Dick Cassablancas spots his friend standing in the living room looking around at all the 09ers enjoying the party. He staggers over and looks drunkenly at Logan, "Hey Dude. How is your head?"

Logan Echolls looks at Dick and puts his fist out in greeting. After bumping fists he puts his fingers up to his forehead and touches the bandage. "It hurts like a bitch," he says ruefully.

Dick laughs loudly, "That was an ugly fall though Dude." He finished his beer and both guys look at the party goers.

Logan looking around the room observes, "It looks like the whole crew is here."

Dick nods and jerks his head towards the doorway to the kitchen and says, "The kegs are out on the patio." The boys start walking through the living room towards the kitchen. They weave their way through the dancing couples and groups of partiers just standing and talking. Logan greets a few of them as he follows Dick on their path to the beer.

The two young men see their friend Duncan Kane entering the house through the kitchen door. He spots Logan and walks over to stand in front of Logan and Dick. He says in a slightly exasperated tone, "Logan, you were supposed to stay in the car while I got Meg."

Logan shrugs and says totally unrepentant, "I got bored. It's a party."

Duncan raises his voice above the music from outside that is suddenly louder now someone has opened the patio door, "The doctor says I am supposed to take you home to rest."

Dick throws his arm around Logan's shoulder stating loudly, "Logan's ready to party. We are going to party all night man." Logan smiles at his friend's drunken enthusiasm.

Meg walks in through the open patio door. She looks good in her bikini top and jean shorts. Duncan turns to her and says in frustration, "Where have you been? I need to get Logan home."

Megs says apologetically, "I was talking to Veronica."

Logan perks up, "Ronnie is here? Where is she?"

Meg looks at Logan in confusion. He is looking at her obviously expecting her to answer. She says slowly, "Over by the pool Logan."

Dick interrupts, "Dude, why do you care where Veronica is?"

Logan shrugs off Dick's arm and frowns at him. He says sarcastically, "Duh, because she's my girlfriend."

Meg, Duncan and Dick all look at Logan in shock. Dick surprisingly recovers first and says his voice slurring a little, "Dude, you broke up with her."

Logan punches Dick's shoulder, "Don't even joke about that."

Dick staggers and rubs his shoulder. "I'm not joking man."

Logan frowns and says, "I would never break up with Ronnie. I'm going to marry her someday."

Logan looks around the room at all the partiers. He says, "I'm going to go find her." He looks back at Dick, Meg and Duncan and says "Later." He strides off in the direction of the pool.

They all watch him leave and then look at each other. Dick says, "What's wrong with him?"

Duncan says slowly thinking about Logan's assertion he wouldn't break up with Veronica, "The doctor said he might have some temporary memory loss."

Dick says sounding more sober, "He's forgotten finding out about Veronica and Weevil?"

Duncan answers, "He did hit his head really hard." He shakes his head at the memory. Duncan explains, "He kept wanting to call Veronica from the hospital. I hid his cell phone and told him he must have left it in his car. I pretended to call Veronica on my phone and told him I was getting her voice mail."

Meg and Dick listen to Duncan's explanation in surprise. They all stand thinking about Logan not remembering he broke up with Veronica.

Dick says, "I need another drink." He heads out the kitchen door to where the kegs are.

Meg suddenly exclaims "Oh my God! We have to stop him. He is going to find Veronica and who knows what he will say to her."

Duncan says urgently to Meg, "Please tell me that Veronica was not with a guy out there. If Logan sees her with another guy….."

Meg says reassuringly, "No she was with Wallace and Georgia."

Duncan shakes his head and says, "We'd better find Veronica before Logan does or she may give him another head injury." The two teenagers head out the patio door.

By the Pool:

Veronica is packing up her towel and sunscreen. She looks over at Georgia and says, "I'm going to head home now." Veronica finishes packing her bag and stands up.

Georgia looks up from her lounger at Veronica and says, "Do you want to go to a movie with us later?"

