This story is for SamDeanWinchesterLove.

It is set in season four, but I have changed A LOT of what went down in season four because I don't wanna deal with demon blood and Demon Skank.

I'm having fun with it and I hope you guys will have fun with it too.




Name: Kelsy Marlier

Age: 22

Occupation: Hunter

Quirks: Shy, Kickass at Hunting, Cheeky, Dependable

Name: Sam Winchester

Age: 25

Occupation: Hunter

Quirks: Dependable, Loves research, Hates olives

Name: Lillian Marlier

Age: 25

Occupation: Hunter

Quirks: Anger issues, Loves research, Talks too much

Name: Dean Winchester

Age: 29

Occupation: Hunter

Quirks: Kickass at Hunting, Womanizer, Drinks a lot, Shameless

Name: Bobby Singer

Age: 52

Occupation: Hunter

Quirks: Cheeky, Great at researching, Kickass at Hunting, Intelligent, Protective


Kelsy Marlier groaned a little, and her green eyes betrayed disgust—it wasn't the demon that she'd just killed…it was its guts all over her. Her long, dark brown hair was starting to fall out of her ponytail and with one more disgusted look on her face, she headed to the motel where she was staying and locked herself in so she could take a shower. Mainly Kelsy wanted to keep hunting after everything that had been going down lately, but part of her really wanted to be a little more normal too.

"I should call Lily." She decided once she'd climbed out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her self, looking at herself in the mirror. "She's bound to be doing something reckless and entertaining."

Truth was even though Lillian Marlier was three years older than Kelsy, she was the most childish of the two. She knew when she needed to step up to the plate and be a little more serious, but she preferred to live life "by the balls" as she liked to tell her sister. Just thinking about the reckless abandon that her sister could have put herself in, Kelsy got dressed rather quickly in her pajama pants and tank top and then pressed "2" on her phone and listened as the tone resounded in her ear as the dialing happened.

Lillian slapped the naked shoulder of the man next to her as he swooped her phone up and listened to "She's So Lovely" by Scouting for Girls, which was her ringtone for her sister. She then rolled her eyes and pushed on his chest, a taller man grabbing the phone from his brother and tossing it to Lillian as she rocked back on her feet a little in anticipation or it. Catching it perfectly, she answered the phone and beamed as she held her hand out and stopped the half-naked man from coming any closer to her, him cocking his head in the most adorable way.

"Hey sis!" Lillian exclaimed in what came out as more of a giggle.

Kelsy laughed and groaned at the same time. "Oh boy…you have a boy with you."

"I do not have a boy with me." Lillian said as she rolled her eyes.

"You're right—you have a man with you." The half-naked one told her as the taller one rolled his eyes.

Lillian laughed as Kelsy rolled her eyes. "Tell your scream that."

The man gasped. "Are you implying I'm female?!"

"Oh shut-up, I'm on the phone." Lillian replied, and then focused her attention back on Kelsy. "So…to what do I owe this pleasurable checking in on me to make sure I'm not lying in a ditch somewhere?"

Kelsy smiled. "Actually…I was hoping we could meet up and hunt together again. I mean…if you want to."

"Of course I do!" Lillian told her excitedly. "Where would you like me to meet you?"

Kelsy made a face because after the last hunt she expected her sister to put up a little more of a resistance to it, but apparently she had bounced back already. Shrugging it off because she really wanted to make sure that her sister was all right, Kelsy rambled off some coordinates and Lillian decided that she would have her new companions meet Kelsy there with her. To that, Kelsy raised an eyebrow because it was also very unlike Lillian to get attached to people and drag them into the very thing that she had been so keen on ditching before.

"Who exactly are you with?" Kelsy asked her sister as she scrunched up her face, confused at her sister's wilder-than-normal behavior.

"Sam and Dean Winchester." Lillian replied and then she shrugged a little. "I'll explain when I get there."

Note: I PROMSE the next chapter is like three times as long. This is just the intro and I wanted to make sure that SamDeanWinchesterLove knew that I hadn't forgotten about my promise to write the story. More soon! Feedback is always appreciated!