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Kelsy was honestly surprised when Sam took her to the diner and then went into full-on gentleman mode. He made sure she was seated first, he made sure she got the seat that she wanted, and he even made sure that she ordered first. Sam didn't know Kelsy well enough to order for her, but he was definitely interested in getting to know her because he was definitely attracted. Besides, Lillian had been pretty good company, so he was pretty sure her sister would just as quirky and fun to be around.

He smiled at her when she started to explain that the diner's around here didn't have the most amazing food but it was tolerable and Kelsy found herself blushing. Sam was just sitting there looking at her like she was the most adorable thing he had ever seen and she was kind of truly flattered. She also felt like she had to say something or else she was going to look ridiculous, but what was she supposed to say to him? She didn't know anything about him really yet, so how was she supposed to break the ice?

"Dean seems to move fast." Kelsy blurted out, blushing even more since that wasn't what she wanted to say.

Sam just kept smiling at her though. "Again, I promise that Dean is well under control."

"Sorry, I just…Lily has a habit of getting attached to people and then ditching at the first sign of trouble." Kelsy said with a shrug. "I'm worried about her. Ever since our parents were murdered she just kind of…well she was having a hard time the first couple weeks and then she took off and found you guys."

"She sounds like she takes familiar death about as well as Dean does." Sam sighed and then leaned back a little in the booth seat. "For what it's worth…if Lily tried to run right now, Dean wouldn't let her go."

Kelsy raised her eyebrows in surprise because Sam sounded like he was so sure of himself, and Dean hadn't know Lillian for that long. What if Sam wasn't right about this? He was acting as if Dean had already fallen for Lillian and though that was what it looked like to Kelsy too, she couldn't believe that. How could he have fallen so fast? What did he even really know about her? Sam seemed like he hadn't know their parents had even died…what had Lillian even really told them?

"All I have on that is your word—I'm not trying to be rude, I just don't know you." Kelsy told him, and she looked at the table and then looked up into Sam's waiting, chocolate brown eyes and found herself having to swallow to try and get moisture back in her mouth. "Look…let's start over."

Sam smiled wider. "I think that would be a really good idea. Hello, I'm Sam Winchester."

"Kelsy Marlier." Kelsy told him with a small laugh. "I like to hunt, I like to eat, I'm close to my sister, and I'm 22."

"Looks like we have a lot in common—I'm a hunter, I like food, I'm close to my brother, and I'm 25." Sam told her, leaning over the table a little.

Kelsy smiled at him and then looked up at the waiter as the waiter put their food in front of them, glancing at Sam and then looking back down at her plate. Sam was subtly hitting on her right? He was sending her all of the signals that he was and yet she didn't know how to react to him because she didn't do this. She was never the forward one and so if Sam was going to make a move, he needed to do it and he needed to do it now.

"God, for some reason I seriously want you around forever." Dean whispered as he placed kisses on Lillian's jaw line.

She opened her eyes wide and then tugged on the sheets, pulling them so they covered her, sitting up and suddenly missing the warmth of Dean holding her. What the Hell had he just said and did he mean it or was he still coming down from his pleasurable high? Because what just came out of his mouth did not sound like the Dean that she knew…it sounded like some kind of promise.

"Was that a really twisted way of telling me that you love me, or just complimenting me for some damn amazing, mind-blowing sex?" Lillian asked him, taking deep breaths.

Dean stayed laying on the bed, his face in the pillow as Lillian glanced down at him, waiting for her answer. He honestly hadn't meant to say it out loud, but it was out, she had heard it, and he knew her well enough to know that she wasn't going to let it go now. So what was he supposed to say? Come clean…or just come up with something that sounded like him?

"I think you're looking too much into this." Dean said with a shrug and went to place a kiss on her arm since she was still on the bed with him.

Lillian swallowed and glanced down at him. "So it's not love and it's not mind-blowing sex? Okay…I don't know whether to be offended or flattered…I'm leaning towards offended…"

"Damn-it, I like you, okay?!" Dean told her, sitting up and sighing loudly. "And I don't know why, because you seriously like to dominate me."

"Yeah but you like being pushed around." Lillian reminded him and returned the kiss he pressed to her mouth with his. "So you kinda almost love me?"

She was feeling good about it, and she was feeling sick to her stomach about it—she wasn't sure she could not run. It seemed that everyone that she and Kelsy loved kind of ended up running off or dying off and Lillian had gotten so used to just having some meaningless fun. Still…she was seriously into this relationship with Dean but did he have to say that he liked her? Couldn't he have kept it to himself?

"Not if you don't want me to." Dean replied, kissing her neck softly.

Lillian sighed and mumbled, "That's not a real answer."

"So when did you guys meet Bobby?" Sam asked Kelsy as he ate some of his soup.

"Lily and I have known him since we were really little. He has stories I guarantee you. Lily used to like to run around naked and I had a habit of hiding important things in the dryer and I flushed a watch of his down the toilet when I was 3." Kelsy told him with a laugh. "He's really like our second Dad."

Sam nodded at her merrily. "That's how Dean and I feel about him too."

"Well then that's another thing we have in common." Kelsy said happily and they both nodded and laughed together.

It was oddly calming for Kelsy to have Sam to talk to and to laugh with and she actually found herself wanting to always be in his company. He made her want to hunt with people again—to move past her parents' death and to deal with life…to embrace life. So when they were done with food they talked some more on the walk back to the motel and with one last look in each other's eyes at a pause at the door, they walked in to see Dean watching TV fully clothed, and Lillian scrubbing at things in the motel sink.

"Good to see you two out of the bedroom." Sam said and went to sit next to Dean, who didn't look as disgruntled as Lillian.

Kelsy sighed and went over to her sister. "What's wrong, Lily."

Lillian turned to her sister and took a breath and then shook her head, not sure how to make the words come out and Kelsy reached out to squeeze her hand. There was definitely something on her head and she wanted to make Lillian feel better—and she wanted to gush to her sister about Sam. Kelsy was definitely interested in Sam and she smiled a little when Lillian grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the motel room and outside to the front where people parked.

"I think Dean loves me. He was all talking about how he liked me and how he didn't want me to leave him, and then when I asked if he loved me he was all, 'not if you don't want me to'. What the Hell is that?!" Lillian asked loudly, throwing her hands up in the air and Kelsy felt that twang in her heart—Lillian was afraid again and Lillian didn't make good choices when she was afraid.

Kelsy sighed and looked her sister in the eye. "Lily…if you run from him I will cut you."

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