Breaking the Sky: " Epilog "

Amity Park General Hospital 2:14 am.

A shadow fell across the moon where a starlet caged in bars that hold only the ethereal fumed. The cage read " Fenton Thermos 2.0 now with .06% ecto-ranium! ".

Providence Keep hovered over the building determined to keep his secrets. The shadow realized as it hovered unseen overhead that it never would, not this time.

Max Tennyson spoke to Epsilon, and for the first time in his life sounded truly old.

" Things have gone to far, and nothing happens in a vacuum. Even mass mind control won't won't stop half those kids. Pictures on cell phones, brushes in the mirror tomorrow morning would have some of them remembering anyway. With the entire concert all over the web and every one talking about it, sooner or later they are all going to remember what they've seen. "

The shadow moved on past Epsilon noticed it, almost.

" Magister Tennyson I think we can all agree that Curtain failure with in 5 years is a certainty. "

The shadow passed under the door, and down the hall, past the worried and the relieved. Past parents reunited with their child.

" Zak you stole my ship, you worried my wife, dragged your brother into danger, and . . .if what Jack Fenton just told me is true you saved a lot of lives. I'm proud of you son. "

Passed young girls both angry and afraid.

" Gwen stop looking out into space, and talk to me. "

" What do you want me to say Elena? Azmeth said Ember's mind wipe made whatever was wrong with Ben worse! He " is going to restore Ben from the last back up ". You don't even have a right to be pissed at him THIS BEN NEVER DID ANYTHING WRONG! The other one that . . .just gets deleted . . .I did this . . should have seen it. . .or at least not taken the only thing protecting him for that spell . . "

" It's been going on a lot longer then that Red and you know it! Since when is it your job to protect Ben from himself? "

" Since we where ten years old. . . ."

It moved around the corner and up the hall where old enemies raged.

" I should have you arrested Levin, Ron has a concussion! "

" Have ME BUSTED, see this badge honey? I'm a Plumber not a intern, not a deputy, I don't play one on TV. . . ."

" Space men aren't big into background checks hu?"

" . . THAT makes you getting in my way an interplanetary incident! "

"People could have died!"

The shadows frowned a moment as neither was listening to each other, before moving on its way.

It slid under a door to peek at an old man doing questionable things.

" Command protocol override Abraxis. Run diagnostic on Homo sapient Geno-archtype.

" Stage 4 mental corruption. Failed upload detected. Safeguards 2814, 1994, and 42 offline by end users request - Code Kimota. "

" Reset security seed, and delete override Kimota. It looks like I didn't think of everything after all. Restore end user from last backup. "

" . . .why am I not in my bedroom? Did Brainstorm break the watch? "

" No young Tennyson, you where. . . injured in battle so to speak. "

It moved through the ceiling to see a sleeping girl too young for battle being watched over by another accustom to darkness.

" Well what can I say Dani, you gave as good as you got. Could be worse, you could be Tucker selling DVD's of the whole mess on Craig's list. He got worked over by some government trained talking chimp in the parking lot pretty badly. "

"This one was something special" thought the shadow. For the first time someone turned and noticed it.


A think flabby arm clan in a yellow jump suit and grabed the shadow with a hard steal glove on. Jack Fenton spoke.

" I want you to know son I'm so proud of what you did today, and even if this is the forth time we've had this little talk they all meant something. "

He comically body-slammed the shadow into a neighboring bed re uniting Danny and his copy.

" So my sun deprived future daughter in-law his energy readings are normal if a bit low . . . 90% under what they are normally, but other wise he'll be fine!"

" Ouch, are umm we sure that's all of him? "

" I'm almost positive he can only do four total . . or four plus himself I can never remember, but I'm sure he's fine! "

Notes ok not a perfect ending but a better one that what I had before I think

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