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Chapter One: Beckett

Sheppard whimpered softly through his cracked lips as he pulled his limp arm closer to his chest, shielding it. A shiver ran through him. Water falling as a steady stream from the storm raging outside, the roof failing to keep most of it out. The dirt floor that he had laid on now turned to mud, coating his body. He didn't have the strength to move, not that there was anywhere to move to in his small cell that was anymore sheltered from the rain. The water stung the fresh lacerations on his back and shoulders, dissolving the scabs and washing away the dried blood. Another, more violent shiver ran through him.

"Great, besides being flayed open by that gorilla on steroids and used as the training bag of the newest recruits and can now add hypothermia and blood loss to that."

He twisted his neck and opened his mouth slightly to catch that falling water, closing his eyes and sighing as the cold water soothed his dry throat.

"No point in adding dehydration to that list."

"No lad, that would not be ideal."

The Colonel opened his eyes, blinking as he came face to face with a pair of light blue eyes peering down at him.


"Yes, lad."

"You really here? We going home?" His forehead creasing, the rain plastering his hair to his scalp.

"Not yet, lad. Not yet."

"Then why are you here?"

"I'm not really here, Colonel. You know that." Beckett said, sitting down next to Sheppard.

Sheppard nodded. "Yeah, I know." John groaned, pushing himself to a sitting position. The rain was still coming down hard, the occasional clash of thunder almost shaking the walls. The storm had sent most of the tribe that had captured him to find shelter, leaving only a small number of guards. It would have been his best chance for escape but for the villages rather primitive skills, the iron chain around his neck still did the job of keeping him for going anywhere. The chain didn't attach to anything inside his cell, instead trailing through an opening in the door and connecting to a large post in the middle of the village.

"So what are you doing here?"

"You know the answer to that too, lad." The Scot told him softly.

"Yeah, I suppose I do." John sighed. His whole body hurt. Fire engulfing his muscles only to be shocked with the ever-pouring cold rain. Pain coursed through his body, leaving his muscles shaking. Fear had settled in his gut. He was alone on a hostile planet, unsure where his team was or if they were safe. His mind knew he needed someone to talk to and had created the person that had offered comfort and pain relief.

"So what do ya think they want with you?" Beckett asked, eying the bruises and cut covering the man's body.

"Don't know. Just a rather unfriendly group?" John looked at the door then back to the doctor. "Seem to run into those a lot."

"Aye, that you do, lad. Think there's anyway you could appease 'em?"

Sheppard shook his head before sinking his head to rest in his good arm, which was hung over his knees. Slowly, his eyelids began to droop, the pilot no longer able to fight the exhaustion down.

"Get some sleep, lad."

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