Story so Far: AU Season Two. Season one is unchanged however Veronica never broke up with Logan during the summer. Logan and Veronica dated most of senior year. There was no bus crash. She never dated Duncan the second time. Duncan is happy with Meg. Veronica helped Logan find out who really killed Felix. Logan broke up with Veronica when he found out she had spent the night with Weevil. Logan has a surfing accident and loses his memory. Thinking he is still dating Veronica, he decides to go home with her and let her look after him. He overhears her talking to Weevil on the phone and learns that Weevil's girlfriend Carmen miscarried their baby and Veronica had been at the hospital all night with them. Now on with the story.....

Veronica wakes up and slowly focuses on her surroundings. She is in her room. She feels a warm body behind her and she realizes that Logan is sleeping behind her spooning her. She feels so warm and comfortable.

This has been the best sleep she has had in a long time. She looks at the clock and sees it is 8am. She tries to remember how she ended up in bed with Logan. She had gone to sleep in her Dad's bed after walking Back Up the night before. She had set the alarm so she could check on Logan who was sleeping in her bed. She checked Logan about 2 am and then went back to bed in her Dad's room. Now it is 8 am and she is in her room. She glances over her shoulder in concern. She didn't wake Logan to check on him since 2 am.

Logan opens his eyes groggily and sees Veronica looking at him in concern. He hugs her small body to his and nuzzles her neck and shoulder. He mumbles "Good Morning."

Veronica watching Logan closely answers, "Good Morning." She questions, "How is your head?"

Logan continues to nuzzle her neck from behind. He says his voice rough with sleep, "Better. It doesn't hurt so much."

Veronica attempts to turn to face Logan. He holds her closer stopping her from turning.

She says, "Good. I was worried because I checked on you at two and then I must have fallen asleep and forgot to set the alarm for four." She frowns and adds, "I'm not sure how I ended up here though."

He tightens his arms briefly around her. He says, "You didn't forget. I woke up about 4am and got up to find you. You were sleeping in your Dad's bed so I shut off the alarm and brought you here."

Obviously concerned, Veronica questions, "You carried me here?"

Logan kisses her shoulder and says, "You are a lightweight Ronnie. Anyways, I missed you."

Veronica says, "Oh." She looks a little anxious.

Logan pulls her closer and signs in happiness. It was nice to wake up with her in his arms.

Veronica starts to pull away and says, "I'd better walk Back Up."

Holding her fast, Logan says, "I walked him at 6am"

Veronica looks shocked. She chastises, "You shouldn't be doing that."

Logan hugs her and says, "I feel much better Ronnie. Don't worry. I just took him to the beach and back. You were tired from all that studying."

Veronica says a little hopefully, "Are you hungry? I can make you some breakfast."

Logan says, "I am hungry but let's just lie here for a little while. I like holding you." He inwardly smiles at her frustration. Knowing they are broken up, she is trying to get away from only to be thwarted by him at every turn.

Veronica sighs and says, "I like when you hold me too."

Logan closes his eyes and rubs his hand slowly on Veronica's abdomen. Her skin is so soft and smooth. She smells so good.


Logan remembers waking up and finding himself alone in her room. He went to the bathroom and then went to find her. He couldn't blame her for sleeping in her Dad's room. They are broken up and she must be wondering what he is going to say when he remembers what happened between them. She looked so young and vulnerable in her sleep. He remembers the first time they made love and how honored he felt to have her trust him with her body. He knew what a big step it was for her and how afraid she was. He took his time touching her and learning what she liked and what made her flush with arousal.

He felt like all his experiences before her were so he could be the man she needed. He didn't want anyone else. He just wanted to be with Veronica. He thought about how responsive she was to his touch and how much she liked to touch him.

He was so deeply hurt when he found out about her and Weevil. He didn't know if he would ever breathe again without the pain in his chest. He felt so strongly about her. He wasn't kidding when he told Duncan, Meg and Dick that he had planned to marry her someday. He really had. She was it for him. The was the 'one'. She was everything to him. He felt whole with her. He wasn't sure how he got so dependent on her but he had.

