This story is in the process of rewriting. The first chapter is being reposted soon. If you want to read a story written two years ago and filled with mistakes then continue reading. I warn you, it's bad. You should leave and come back later.

Chapter 1. The Wedding By The Sea

I stared at my refection in the large, gold vanity mirror. My pink hair was tied behind my head in a tight bun, a few stray locks hang over the my pink cheeks. The white gown that I was wearing hanged off my shoulders, a white rose hung from the center between my breast. The beautiful image only ruined by the unhappy face that stared back at me.

I felt two warm hands rubbing my shoulders, gently. In the mirror I could see my mother, her face gleaming with happiness. "It's time sweetheart," she whispered into my ear, her brown hair trickle onto my cold skin. She handed me my bouquet of white roses and reached for my hand. I let out a big breath and placed my hand in hers.

"It's time," I repeated as I put on a fake smile to please her and pulled the long, white veil over my face.

xOThe Pirate and The BrideOx

I stood in front of the large wooden doors. My arm was neatly placed in the fold of my father's arm, his black tuxedo brought out the white coloring in my dress that flowed to the floor nicely. I turned my head back towards the room where my mother stood. She gave me an approving smile.

The large doors swooped open revealing the deck to the ship we were on. The masts and nets were lined with pink roses that still had their green leaves attached and white streamers. The audience was fill with rows of noblemen, family, friends, and commoners, all their eyes were focused on me. At the end of long aisle stood an archway that was decorated with roses and many other flowers. Below it was the minister is his ceremonial robe, next to him stood the blonde haired prince. His face shining with joy, his tuxedo was pure white except for the red rose that was pinned above his heart. For any other girl in the kingdom this would be a dream, but not me.

The music began to play and my father tugged on my arm, indicating it was time to walk. Our feet began to move. Slowly, we walked down the aisle in a graceful motion, the rocking of the ship didn't make it difficult at all. I could feel all the eyes that were on me, as if they were piercing into my skin. We came down to the end, my father let go of my hand and gave me a tight. I could only place a gentle hand on his back and remain silent. "I love you," he said into my ear. I watched him as he let go and walk towards my mother and younger sister. I turned away from my family's proud faces and to the smiling prince, who stood with his hand extended out for me. I slowly took it with my shaking hand and the ceremony began.

"People, we are gathered here today to honor the joining of these two souls," the minister said to the crowd, then turned to the prince next to me. He began to read out the words that were listed in the black leather book he was holding. "Do you, Prince Tadase Hotori, take the lovely, young Amu Hinamori to be your wife? To love and to cherish, through sickness and in health, for as long as you both shall live?"

"I do." The prince's voice was serious, yet filled with joy. He brushed away some of his blonde hair from his face as he spoke. He looked at me with his sparkling red eyes and gave me a childish, flirtatious smile.

"And do you, Miss Amu Hinamori, take the strong, dashing Prince Tadase Hotori to be your husband? To love and to cherish , through sickness and in health, for as long as you both shall live?" All eyes were on me, all of them, everyone's… waiting for my decision.

'Why? Why did he have to choose me?' I thought to myself as I looked into Tadase's eyes, 'Out of all the women in the kingdom, he chose me. The prince had to be in town the day I was running errands for my mother. He had to see me from the window in the carriage he was riding in. Why did he have to have me so much that he sent the Royal Guards after me. I know if I had said 'no' something would have happened to my family. Just like the last girl who said no.'

"I… I…" I began to say, but the next word wouldn't come out of my pink lips. My eyes wandered away from his face and to the wooden deck of the ship. The crowd was filled with whispers. 'For my family.' "I….." Suddenly, there was a loud sound of a shot being fired. The entire deck turned quiet.

There was the faint sound of a man whistling. All eyes turned up to one of the three masts of the ship. Leaning against it was a blue haired man with a long, smoking pistol in his hand. He wore a white puffed shirt with a black vest on top, brown pants which dug into his boots, and his hands were covered by a pair of black gloves. He kept his blue eyes focused on me. "I wouldn't say 'I do' if I was you," he said in a low tone, then fired another shot.

The sound was amazingly loud, loud enough that caused both Tadase and I to covered our ears and crouched down in pain. Screams of fear came from the crowd. Royal Guards immediately ran in front of us, weapons drawn. "It's Ikuto Tsukiyomi! Get him!" the commander yelled at the other soldiers.

I looked at the prince, his face had gone from joyful to serious at the sound of the name. "Ikuto Tsukiyomi, the most feared pirate in all the seven seas… your head is going to be mine today…" he whispered in a cold tone. I looked back at the man, a wicked smirk was upon his face. The ship began to shake violently.