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- California's Nightmare -

America's House – 10:45 AM

When Wisconsin returned inside he passed through the living room and spied his sister California sprawled out on the couch along clutching at her over-sized Shamu plush. When he realized she was asleep he grabbed the remote from the sofa and clicked off the television before making his way into the kitchen.

The platinum blonde kept snoozing for a while until she started to shift and groan in her sleep.

"No, don't kill Shamu…" she mumbled as visions of people attacking her beloved killer whale, "You can't kill him…whales are special."

Marcella became more restless as her nightmare continued to play out much to her distress, "I won't let you!"

The sharp ring of a doorbell through California for a loop and coupled with the lack of white noise from the television is managed to awake her from her sleep with a fright.

She darkly tanned girl sat up straight and quickly looked around for any potential attacker as she protected the plush in her arms.

The second ring of the doorbell caught her immediate attention and she narrowed her eyes and quietly got to her feet and walked through the connecting hallway and to the large and currently unlocked door with ease.

Marcella stopped just behind the door to assess the threat when she heard whispers from the outside, "Are you sure we should be doing this?"

"Well that last time did not succeed. We have to keep trying."

"The last time they nearly got assaulted by a madman with chocolate milk!"

The blonde was confused by the conversation but she didn't allow it to dissuade her from her mission and she primed herself for the attack as the doorbell was pushed once more.

Silently she grabbed the door knob and pulled it open with an incredible force and stared at the two men on the porch in front of her.

The men stared at her like deer in a headlight and before they could compose themselves or even start their spiel she lifted the huge plush above her head with murderous intent.

Marcella let out a shill war cry and began to bash the two men alternatively wildly and in their shock they were unable to block the blows at first. The two quickly began to run from the deranged girl wielding her Shamu plush through the yard and down the street.

California stopped when she reached the sidewalk and continued to shake the plush in her hand in their direction and yelled out, "Let that be a warning!"

She stopped to catch her breath before she continued, "All threats will be returned with force!"

Feeling satisfied with herself she fixed her wild hair and turned on her heel to make her way back up with the house with her abused plush in tow.


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