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Trudging through the snow and ice with enough firepower to make the Army jealous wasn't a problem. Finding the tracks and laying the traps weren't a problem. Killing the Yeti wasn't a problem (well, it wasn't a Yeti exactly; Yetis don't live in Montana but it was just easier to call it a Yeti. It looked like a Yeti so therefore Dean was going to call it a Yeti). No, the problem came when said Yeti, right before Dean shot it three times with a shotgun, decided to use Sam as a Frisbee and tossed him into the middle of a frozen lake. The ice buckled from the sudden collision and Dean watched wide-eyed as Sam, also wide-eyed, sank and then collapsed into the sub-zero water.

"Sam!" Dean cried, watching in horror as his little brother disappeared beneath the cracked edges of the ice. The creature was lunging for him next, long claws and sharp, jagged teeth aiming for any exposed skin it could get to. It was huge, easily nine feet tall and covered in thick grey fur that was spotted with fresh and dried blood. The thing had manahed to get in a few good hits before the whole "use-Sam-as-a-javelin" thing and both brothers had their fair share of scrapes and scratched from those sharp claws.

Before it could get any closer, Dean aimed and fired twice, hitting the creature once in the chest and once in the stomach. It fell back with a howl of agony, dark blood splashing across pristine snow, and Dean fired again, hitting it between the eyes. The thing had been responsible for the deaths of six campers and was trying to make Sam another victim. Mind racing back to his brother, Dean turned and sprinted across the snow, sliding onto the ice awkwardly and calling Sam's name.

The hole Sam had crashed through was still there though a thin layer of ice was beginning to form over the opening. And worst of all, he couldn't see Sam. "Sam!" Dean yelled again, sliding on his knees next to the hole and slamming the but of his shotgun into the newly formed layer of ice.

The water was dark and inky and it was nearly impossible to see anything in the murky depths. "Nononononono..." Dean breathed, searching the dark water for any trace of his brother, any flash of skin or anything that would give an indication of where Sam had disappeared. There was a dull flash of something a few feet below the surface, flickering out of sight almost immediately. It was red, too red to be any kind of fish but red enough to be Sam's jacket. That was all Dean needed to see before he dove into the frigid water after it.

The cold took his breath away, stabbing at him like a thousand knives, and it was impossible to think. He gasped sharply, preparing himself for the dive, and held his breath, sinking under the water. It was too dark to see and he was left to search with nothing but his hands. He groped and grabbed, searching the black water for any sign of his brother. His hand brushed against something smooth, the silky material of a jacket and he grabbed, wrapping his hand into the material and pulling it toward him. There was an arm attached to the jacket, a suspiciously Sam-sized shape, and that was all Dean needed to see. He turned, kicking to the surface and dragging his limp, ragdoll-like brother along with him.

As his head broke the surface of the water, Dean squinted, turning away from the brightness of the world above. Even though it was cloudy, the reflection off the ice was strikingly bright and stood out in sharp contrast to the dark water below the ice surface. Dean grabbed onto the edge of the ice, pulling himself up with one arm and keeping Sam anchored next to him with the other. His hands slipped and slid against the ice but he was able to gain a grip and pulled, his strength zapped from the frigid water. It took a few painful seconds but he was able to make his way out of the water and onto the ice, dragging Sam along with him.

Dean didn't have to guess to know that Sam wasn't breathing or that the frozen water had likely stopped his heart. His skin was pale, lips a dull blue color, and his eyes were only half-opened, staring blankly at nothing. "Dammit Sam!" Dean growled, unzipping his brother's soaked jacket and positioning his hands on the younger man's too still chest and counting the compressions in a harsh whisper. He held back a wince at how pliable Sam's chest was beneath his hands, the waxy, doll-like appearance of his skin, the dull, lifeless stare...

He paused, leaning down and blowing a mouthful of air into Sam's lungs, watching the slight rise and fall of his chest from the corner of his eye. He checked for a pulse, not surprised when he didn't feel one but still frustrated all the same. "Come Sammy..." He muttered, postioning his hands over Sam's heart again and beginning another cylce of compressions. "Come on..."

He repeated the cycle two more times, each breath and each compression bringning him closer and closer to the brink of despair. "Breathe Sam!" He growled, pressing down on the younger man's chest for what felt like the thousandth time. "Dammit Sammy, breathe!" There was a dull gurgle, like water escaping from a drain, and Sam's body jolted a bit, water streaming from the corner of his mouth. It took a split second for the rest of his body to realize what was happening and suddenly he was coughing harshly, gagging up water in fitful bursts.

"That's my boy...! There ya go Sammy...!" Dean encouraged him, scooping him off the ice and cradling him to his chest, pounding Sam on the back with sharp, forceful blows to get the rest of the water out of his lungs. Sam clung to him, his grip weak from the cold water, but he was taking deep, gasping breaths against Dean's shoulder, holding on for dear life. Dean rubbed his back briskly, trying to pretend the blurry vision was from the water streaming from his hair and into his eyes and not tears. "Just breathe Sammy...deep breaths...that's it..."

Sam was shivering, his teeth chattering so forcefully it was shaking the rest of his body as well. "De-" He started but another fit of coughing broke off whatever he was going to say.

"No talking Sam...just breathe..."

Sam didn't need any more persuasion for that. He leaned against his older brother, drawing in as much heat from him as he could. He wasn't sure how long they stayed like that but it felt like hours.

"Come on Sammy, lets get off the ice rink, huh?" Dean wrapped an arm around his shoulders and helped him stand, supporting more of Sam's weight that Sam was, and half-dragged, half-carried him toward the bank and very dead Yeti. Sam eyed it carefully as they passed but Dean assured him it was completely dead; a bullet to the face was a pretty good insurance policy for that.

It took about ten minutes to get back to the car and by that time a combination of cold and fatigue had completely drained Sam to the point where he could barely keep his eyes open. "No sleeping yet, Sammy..." Dean muttered, opening to the door and dropping his barely conscious brother into the front seat. He jammed the key into the ignition, turning on the car and jacking up the heater as high as it would go. While he was waiting for the car to heat up, he quickly stripped Sam of his icy, wet clothes leaving him in nothing but his boxers. "I'll let you take it from here, kiddo." He teased lightly, grabbing a wad of sleeping bag from the back seat and bundling it around Sam. The younger man was still shivering, his face still and unnaturally pale color, but he looked a bit better than he had when they left the ice.

Dean walked around the the driver's side and slid in behind the wheel just as the first burst of warm air filled the front seat. He stripped off his jacket and shirt, leaving his jeans on, but grabbing a sweatshirt from the backseat and slipping it over his head. It would only take about fifteen minutes to get back into town, he could hold out until then. "You doing okay, Sammy?" He asked, glancing over to Sam who was now leaning heavily against the door, head resting against the window.

"Mm..." Sam mumbled, nodding ever so slightly. Dean couldn't blame him for being exausted; he'd fallen into a frozen creek once before when they were younger and it had taken nearly three days to regain his strength.

"Okay, just hang on kiddo...we'll be hack to the hotel in no time." Dean mumbled, shifting to drive and pulling away from their parking spot, kicking up snow and slush in their wake.

"Hey Dean...?"

"Yeah?" Dean glanced over to Sam, glancing between his brother and the icy road.

"I hate Yetis..."

Dean smirked and nodded, reaching across the seat and patting Sam's leg. "Me too, little brother...me too..."

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