Pherae's Pride

I was pacing back and forth in the hallway outside our room. The doctors wouldn't let me stay in the room while they examined her. I had never been so scared in all my life.

My wife was in there with many doctors without me. This was our first child and we didn't know what to expect. A hundred thoughts were swirling around in my head. Is Ellie all right? How is the baby? Will it be healthy? It is a boy or a girl? Will I be a good father? I just wanted to be with my wife during this time. Suddenly the door opened and the main doctor stood at the doorway.

"How is she?" I asked.

"She is doing just fine. You can come in now. She will be having the baby soon."

My heart skipped a beat. I was going to have a child. I had a responsibility to raise this child.

"Thank you, doctor."

I walked in the room to see my beautiful wife smiling at me. I could tell she was stressed, but that didn't take away from her beauty.

"How are you my love?" I asked.

"I am doing well Elbert. The baby is coming soon."

"The doctor told me, should we start thinking of names?"

"I will know what to name him or her when I see their face."

I just smiled and held my wife's hand. About a half hour passed and the doctor's told us she was ready. Ellie's breath became rapid. She did everything the doctors were telling her to do. I was very scared, but I was strong for both of us.

Ellie began to scream in pain. Then I heard the most lovely sound. A baby, our baby was crying. The doctor wiped him off and brought him over to Ellie. He had the reddest hair I have ever seen. Tears of happiness filled my eyes.

"Hello there my beautiful son. Isn't he beautiful Elbert?"

"Yes my love, he is perfect. He has your eyes."

"He has your hair and good looks though."

We both started to laugh.

"Would you like to hold him?"

I picked him up from Ellie and looked into his bright blue eyes.

The doctor asked us what we decided to call him and Ellie answered "His name is Eliwood."

I looked at Eliwood. "Hmm… Eliwood, that is perfect."

I gave Eliwood back to Ellie and we sat there together as a family and just talked.

The next morning there was a knock at the door.

"Sir Elbert I don't mean to bother you but is it all right if I see the child?"

"Yes Marcus come in."

Marcus came in and held Eliwood. Eliwood was calm in the hands of everyone who held him. Ellie and I used to joke that he was the perfect baby. He never fussed or cried at night, he was always quiet and smiling.

Ellie looked at me and that was my signal to tell Marcus the news.

"Marcus, Ellie and I have decided that you will be Eliwood's mentor and guardian."

"What, me!" "Why lord Elbert?"

"You are one of my most trusted friends and soldiers. I can't think of anyone else I can trust my son's life fully with. You are a true friend."

"Elbert I don't know what to say. I am honored and I will protect Eliwood with my life."

We all felt like Eliwood would do great things. I believe he will make a great king in my stead. I just hope Ellie won't be devastated by my death.

Ninian angrily shouts "Don't say things like that Elbert! You are going to get out of here. You are going to see Ellie and Eliwood again."

"I hope you are right Ninian. I would like to at least apologize for all the trouble I have caused. I might get that chance. We are going to bust out of here."

Ninian and Nils look at him with surprise.

"We believe in you Elbert."

"Ok here's the plan."

Author's note: You guys know the rest.