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Nobody understood now, not even Elena. He had been fooling himself all this time, thinking that she trusted him, even after all he'd done for her.

Damon averted his gaze with annoyance. Why should he even care if she trusted him or not? Before she was a play thing and now...a pathetic excuse for a vampire, just like his worthless brother.

That's what how he wanted to feel about her, but this nagging part of his mind kept refusing to accept it.

He loved her.

Maybe love is too strong a word.

He wanted her. He wanted to possess her entirely, her body, her mind would all belong to him. That way he would have someone and Stefan wouldn't. It wasn't just about his need to win or the sibling rivalry which grew thicker as decades past.

He really did want Elena.

He had really wanted Katherine, at first. At first, it was just a game, to humiliate Stefan. Yes, Stefan, dad's favorite son. The righteous, smart, courteous and well-mannered one of the Salvatore brothers. Oh, how he wanted Stefan to know he was better than him in every way.

And he had gained Katherine's attention...but he never anticipated he would end up truly loving her.

Katherine saw right through his arrogant, cynic attitude and into his very soul.

"I wish you wouldn't lie to me...or to yourself." she had told him once.

"I'm sorry? Brutal honesty is more like my type." he was genuinely intrigued, but the arrogant smile never left his face.

Katherine sighed and placed her small hand over his.

"You're sad."

His eyes widened.

"You hide behind the facade of a self-centered, indifferent and mocking man....but you're not indifferent at all, are you?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." his tone had lost its ironic edge. "We should go into the house, it's getting chilly."

Katherine pressed her hand harder of his and he remained still.

"It's because no one understands you and you feel alone. No one trusts you."

He wished he could laugh at her words and dismiss them. But they were echoes of his unspoken thoughts, when the finest liquor and the most beautiful women couldn't bring him out of a dark mood.

"But you don't have to be alone anymore. I trust you."

She smiled her brilliant smile that reached her lapis lazuli colored eyes.

And he knew then that he loved her. He had found somewhere where he belonged, someone who knew him, understood and accepted him.

And he was happy. But it was a short-lived happiness.

Stefan, always Stefan...it was all his fault. And yet he couldn't bring himself to hate his little brother, no matter how much he kept telling himself he would one day kill Stefan.

He would never do it.

But that mattered little. To Stefan, he was an evil manipulator, to Elena he was...little more than a nuisance, even though the chemistry between them was through the roof. She felt it too, he knew it.

But he wanted more than that from her.

Damon chugged his glass of fine brandy and for the first time wished he could be human again, get drunk and forget that he was completely and utterly alone.

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