Now Logan knows she didn't fool around on him with Weevil, he feels so much relief and so much guilt. He is angry at himself for being such an ass and pushing her away. He is also angry with her for not being totally honest with him. She knows his history with girls fooling around on him. She knows his history with Weevil. Another part of him is a little disappointed that she didn't fight harder for them. She tried to talk to him and when he was firm about not wanting to hear her reasons, she just disappeared from his life and let him go. A final huge part of him was upset that he didn't give her a chance to talk to him. He should have at least talked to her. Their relationship had been worth at least that. With all these thoughts and feelings in his head and heart, he had shut off the alarm, reached down and picked her up, and carried her back to bed with him. He needed to hold her.


Logan and Veronica had cuddled for a while and then finally hunger drove them from their bed. After breakfast, they had walked to the beach and let Back Up play for a while. Logan had relaxed in the sand and watched Veronica play with her dog. Back Up weighed almost as much as she did and it was funny to watch her wrestle with him and throw the ball for him. It is obvious that Back Up loved her and would protect her and die for her. Logan could relate.

They had gone back to her place and studied for a while. Logan had napped after lunch while Veronica went out to run errands. He knew she was going over to visit Carmen. He had given her the out to go by asking her to pick up some ice cream and rent movies. She had agreed and mentioned that she had to run by Mars Investigations and check the phone messages.

She had brought supper home and they had eaten hamburgers. Logan had settled on the couch to watch TV while Veronica did some investigative work for her Dad using her lap top on the island.

Logan looks up from watching the TV and sees Veronica watching him. He tilts his head at her silently questioning.

She quickly looks back down at her lap top and types in some more information.

"Veronica" he says quietly.

She looks up at him. Her eyes widen when she meets his eyes. They are soft and brown and full of emotion. She can see the worry and pain. What causes her breath to catch in her chest is the love. Logan is looking at her with love. He is looking at her like he used to before he thought she was unfaithful.

The emotions rise in Veronica and she feels her eyes tear. She stands up abruptly and looks around as if she doesn't know where to go. She looks back at Logan and back towards the bathroom. She says hurriedly, "I'm going to have a shower."

Veronica turns and heads towards the bathroom. Before she can get there she feels Logan grab her arm and she feels herself being turned around to face Logan. She is pulled into his arms and then he is kissing her. Her emotions bubble up and she puts her arms around his neck and kisses him back; really kisses him.

They both pull each other close as if they are trying to become one. This kiss is passionate. This kiss is Camelot. This kiss is Logan and Veronica. This kiss is epic.

Neither one is sure how, but they end up together on Veronica's bed. Logan unerringly finds the pulse point on her neck, bites gently and then soothes the area with his tongue. Veronica moans and arches into his body. His questing hands have pulled up her t-shirt and covered her breasts. He teases her nipples through the bra and hears Veronica's harsh intake of breath. She rubs her lower body against him and Logan moans as he pulls off her t shirt. He kisses her again and her hands are in his hair. Logan breaks the kiss and moves down her neck and over her chest. His hand pulls the bra strap aside until her breast is exposed. His lips close over the nipple and he sucks gently. Veronica moves restless under him and her legs open encasing him between her legs. His hand moves behind her and he unlatches her bra. He pulls it down her arms and his mouth moves over to lathe the other nipple.

Veronica runs her hands through his hair and then pulls his mouth up to meet hers. She kisses him and runs her hands down his back and then moves them to the hem of his t shirt. Logan pulls away slightly to assist her efforts to pull off his shirt. She pulls it up and over his head breaking their kiss for a moment while she tosses it aside. She kisses him again not wanting their lips to be apart. Her questing hands move back down his chest over his nipples and down his abdomen to the waist band of his shorts. Logan's hands caress her breasts and then one wanders down to her shorts and slips under her panties. He cups her intimately and gently rubs her clit with his thumb. He slips one and then two fingers in her. Veronica tosses her head back. Panting a little, she says, "Oh God Logan." She arches in to his palm. Logan works his fingers in and out and leans his head down to lick and tease her nipple. He can feel her begin to tighten around his fingers and he knows she is close.