Veronica says, "No thanks though. I have a ton of homework this weekend." She adds as she closes her back, "Tell Wallace when he gets out of the pool that I will talk to him later."

Georgia eyes widen as she looks at Veronica. She says urgently, "Veronica, Logan is…"


Duncan enters the pool area and looks around. He sees Veronica talking to Georgia on the other side of the pool. Georgia is resting on a lounge chair. Veronica is standing up beside her chair putting her towel in her bag facing Georgia.

He looks over and sees Logan walking up behind Veronica. He sees Logan put his arms around Veronica from behind. As Duncan watches, Veronica turns around to look at Logan and he leans down and kisses her. Duncan sprints.


Logan walks up behind Veronica and puts his arms around her middle. He leans in and kisses her neck. He says quietly, "Hey Sweetheart, I've been looking for you." He breathes in her scent. She smells like suntan lotion and the uniquely sweet smell of her perfume.

Veronica stiffens and attempts to pull out of his arms. Logan tightens his arms not allowing her to move away but allows her to turn and face him. She is looking up at him her eyes widened in shock. He bends his head and places his mouth firmly over hers. He slides one hand up from her waist to cup the back of her head while he kisses her. Her mouth is parted slightly in shock and Logan touches his tongue to her lips and then past into her mouth deepening the kiss.


Veronica sees Logan bend his head and feels his lips on hers. She stands still for a second in shock. Her mind is processing that Logan who broke up with her a few weeks ago and hasn't talked to her since, is kissing her. She feels his arms tighten around her and his hand slide up her back to hold her head. Veronica slides her hands up to his chest to push him away when he slants his head, touches his tongue to her lips and deepens the kiss. Veronica's eyes close and she drifts away to that special place only Logan can take her. He really is the best kisser. She sighs into the kiss.


Logan breaks the kiss and he kisses across her cheek to her ear. He nuzzles the sensitive area behind her ear and murmurs, "Mmmm,. you feel so good." Logan feels Veronica's hands slide down from around his neck and begin to push against his chest. She says, "Logan, what…" He sucks gently on the place behind her ear that makes her breath hitch. He slides his arm down her back and hugs her closer to his body.


Veronica drifts back from the kiss and her mind registers that Logan is kissing her neck. She pulls her arms from around his neck and slides them down his to his chest. She pushes at his chest and tries to lean away from his firmer body but his arms are around her holding her securely to him.

"Logan, what …," she starts to say when Logan starts sucking behind her ear and her eyes roll back in her head. Damn that boy knows how much that spot behind her ear affects her. She tilts her head giving Logan more access to her neck instinctively.

She is hazily enjoying Logan's attentions when her mind drifts back to the fact that Logan broke up with her. She realizes what is happening and she pushes Logan away more firmly creating a little space between them although Logan continues to hold her in his arms. Veronica opens her mouth to speak when Duncan arriving suddenly interrupts her.


"Logan," he says breathing quite heavily, "The doctor says you should go home. Let me take you home."

Veronica looks at Logan and notices the bandage on his forehead. She frowns at him and says, "What happened to you?"

Logan says reassuringly, "It's nothing Ronnie. I'm OK." He smiles and waves hi to Georgia who is looking at him in shock. If Logan was looking around the pool, he would see a lot of his classmates looking at him in shock.

Duncan says quietly enough for just Veronica and Logan to hear, "Logan had a surfing accident. I took him to the hospital for stitches. We stopped to pick up Meg. I'm going to take him home."

Veronica is looking at Duncan. He is shaking his head at her behind Logan's back. Meg rushes up and stands beside Duncan breathing deeply to catch her breath.

Logan looks down at Veronica and says, "Thanks DK but Ronnie can take me home and nurse me back to health. "

He looks back at Duncan and adds, "You stay and enjoy the party."

Logan looks back at Veronica, his eyes twinkling. He squeezes her and says suggestively, "I might need a lot of TLC."

