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Name: Beyond The Past

Category: Drama/Action/Romance

Rating: M-Mature (simply to be on the save side because of language)

Summary: Jasper and Bella have been together since the beginning. She is like a daughter to him in the way that he feels connected and protective of her. On a fateful day he meets the woman of his dreams and she leads them to their future family. But as Bella and Jasper begin to find true love and their soul mates and evil from their past surfaces to destroy them and all they have build. (All Vampire)

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Jasper POV

Mexico/Texas Border, 1935

I was leaving. It had been too many years and I knew it was coming. So had Maria and she had fought me tooth and nail but tonight had been the last straw.

Every since Peter had snuck back to tell me of the life that he and Charlotte had created my days here had been numbered. Sure I had suspected that every vampire didn't live like Maria but she was all I knew. She was all I had ever known. How could I ever think of making it without her? And then there was Bella.

My sweet Bella that didn't deserve this life; that should have and would have died decades ago if it wasn't for me. The guilt of it still weighed on me. She was my first kill. She was the first human blood that I tasted and every time I looked into those crimson eyes I hated myself again for what I had robbed her of.

I could still remember the day I had stolen her from the mortal world and brought her into this one. You would think that it would be hazy like a dream but no it was the only clear part of that day. Waking up after three torture filled days of pain and anguish, my mind had been haunted by my last human memory. Those three ladies on the road, eyes of red, kiss of death and then pain. Nothing but pain and the thought that I was going to hell and that I would never see my family again. I had been right. For my hell started the moment I ran out into the town and found her.

What she was doing out there in the middle of the field I will never know, for Bella can't remember, but there she was. The smell of her was so floral, so intoxicating. There was no way I could have stopped. There was no way I should have stopped. Except for the guilt and sadness that I suddenly felt. It was strange. Almost as if I could feel her every emotion and all it did was resonate within me and double my guilt and sadness at the thought of what I was doing.

If I had known then what I was damning her to then I would have finished sucking her dry but at the time I didn't know how a vampire was made. I didn't know that by stopping there would be no way to save her; no way to return her to her family. Her screams started almost immediately and I rushed back to the only person I could. The only person I knew would understand. I begged and pleaded for her to help. To make it stop but all she did was laugh. She looked at me as she remarked how foolish I was to think anything that had happened could be reversed.

It was in that second that I hated the striking woman before me and I loved the beautiful child in my arms. True she wasn't a child in the sense of age for she looked to be somewhere within her teen years but she became my child. I knew that I would protect her for as long as we were to remain on this earth. No harm would come to her. She was my penance for all that I had become and I willingly accepted it.

Yet when she woke she looked at me with love. Like I was the father that she had never had and I knew I didn't deserve it. I tried to get her to talk about her life before me but she wouldn't except to mention that she had a mother, three brothers, and a fiancé that she had left behind. She never mentioned her father and I couldn't bring myself to pry. It was hard enough knowing that I had taken her away from a strong family and a man that had probably loved her more than anything. I didn't need to add a hurting father pinning away for is lone daughter.

So I took her under my wing. I taught her everything. How to hunt, how to fight, how to survive and she needed every bit of it. We both hated hunting and fighting but we had each other and though we both wished there was another way to exist this was all we knew except for the fact that Maria would kill us both if we tried to leave.

Maria still wanted Bella dead though and tried all the time but Bella had a special gift. A gift that far surpassed mine. While I had learned that I could sense and manipulate the feeling and emotions around me Bella could protect. It was like she could block any mental gift any other vampire had. They couldn't touch her. Not only could they not touch her but in a battle she could make them not see her. It was quite amazing and all though Maria hated her and wanted her dead she couldn't deny that it made sense to keep her around.

That was how Bella had survived what we had named the "year curse". Maria always had the new vampires destroyed at their year mark claiming that they had outlived their usefulness. When the truth was that they had lost most of their newborn strength. I always hated those days. Gathering up all those that were meant for the fire.

