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The Next Day

Since Noah's assurance that he would speak to Finn privately about his outburst 24 hours ago, Rachel had barely been able to spend more than a few minutes with him. He had been absent yesterday and had only put in an appearance at today's Glee rehearsal, which he walked into fifteen minutes late. Finn had been absent entirely, which had roused Rachel's suspicion as well.

Even then she was unable to talk to him as long as Rachel would have preferred, today's rehearsal had been focused mainly on choreography and was physically exhausting for all, leaving no room for conversation in between.

Noah had left as everyone else had, tired and sweaty, not even sparing any tender goodbye kisses. She had probably sent him far too many text messages than he would have liked, but Rachel hadn't given it a second thought, she cared deeply for Noah and this silence was beginning to worry her.

With Finn absent, Quinn avoiding her like the plague and Noah's distance, Rachel had no way of knowing exactly what happened in his exchange. Santana had taken it upon herself to spread nasty rumors, telling anyone that listened that Finn was in the hospital with a broken rib and it was all Noah's doing.

At first Rachel refused to believe a single word that Santana said, but admittedly, Noah had a reputation as a man with a temper. Perfectly capable of getting into a few fist fights, though normally his aggression translated into throwing slushy's and tossing kids in the dumpster, with no real violence to speak of.

This thought hardly helped Rachel calm down, in fact since she had gotten home after Glee she'd been feeling as though she were moving through a fog of uncertainty. Her phone never left her side, should it alert her to any messages. Now she sat at her desk dressed in her nightgown far too early for going to bed out of sadness, staring at her laptop screen without really seeing it.

She worried her bottom lip, clicking through Facebook until it exited Noah's profile and went to the home page. A glance to the square of chat icons told her that Noah was offline, and officially unreachable.

Rachel sighed, worrying her bottom lip as she stared at the list of online people on Facebook, willing Noah's name to appear hopelessly. She was home alone, it was her Dads' date night tonight and they wouldn't be back until Sunday, which left her without any way to see Noah until Monday morning at school.

Rachel knew she was being selfish, which was saying something, but she also hadn't practiced her duet with Noah for the competition that was now six days away since Thursday night. She loved singing with Noah, and also dearly missed the small implosion of passion that occurred after their current number of choice. Rachel's sexual awakening had opened up a whole world of possibilities, ideas that she would have never dreamed possible. To make a long story short, Rachel had been spending some time reading up on some rather scandalous topics on the internet lately. This knew knowledge had left her desiring Noah's company even more, for a few less than innocent reasons.

Rachel's gaze dropped to her phone as it buzzed, her heart beating a little faster when she saw the name on her message alert.

Outside ~NP

Grabbing her phone, she put on her fluffy white slippers and tied a matching white silk robe around her and headed downstairs. Unlocking her front door meant facing the cold, windy day outside, though Rachel tossed that thought aside when she saw Noah's truck through the window.

Rachel crossed her arms immediately as she stepped outside, trying in vain to shield herself from the cold. Why this couldn't happen in April or May was beyond her.

At first her street appeared to be deserted, but a glance to her left told her that Noah was leaning against his truck and staring up at her window. Rachel cleared her throat a little louder than necessary, drawing his attention. "Shit, Rach, what're you wearing?" He ran over to her and wrapped her in his leather jacket, which may have been the most astonishing thing Rachel had ever seen him do, coupled with the use of her time honored nickname.

Suddenly Rachel was surrounded in all things Noah, his scent pervaded around her and his body heat was so comforting that she let her head rest against him and her arms drop around his waist in a partial embrace, his action leaving her more than a little stunned. "You could catch cold…" He murmured softly, almost like he was unaware of what he was saying. Her heart warmed, she knew that he was a caring person underneath it all, just knew it.

Rachel pulled back slightly to look at him, really looking in his eyes. Noah stared right back, the sweetest sheepish smile she'd ever seen plastered on his face. She kissed him and relished proudly in their union, in his unique aftertaste. He held her hair gently, his other hand moving to her side and the sudden heat in that area a pleasant shock for Rachel. She pulled away with a gasp, breathing a little heavier. "Let's go inside.." she murmured and opened her eyes to see that Noah appeared to be in the same state she was in. Rachel stepped back, away from his warm embrace with a note of regret. Immediately the cold bit at her exposed skin and she hurried inside, taking Noah's hand and dragging him with her. She heard his chuckle as she shut the door firmly and locked it. She quickly became aware that she was now alone in her house with a boy that physically desired her. That she physically desired in return.

Rachel felt very warm as she led Noah upstairs, her palm a little bit slippery in his now. When they were both in her room, she started untying her robe before she remembered her guest and the very obvious lack of real clothing she had on underneath it. He sat splayed out on her four poster bed, slightly out of place with the decor like he had always been. She remembered his slow smile, and how he seemed to be a better man whenever she spent time with him. Swallowing her objections, Rachel kicked off her slippers and undid the robe, letting it fall from her shoulders. Her nightgown was visibly shorter than most skirts she wore, stopping just below her upper thigh. It had wide straps and a plunging neckline, also a dramatic difference from Rachel's day-to-day fashion. It was easy to tell from looking at her that Rachel did not wear this very often, only on a few occasions where she was feeling down and wanted to curl up in bed for a moment of privacy.