She pushes him away from her and pushes his shorts and boxers down with her hands. She gently grasps his erection pulling it free of his boxers. Logan assists her and kicks his boxers off his legs. He pulls her shorts and panties down her legs and lets them fall off the bottom of the bed. Logan runs his hands up her leg caressingly to her thigh. Veronica puts her hand down to stop him. He looks up at her. She pulls him up to her and says breathlessly "Logan I need you now." She arches her hips under him rubbing his erection against her. He kisses her neck and says, "Are you still on the pill?"

Veronica stiffens beneath him and he pulls back to look at her.

She meets his gaze and says surprised, "You remember?"

Logan holding her gaze says quietly, "I never forgot."

Veronica's eyes widen and her mouth drops open in shock.

Logan says, "I know you were never with Weevil." He adds, "Or any guy."

Veronica's eyes fill with tears. "How?" she begins to ask him.

Logan interrupts her and says gently, "There was no one else for me either."

Veronica says "Logan what…"

Logan puts his finger over her lips to silence her. He pushes his erection in her opening. Her breath hitches. He says his voice a little ragged, "Are you still on the pill Ronnie?"

She nods and he leans his head down to her. He says with his mouth an inch above hers. "I really need to be inside you Ronnie." Then he kisses her. Her arms wrap around his shoulders and her legs lift to wrap around his waist. Logan pushes into her and they both moan at the sensation.

Logan starts a slow pace but Veronica is past that and arches against him to meet his thrusts. Soon they are driving into each other. Logan feels her contracting around him. She cries out his name. He thrusts a few more times and has his release. He collapses against her breathing heavily. After a few minutes, he turns with her in his arms pulling her onto his chest still joined.

Logan feels Veronica begin to stir. He rubs his hand up and down her back enjoying the softness of her skin and the feel of her close to his body. He knows this peaceful time will soon be over. Veronica is Veronica. She is going to have questions and she may not be happy about the whole faking memory loss thing. Right now, he is just going to enjoy the feeling of being inside her again and having her belong to him.

Veronica lies on Logan's chest feeling completely relaxed and satisfied in his arms. She never thought she would be with him again. When he told her he knew she hadn't been with Eli, her heart jumped in her chest. She had so many questions, but right now she was just going to hold him.

Logan brushes back Veronica's hair and says quietly, "I am so sorry Ronnie. I was wrong to ever think you would fool around on me. I was an idiot."

Veronica lifts her head to look at Logan. "Maybe we should get dressed and go into the living room to have this conversation."

Logan shakes his head and says, "No Ronnie. I want nothing between us.

He keeps her joined to him by pressing his hand on her lower back.

Her eyes are dark with emotions. She bursts out, "How could you think I would cheat on you? How could you think I was like Lilly? How could you think I would do that to do?"

Her eyes fill with tears. Logan gently wipes a tear that has escaped down her cheek. He says, "I shouldn't have said those things to you and I shouldn't have jumped to the conclusion that you were with Weevil."

He takes a deep breath and says, "I have some issues with Weevil."

Veronica says quietly, "Because of him and Lilly."

Logan nods and says, "Partly. The other part is how close you are to him and how you go to him when you need help. I am jealous of that."

Veronica shakes he head and says, "I don't know what to say to you about that Logan. You don't mind when I ask Wallace for help."

Logan answers quietly, "I know. You don't have a brother/sister relationship with Weevil. "

Veronica says firmly, "I don't think of Weevil like that. He is just a friend."

Logan immediately replies, "I get that Ronnie. You have to understand that I am afraid of losing you."