Peter and Charlotte had escaped during one of those days and as much as I had wanted to run with them I knew Bella was still at camp. And if I left without her Maria would either kill her or torture her and I couldn't let either happen. So I had stayed. Two more decades I had stayed and Maria had grown more power hungry and vengeful.

She resented my power and she hated Bella for hers. She knew that between the two of us we were the only thing keeping her precious army together and still she wished us gone. She tried her best to hide it but I felt it. Every sly look and whispered thought was like a rock dropped on my shoulders and I knew it was just a matter of time before she acted.

I had been trying to find a way out when Peter had shown up. He knew how much I hated this life and although we weren't as close and Bella and I he had come back for us. I knew this was the moment and I had expected Maria to be furious but I hadn't expected this.

She had all but ripped me apart. She had bit me and thrown me against the walls. She had called me names that I had never heard before in languages that I didn't even know existed. She had clawed me and drawn venom from veins that had long since stopped carrying blood. It had taken hours to finally penetrate her emotions and calm her down. I had tried to force acceptance into her but she had simply sneered at me and threatened the one thing I cared about in this world.

"If you leave I will kill her." She had laughed. "I don't care if you take her with you or not. I will find her and I will destroy her."

It had taken all of my control to fight my anger. I knew that was what she wanted. If I had let go of my anger then I would let go of hers and she would destroy me and then Bella. I couldn't let that happen.

"You will never touch her" I spat while backing slowly out of the tent. I ran as soon as my feet touched the cool grass below.

"You think you won but you didn't." I could hear her yell. "I'll find her. I swear to you I will and when you're not looking she'll be mine."

I didn't stop until I reached Bella's tent. I walked in and looked to Bella's cot. I still didn't understand why she felt the need to lay down at night. We couldn't sleep but if you looked at her you would swear that she was still human and passed out.

"Bella" I whispered knowing that she would hear me. "Bella we have to go."

"Jazzy?" She jumped up. "What's wrong?"

"We're leaving."

"Leaving?" Shock echoed through her voice. "What happened?"

I stopped and smiled at her. "You didn't hear?"

She laughed shyly. "Just a little."

"Look Bells, Maria threatened not only me but you and we have to go."

"She bit you too." Bella looked like an angry five year old.

I couldn't help the laugh that escaped my lips. "I thought you only listened a little?"

"I might have spied a little too."

"Then why didn't you help me?" I felt my anger from Maria rising up.

"I did" Bella looked at me with wide eyes. "You didn't really think you got the upper hand simply by manipulating her feeling did you?" She chuckled at me. "Really Jazzy, you're good but you're not that good."

"Thanks" I finished putting the last of her books in the duffle that I was packing. I looked over to see her placing the rest of her things in a separate bag of her own. "Do you have everything?"

"Yeah, I think so." I sensed her nerves.

"Don't be nervous. Peter and Charlotte are waiting for us." I wrapped her under my arm.

"It's not that. It's…."


"Do you really think she will track us down?" She looked up at me and I felt fear. The first fear I had felt from her since that long ago day in the field when she had first seen me. "Do you think she really means to kill me?"

I wanted to lie to her and say no but I knew Maria. She meant every word and she would never stop. "Let's not worry about it today." I dodged. "Come let's get going."

I could tell Bella knew what would be chasing us but she smiled up at me and I felt the fear leave her. "Okay"

I took her hand and we ran faster than both of us ever had toward the spot that we were to met Peter and Charlotte. As we moved further and further away my emotions felt lighter and lighter. It was like I was leaving a piece of myself back at that camp. Still, as my body lighten my dead heart sunk.

Maria would be coming after us without a doubt. And she would do all that she could to get Bella and that was my fault. But she wouldn't win. Whether I had to train Bella harder or, God forbid, go to the Volturi she would not get Bella. I looked over at the young girl running alongside me. I had made a promise to her more than a hundred years ago and I indented to keep it. Even if it took my last un-needed breath.

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