shook his head.

" I am not screwing around with that thing again, don't even ask. "

Ben whined like a baby.

" But it's been doing this for like nine hours! "

" Then watch TV or something, because I am not poking around that think again. "

Ben leaned on the wall of as Kevin shut the hood.

" OK fine the deal is when I was Brain Storm I took a look at the controls, and triggered this. Problem is I turned back right after. Now I . . well don't know if it's working the way I though it would, because I can't turn back and check. "

Ben heard the car start, and he looked over his shoulder and saw Kevin smirking as he started driving away.

" Sorry concert with Gwen, good luck with that watch! "

" Really nice Kevin, Really nice. "


Ben walked past Julie's house at 11:29 am on a Saturday, it was dark inside and silent. He grabbed his cell, and sent her a text.

Came by your place looks like you are out. Need me to walk the dog? -

A minute later he got a response.

Tennis till late, had to bring Ship he ate phone. -

The boy hung his head, and stuck the phone back in his pocket.

" Their goes using Ship, great. "

Spotting a street he couldn't remember going down before he started walking.

" Nothing better to do I guess. "

Wondering down the street in the cold fall air sent a shiver down his spine, and he zippered up his jacket. His mind trying to not focus on how screwed he'd be if the watch was in fact locked up for good.

" Kevin and Gwen are off with each other, Julie's playing sports, and Azmeth just won't help. I could talk to Grandpa Max but . . ."

He couldn't bring himself to say the words " I'd have to admit I screwed up" .

" . . .he's got a team to worry about. "


Max Tennyson sat at a huge computer console using teleconferencing software that was top secret thirty years ago, but sold retail these days. Funny thing how it was almost compatible, even if the sound wasn't working one way. Good thing the subtitles ran fine.

" Really Solomon, an illegal cloning farm? No I haven't been to Amity Park since you learned to shave. I'll talk to him sure, send him down. Say hi to Drew, and tell Dr Beeman thanks for the help with the jamming gear. "


Ben sat under a tree in the park watching the sun move west for the last few hours. Some one walked up behind him, and he didn't care to look. Gwen's voice got his attention.

" Penny for your thoughts. "

" Hu, aren't you out with Kevin? "

She knelt down next to him.

" The lead singer freaked out, and ran off stage. Looks like Snakes and Barrels are finished. Shame the drummer wasn't bad looking. "

Ben faked a laugh.

" Ha! What do you keep a bit of Diamonhead around to find me just in case?"

" Something like that, listen Kevin told me about the watch. We should talk to Grandpa Max see if we can contact Azmeth. "

Ben held up the watch showing off the green icon on the face.

" The watch its fine Gwen, it has been for an hour. "

Gwen raised an eye brow trying to figure her cousin out. Something wasn't right, she knew that much.

" Gwen do you remember the summer we turned 11? Grandpa Max was away getting a new motor home, and every day was just so boring after all that adventure. "

She smiled just a bit.

" You kept scratching your wrist until you had to go to the doctor. "

" Hay it itched for months after we got the watch off! "

For a minute it was like they where back their again just the two of them, keeping a secret from the whole world. Hero time all the time, outer space, the let down of school starting, and heartbreaking decision to take the Omnitrix off. The next summer and how the days just dragged. Then Gwen's phone rang.

" Hay Kevin, I'm with . . OK Chinese is great . . "

Ben watched her talking on the phone as he stood up, and dusted himself off. All those memories of their on again off again rivalry faded. It wasn't just them anymore, and it ruined the magic somehow. In that moment he'd have given anything to be back their again, and somehow he was angry he couldn't get that wish.

" Well thanks for checking in on me, and not skipping town without telling me like Julie. "

" Are you two fighting? "

" Nope, I'll see ya later. "

Gwen watched him walking off, and some how it felt like coming home that summer.


Ben leaned against the wreckage of the local Mr. Smoothy jonesing for what was he up to now number 23 on the list so what ever a number 24 was. The mess with the repo guys had trashed the place and it wouldn't be open for a while. He finally hit the watch after hours of fear that it wasn't coming back. The holographic display showed line after line of alien code that didn't mean anything to him. He bit his lip as he moved the dial like he would to look for the next alien on the list, and he saw brainstorm sitting right where he left him.

" Oh wow that's a load off! "

" Is it now young Tennyson? "

The image of Azmeth appeared over the the watches face, and Ben's mood shifted from happy to I might be in trouble very fast.

" Umm hi ! "

" What did I tell you about tampering? "

" I didn't tamper with anything the watch isn't working right. I tried to get it to fix itself. No help from outside just me sitting down and trying to figure the thing out. "

The alien didn't seem impressed.

" And that should make a difference? "

Ben's mod moved from worried to pissed off.

" I hope so! All I've ever done with this thing is what I thought was right, some times you like that some times you don't. The watch wasn't working right, some times not at all. You told me you weren't going to help, and Kevin's afraid of the thing, so I tried myself. "

The elder Galvan seemed as if he'd heard it all before.

" It is with good reason that your friend fears the Omni-martix, maybe he grasps the full measure of what you are doing. This is not only a power that can crack a universe, but the key to unlock the universe. You took it into the heart of Anur-Phantos like diving into a red tied, without care as to what you where doing. "

Ben decided it was time call the old mans bluff.

" Then teach me. The only reason I beat Vilgax with DiamonHead was because Tetrax trained me. "

Azmeths eyes got wide like he was for once trying to grasp what he was being told.

" You aren't ready for the knowledge you have yet you crave more?! You will for the time being remain where you are. Conciser this a reminder you are being watched."

" Yea, I'll do that. "


Ben shivered as he walked in from the cold. The old Plumber base his grandfather was using to train his helpers had a furnace did a great job of warming the place. The heat reminding him just how cold his long walk had been.

" Grandpa Max! It's Ben are you here? "

Ben wondered into the main control room, and found his Grandfather. He prepared to swallow his pride, and spill the whole story.

" Hello Ben! I've got someone I'd like you to meet. "

" Umm Grandpa can I talk to you about something? "

" Hi Ben! "

That voice made him turn his head, and clinch his fist as he spoke.

" Danny . . Phantom . . "

" Yea been a while, hows that watch? "

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