A/N: This is a challenge drabble from The Village Square challenge forums! The theme was Blackmail. This is just a fun little story, I hope you enjoy!

"I saw everything."

Warmth seeped from my skin. He smirked and looked me up and down as I stood, helpless, like a deer in front of a lion. And then he laughed, causing my shoulders to quake and my ears to burn adamantly.

"You can't, please just don't –"

"Save it," he slithered, the smirk still planted firmly on his face. His stare made me frigid. "There's no way I'm going to forget about this."

I wrapped my arms around my bare chest and felt completely moronic. The smirk finally disappeared from his face as he shook the paper in his hand. And then he held it up for me to see.

"You took… a picture?" I asked incredulously, sounding more and more powerless by the word. Bringing the picture a little closer to my face, he chuckled; it was difficult to believe that he actually found this to be amusing. I closed my eyes so I wouldn't have to stare at the evidence in front of me.

"Charming, is it not?" he asked, his voice whispery like a zephyr. I opened my eyes, hoping that he was gone but there he stood, looking pleased as he looked at the picture. "Simply delightful. And of the mayor's son, as well! Oh, Gill, what are people going to say?"

He was practically in stitches, now. Slowly, I can feel the shame creep its way onto my cheeks and ear tips. When he saw my crimson features, he laughed even more. I wanted to grasp onto his orange hair and pull hard.

"You're not going to tell anyone… are you?" I inquired desperately. He wiped his eyes and stared coldly back at me.

"Of course not," he uttered bluntly. "I have other things in store for you."

The cook wasn't joking this time. A glint of wickedness twinkled in his eyes as he simpered once again. And then he tucked the Polaroid into his apron and brushed past me, leaving me alone and desolate in the Town Hall.

That's the last time I dance around in my underwear with the doors unlocked.

A/N: Oh, Gill, so naive! And Chase, so evil! Ha, I hope you enjoyed!