Noah's gaze felt akin to a physical caress, his lips had parted slightly when she revealed herself and now his tongue snaked out to wet his bottom lip when Rachel moved to sit next to him on the bed. His stare crawled up her leg and was soon followed by his finger, trailing up her thigh until he reached the hemline of her slip, a white lace trim. A crook of Noah's finger lets him see that she is matched to the nines with a lacy white pair of panties.

Noah's hand slowly shifts higher, two of his fingers caressing her through the cloth. Rachel shuddered, grabbing his wrist suddenly to had his movements. "Noah, what happened yesterday?" she asked, her curiosity triumphing over her desire.

He paused, and his face slowly fell as if he were wondering where to begin. Rachel took his hand and Noah met her eyes, smiling briefly.

Noah was leaning against the row of lockers, arms crossed. He was still steamed at how Finn had acted towards Rachel, he was a punk that didn't know how to treat women the right way. Even now he was fighting with Quinn, and even though baby hormones were messing with her mood Finn didn't seem to be doing a damn thing to try and resolve their issues, it was like he didn't care. Now Finn was trying to mess with Rachel because he still hadn't let go of his old issues.

Noah wasn't going to stand for that kind of shit, or any kind of shit that Finn pulled with Rachel anymore. She could be pretty dang annoying sometimes, but lately he'd been able to see that she was a good person underneath it all, kinda like him. Finn spends all this time leading her on and fucking with her emotions, then quit it to be with Quinn, then started it again when Quinn drove him nuts. No matter what, people getting treated like that was not down with Noah one little bit.

He'd quickly arranged their meeting through that wheelchair kid in Glee club after he left Rachel at the restroom, knowing that Finn wouldn't ignore him in public. Able to get Finn to agree to a meeting after lunch at the lockers, he had waited there with Rachel at the lockers for a little while, giving her the requisite hug in assurance that nothing bad would happen until she had to leave for class.

Noah had been alone for about five minutes when the lunch bell rang, the cafeteria doors swinging open and Finn being one of the first people to leave. Noah started walking towards him when Finn looked like he was about to run right past the lockers and ignore their meeting.

"Hey!" Noah called to Finn, moving through the crowd, reaching out a hand to tap Finn on the shoulder. The paler man turned his head slightly in Noah's direction, but glanced away when he saw Noah's face and attempted to move through the crowd faster. "Dude!" Noah yelled when Finn turned away and started walking down the hallway, exhaling irritably.

"Don't make me fucking chase you…" Noah muttered, doing exactly that and tapping Finn roughly on the shoulder.

Finn scoffed, turning with an angry gaze in his eye. "What?" he spat venomously, glaring at Noah like a petulant child who didn't get what he wanted right away. "Why the hell are you still messing with Rachel? She doesn't deserve it, she's never done a thing to you. She just wanted to move on when you left her behind to be with Quinn, and now you're not even letting her do that because now I'm back with her, you have a problem with it." Noah's tone had grown angrier with every sentence, and anyone hadn't known any better they might have said Finn was about to blow a gasket, his face was so red.

"Don't fuck with me, Puck. I know you. You'll fuck anything that moves and dump them out with the garbage the very next day. Rachel's a nice person and I don't want to see her get hurt!" Finn retorted.

"Are you shitting me right now? Have you looked in a mirror lately? You're the one that's been upsetting her because you basically hung her out to dry to be with another girl yet you're still trying to screw with her head! Why can't you just leave her alone?" Noah bit back.

Finn didn't answer as he glowered at Noah, what could he possibly have to say in response? His face started reddening and if Noah didn't know any better, he would have said steam was about to come out of Finn's ears. The halls were starting to empty, and a glance upward told Noah that he'd better get moving if he didn't want detention. "Alright I gotta go, but dude, if I ever hear that you pushed Rachel again, we're going to have a serious problem."

He turned to the left, only to feel a rock solid impact on his jaw. He staggered back a little, lights appearing behind his eyes. Finn may be dumb as a stump, but the guy can throw a punch. Just as Noah was getting his bearings, Finn tackled him, starting the third fight in their friendship.

"Beiste saw us scrapping, she came running and pulled Finn off of me then we got sent to Figgins' office. We both got in house, detention for a whole day, which is total bull because Finn started. They have worse torture in Guantanamo Bay, I swear. I even told Figgins that Finn pushed you but he didn't want to listen." Noah finished.

Rachel felt a myriad of conflicting emotions, anger first and foremost at Finn for his unbelievable nerve. "He must have just ditched Glee today," he added as an afterthought. That tears it, Rachel thought angrily, unknowingly squeezing the hand that was still locked around Noah's wrist.

