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Warnings: Slash, yaoi, m/m romance. Rated M for erotic innuendo and descriptions.

Pairing: Jin/Hwoarang

Moonlit Lovers

by Salysha

The same play unfolded every night, and yet the Moon tired naught. The bedroom of the penthouse apartment bathed in the pale light that filtered through the chiffon curtains and landed a beautiful glow on the naked skin. Perhaps the couple deemed it pleasant and therefore allowed the intrusion, knowing they were safe from the prying eyes in the tallest of the high-rise buildings, in the otherwise lightless room. Thus, the moonlight was allowed to pass through the fine barriers unobscured and become a silent partner to their nightly encounters.

The night when the Moon set eyes upon them was beautifully pale. The constant companion had kept guard over the city and seen a lone walker home, causing her stalker to remain hidden in the shadows and granting her a safe passage. Yet, once the Moon found the two lovers, it never took its eyes off them again. It gladly forsook all else for their sake and basked in the sight before its eternal eyes.

Their names remained unknown to the Moon, and never did it partake in the conversations that must have taken place indoors. Not once did it learn of the hushed murmurs that echoed in the walls of the apartment. The Moon's color vision was contorted—the price it had paid for immortality—but on the brightest nights, when it was allowed to blossom from a mere crescent to its full form, it could discern colors: red like fire and black like the night itself.

The first night remained etched in the ancient memory beneath the cool maria, lifeless and unfeeling only to the mortal eye. That night, the rays of moonlight penetrated the curtains and landed upon a couple wrapped in each other, seated face to face in a chair. The sheets veiled them chastely through the steady rising and falling, but kept it hidden none.

The cover traveled across the shoulders of the red-headed man who braced himself against the backrest, the hems of the sheet wrapped tightly in his fists. Accidentally, the hem of the sheet came loose and dropped on the floor, revealing the sculpted body of his partner, seated on the chair and holding the redhead by the waist. The Moon's gaze shifted curiously, down the toned chest of the brunet, landing on the thigh of the first man... and then the redhead caught the edge of the sheet and veiled them both, without disturbing the exchange of gentle kisses. Denied, though, of the view, the Moon was sold. As evident from the smirk on the brunet's face, the full view was his alone.

The second night, the parts had been changed. On the bed now, the bangs, dark as night, fanned the white pillow, and the handsome face contorted in pain and pleasure. The redhead hovering atop saw it and drew back instantly. The sheet clung to his kneeling form, pried loose only by the strong thighs on either side of him, and the dark-haired one's expression melted into bliss. The Moon felt relief wash over it like oceans of serenity and tranquility, and the fine cheekbones of the redhead glowed in moonlight.

The Moon wished that not all the worldly knowledge was hidden from it, but it never discovered their identities or what drove them to meet at that place, of all the apartments in the city. It could only observe the one who looked like a Greek god and reflect on the heavenly body of the other one, and join them in spirit. Always face to face, always wrapped up in each other.

The Moon always saw the redhead enter the apartment, but never leave on its watch.


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Published October 21, 2009.