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- Florida's Glory -

America's House – 7:03 AM

It was a quiet morning in the American household. Alfred and all of his fifty states were asleep soundly in their many beds. From the rowdy bi-monthly state meeting the day before they were all hoping for a nice long morning to snooze. They had spent most of the afternoon and well into the night trying to come to some sort of agreement about the most ridiculous things. It never seemed to matter how many times Alfred told hid kids they never wanted to accept that they had to stay out of the international conferences no matter how helpful they would be.

Finally they had stopped yelling at him long enough to reach an agreement involving many promises of loud and uncontrollable parties at the White House and that the bushy-eyebrow man wasn't invited. After this they all barely made it to bed before they passed out. However this was not going to be a morning of rest at all because not a minute later the doorbell began to reverberate throughout the house. The sound traveled to the closest bedroom which belonged to the sunny state of Florida.

Slowly Phillip opened his sleep-laden eyelids as the sounds of the doorbell traveled through his room. The fluorescent lights of the alarm clock on his nightstand told him it was barely seven in the morning. The doorbell rang several more times through the large colonial home. He knew he probably get up and answer it and he slowly rolled himself out of bed with a slight thud as his feet hit the floor. As he opened the door to leave his room he could not help but feel like something was wrong. He dismissed this thought as he nearly tripped over the plush carpet that covered the front hall.

The house was certainly a lot breezier this morning than it had been the past evening. The nagging feeling that he was forgetting something registered itself in his head once more as stumbled more than walked onward. Sluggishly he made his way to the front door and slowing even more when he began to unlock the various locks that bolted the steel door shut.

"Damn, the old man has gotten unbearably paranoid these days…" he muttered as he finally swung the heavy door open revealing two chipper young men in suits smiling sweetly and toting bibles with pride.

'Crap…I knew that I should have used the damn peephole…' was all that was coherent inside the ditzy southern boy's mind at the time.

However before either of the two callers were able to begin their mission of spreading the Evangelical religion, the smiles that were spread across their faces began to fade into looks of both shock and disgust. Florida continued to stare at his visitors in sheer confusion as they began to steadily back away faster and faster until they turned and broke into a full-on run down the empty street. One of the two even started screaming like a small child while they both began to flail their arms as they made their way back to the other Jehovah Witnesses.

'What was that about…?' Phillip thought to himself as he began to adjust his boxers. But then he realized something. He wasn't wearing boxers. The blond teenager glanced down impishly at his naked geography that was exposed to the world and rubbed his palm through his spiky hair covered head nervously.

"Guess they have never seen an all-over tan before…" he said to himself as he walked slowly back inside and to bed once again nearly avoiding a nasty fall across the wooden hallway floor as he walked the spacious hall of his father's home.

'At least it wasn't Cuba,' Florida thought to himself as he fell into the soft and welcoming embrace of the covers and sheets and closed his eyes once more; still very much naked mind you.