Slowly, he removed his hand from up her slip and her iron grip and scooted back on the bed, patting the space next to him in invitation. Rachel smiled, gratefully shifting backwards on the bed and laid back throwing one arm over his chest and resting her head on his shoulder. Noah's arm wrapped around her, his hand on her hip, fingers stroking the exposed skin. She threw a leg around his waist without thinking about it and paused, a little embarrassed. He chuckled, lifting her chin up to his eye level with his free hand so she looked in his eyes.

They kissed, Noah's hand moving back to hold her hair gently. Rachel hummed contentedly, her hand tugging at his shirt collar. Carefully, she shifted until she straddled him, her legs fitting nicely around his waist. His other hand moved to squeeze her hip, then traveled oh-so-slowly down to caress her bottom. Noah licked her upper lip and Rachel gasped, allowing his tongue to gently massage hers. She shivered, her hips moving forward and grinding softly against his.

Just when she was really enjoying the feeling of his tongue pirouetting with hers, Noah pulled away, lips parted in a rough sigh. "Rach…" he murmured, his voice possessing her favorite husky quality.

"Noah," Rachel murmured in answer, pulling back his shirt and kissing his bare chest, pulling them hemline of it up and sitting back while he lifted it up. Rachel had no idea what came over her, but suddenly she couldn't get enough of all that was Noah. Her overeager nature was appreciated rather than mocked or scorned, Noah sighed as she left a trail of kisses down his chest, her tongue tracking the hard ridges of his muscles.

He groaned when she reached his hip bones, reaching out to grab her wrist. "Wait, Rach.. oh, fuck…" he murmured as she kissed the tented fly of his jeans before looking up at him, winking coyly.

Noah's eyelids were at half mast but Rachel could tell he still had something to say, so for now she relented, sitting up and straddling his lap. "Yes?" she inquired politely, the breathy timbre of her voice the only thing betraying her excitement.

Noah opened his mouth yet all he could manage was a gasp, his eyes rolling back in his head when Rachel rolled her hips, creating some fucking amazing friction. She grinded against him, moaning softly when she rubbed up against the swelling in his jeans. "Oh, Noah… you're so hard…" she sighed out, her eyes taking their turn to roll back when he groaned.

He opened his eyes suddenly, dark and lustful intent in his gaze. Suddenly, Rachel was beneath Noah, his hands grasping her hips tightly. "Don't move," he growled out, grabbing both her wrists and holding them above her head. Her eyes widened but she did as he asked, shivering as he moved down, kissing areas of exposed skin where her slip was riding up.

When he was settled between her legs, Noah looked up at Rachel, kissing her center through the silky white cloth. Rachel shuddered, her legs quivering as he gently slipped her panties down. She kicked them off when they slid down around her ankles, irritated with the nuisance. Noah parted her legs with both hands, exposing her center to the cool air of her bedroom. Leaning forward slowly and deliberately, Puck exhaled over her opening, laying a kiss on her lower lips.

She moaned, her body slumping down into the mattress, suddenly feeling utterly boneless. Noah licked a line across her center, his tongue flattening against her slit. "Oh my God," Rachel moaned in rapture, shivering almost violently. He sucked her clit into his mouth, humming contentedly.

He continued to slowly eat her out for the next few minutes, until she's a quivering mass of pleasure under his tongue. Speaking wasn't an option, her speech was reduced to animalistic grunts and groans in a matter of seconds. Her moans turned pleading as his fingers circled her gushing slit. She felt the familiar tightening in her core, her noises of pleasure getting higher in pitch and going straight to Noah's head.

When he inserted a finger inside she keened, spreading her legs a little wider to accept the change in size. "P…Please…Oh, yes…" Rachel could hardly understand what she was saying, panting and squirming when Noah started thrusting his finger in and out while still fiercely licking her out. "I…I lo…" she whispered, totally breathless.

He added a second finger, pausing briefly to glance up, "Like that, Ra-?" "Why are you stopping? Don't stop!" Rachel cut him off, grabbing the back of his head and attempting to shove his face straight back down. Noah chuckled darkly, his tongue resuming the alphabet pattern he'd been drawing.

"Please, so close…ohh…." Rachel moaned shrilly, feeling Noah grin around her. Trust Berry to talk until the end, he thought.

"C'mon. You're so close. Come for me, baby." Noah growled into her skin, pressing a cool kiss to her overheated body, adding a twist of his hand.

Rachel would later recall the term of endearment fondly, for now it was lost in the blur as she succumbed to the pleasure he gave to her. Any noises she made were out of her control, she shivered and shook as Noah held her.

She took a deep breath when she was able, her eyes suddenly glued shut as lead filled her limbs. As if she were sinking down from a cloud on top of a feather, Rachel relaxed. With her eyes still shut, she groped out in darkness for Noah's hand, to find that he had moved and was now lying right beside her. She heard his chuckle, and felt a warm kiss on her forehead.

"We gotta practice… iss'in 6 days.."

Noah smiled, "Tomorrow. Sleep if you need to," he advised calmly, his other hand reaching up to brush a lock of hair away from her face.

"Mmk… Noah?"



Noah blinked, staring at Rachel as she drifted off.