Veronica looks up at Logan and frowns. Before she can say anything, Meg grabs her arm. She pulls her from Logan's embrace and says, "Let's go out to the car." Logan frowning a little lets Veronica go although a little reluctantly.

Meg pulls Veronica to walk beside her. She leans in to whisper to Veronica as they walk. Veronica looks back at Logan and then whispers back to Meg.

Logan looks at Duncan in question. Duncan looks after the girls and shrugs, "Girls man. Who knows what Meg wants to talk to her about."

Logan smirks at his friend and says, "Maybe it's best if we don't know."

Duncan smiles back. He pats Logan's shoulder and says, "Let's go man." He walks beside Logan. He says quietly, "Maybe Veronica's working tonight. It might be better if you stayed with me."

Logan laughs at Duncan and says, "You're my best friend but I think I would rather have Ronnie tuck me in bed tonight."

They arrive at the parking area. Logan walks from Duncan over to Veronica and takes her elbow. He gently starts walking with her over to her car. Logan turns his head back and easily tells Duncan and Meg to have fun at the party. He fails to notice Duncan and Meg's uncomfortable looks or Veronica's stiff posture.

He stops when Veronica puts her hand on his arm and resists walking. He puts his hand up to his forehead and frowns a little. He says, "Let's go Ronnie. My head is really beginning to hurt."

Veronica looks back at Duncan and Meg with a 'what should I do' expression on her face. She says, "I need to go home and check on Back Up. Maybe Duncan can take you home and I'll meet you there."

Logan easily answers, "Let's go get Back Up and bring him with us. There is a lot more room at my house for him to run around anyways."

Veronica, Duncan and Meg look at him in shock. It is obvious he doesn't remember that the mansion burned down.

Logan looks back at Duncan and Meg noticing their shock. He says in explanation, "Back Up likes it at my house. He's been there a million times."

Logan turns back to Veronica and puts out his hand. He says, "Let's go Ronnie." Veronica looks at Logan for a few seconds and sighs in resignation. She reaches in her bag and gets the keys out. She looks at Logan and her eyes stray to the white patch of dressing on his forehead. She says, "Why don't we just stay at my place for a while Logan? We can go to your place later."

Logan nods in agreement and says "Sure" as he continues to hold out his hand for her. She hesitates and then puts her smaller hand in his. He closes his hand dwarfing her and gently pulls her over to her car.

Veronica looks back at Duncan and Meg. They see the worry on her face. She says meaningfully, "I'll take Logan home and let him rest a while. I have to study anyways. I'll call you if I need you."

Duncan nods at Veronica in understanding. He and Meg call out goodbye to the couple. Logan waves with his free hand as he continues to walk with Veronica towards her car. Duncan wonders if he is going to get a call later when Logan remembers he broke up with Veronica.

Duncan and Meg watch as Veronica's car heads down the driveway and turns onto the road. Duncan puts his arm around Meg and begins to lead her back to the party.

Thinking aloud Meg says, "I keep thinking about how Logan said he was going to marry Veronica someday. Wasn't that weird? "

Duncan asserts, "He loves her. He's loved her for years. He would have married her."

Meg shakes her head in frustration, "I don't believe Veronica fooled around on him."

Duncan agrees, "Me neither. Poor Logan doesn't trust anymore. All of the girls Logan dates seem to fool around on him. I just never believed Veronica would do that. She knew how much it would hurt him.

Meg ponders aloud, "Did you see that kiss Logan gave Veronica and her response? She still loves him."

Duncan nods in agreement, "Yes. I should have taken him home and picked you up after. Now it is a big mess."

Meg frowns, "I hope he doesn't hurt her anymore when he remembers why they broke up. It was hard enough on her the first time."

Duncan sighs a little and says, "Let's go and enjoy the party. We may be back in the emergency room later."

Meg smiles up at Duncan as they turn to go back in to the party.


Thank you for reading. You know what to do......