Last Chapter!!

"What did they do to him? He was only there a few days!"

John could feel the tingle of Ancient technology in the back of his mind and the hear the hum of the jumper beneath him. Most people found the sensation irritating but anyone with the ATA gene quickly adapted, and for John's own unique genetic strength it had become almost second nature like breathing, a comfort of home he had never really expected to feel again.

"Dr. Keller will inform of the Colonel's injuries once he is safety back in Atlantis, Rodney." Teyla's calm voice rose over the puddle jumper's engine to reach John's ears. He, however, kept his eyes closed, simply enjoying the fact that his team was here and he was no longer stuck on that mud hole of a planet.

"All of this just because his hair's black?" Rodney continued to mumble. "I mean, it's not even really that black, more just a really dark brown. And who's ever heard of black being the sign of demon possesion-" As much as John wished to hear the rest of the conversation, the fact that his mind now knew he was safe and his ever burning fever, he soon slipped into a deep sleep, unable to fight it any longer.

He awoke hours lated to the steady beat of a heart monitor and the aspectic smell of the Atlantis infirmary. A fog hung over his mind, but he welcomed it as it meant he was on the 'good stuff' and would not be feeling any pain for a while. Sifting his legs slightly he took note of the Athosian woman next to him. Her arms were folded on the side on his bed, forming a pillow for her head. John's hand was tightly grasped in her own, the cool flesh on her fingers a welcome relief to his fever burned skin.

Sighing in contentment, Sheppard snuggled deeper in the blankets, his warm body a sharp contrast to his prior living conditions.

He was about to drift back to sleep when a soft voice had him cracking his eyes open again.

"They came for you, John."

Elizabeth Weir stood in front of him, in her expedition uniform and the heart necklace she always wore.

Her statement did not require an answer but Sheppard himself nodding.

"Your team are you family, an odd one I will give you, but a family none the less." She smirked, folding her arms across her chest. "You must remember that you are as important a member here as anyone else and they are willing to do anything for you as you are willing to do anything for them."

Her voice grew as she stated the last line.

"They will always come for you. You must not forget that."

John nodded as she disappeared, whispering in reply. "Thank you."

Thank you everyone for sticking with me!! It's been a long few months and I'm glad to finally wrap this one up and move on to another. :)