Veronica frustrated, cries out, "Why Logan? Why are you afraid of that?"

Logan takes a deep breath and tells her, "I didn't feel secure with you Ronnie."

Veronica repeats, "Why Logan? I would never fool around on you. I would be there for you."

Logan points out quietly, "Yet you let me go without a fight."

Veronica sharply draws in a breath and says, "Are you saying it is my fault we broke up?"

Logan shakes his head and says, "No Ronnie. I messed up. I know that."

He is silent for a moment and then he says "Please let me try and explain."

Veronica stays quiet looking at him.

He continues, "Do you remember the promise we made to each other on our 3 month anniversary?"

Veronica thinks back on their dinner.

Logan looks across the table at Veronica and says, "I worry sometimes."

Veronica looks up from her meal at him and says, "What do you worry about?"

Logan looks seriously at her and says, "I worry that I am going to do something stupid and mess up our relationship."

Veronica stares silently at him.

Logan continues, "I don't have any idea how to be in a relationship Ronnie. I don't really know what to do. I mean Aaron cheated on my mom and she was so unhappy, she just buried herself in booze and pills. The only real long term relationship I was in was with Lilly and it was…. A mess."

Veronica says quietly, "I don't know either Logan. My mom cheated on and lied to my Dad their whole marriage. Then she fell into the bottle."

Logan reaches across the table and takes Veronica's hand. "You are the only girl I've wanted to have a real relationship with. I love you. I want to make us work."

He looks down at his plate for second and then looks up at her. "I know me. I know I am going to screw up and I will lose you."

Veronica looks at Logan. She says quietly, "I'll probably screw up first Logan. I know me too."

Logan says, "Promise me Ronnie that you will fight for us. I need to know that when you see me screwing up, you won't let me wreck us. Promise me you'll fight for us. I promise you I am going to fight for us too."

Veronica nods and says quietly, "I promise Logan."

Logan says, "I need to have the security in our relationship to know I can screw up Ronnie. I need to know I can make mistakes and it will be OK. I need to know that you will fight for us.

"You can make mistakes Logan." Veronica insists, "I don't expect you to be perfect."

Logan looks at her and sees she does not understand what he is trying to tell her. He tries again, "Veronica I got upset that you spent the night with Weevil. Why didn't you call me? You know the history between Weevil and me."

Sighing Veronica explains, "I was trying to support Carmen and Weevil. I'm sorry. I just didn't think. My cell phone was off in the hospital and when I could call it was very late." She adds, "I guess I just thought you would trust me."

Logan frustrated says, "Why couldn't you just call and tell me where you were and what was going on?"

She sees his upset and says, "It was not my secret to tell."

Logan points out, "If the situation was reversed Veronica what would happen? How would you feel if you got to school only to find out I had been out all night with a girl you hated? I didn't answer your calls or return your calls. When you asked me about it I told you I couldn't tell you what happened but I would never cheat on you."

Veronica just looks at Logan. Then she admits, "I probably wouldn't like it."

Logan continues, "You just totally expected me to trust you."

Veronica says heatedly, "I never gave you any reason not to trust me."

Logan says patiently. "I know Ronnie. I know in my head you wouldn't cheat on me. Obviously I wasn't thinking with my head when I talked to you. I got upset and said stupid things and you let us break up. You didn't even fight for us."

Veronica says, "Logan, I was so hurt when you broke up with me. '

Logan rubs his hand soothingly along her back. "I'm sorry."

Veronica asks, "When did you realize nothing happened between Eli and me?"

Logan answers, "I overheard you talking to him on the phone yesterday afternoon?"

Veronica says shocked, "Yesterday?"

Logan stays quiet while she is thinking. Veronica thinks out loud, "So you pretended to lose your memory before you knew nothing happened?"

Logan says "Yes."

Veronica says, "Why Logan?"

Logan pauses for a few seconds and then says, "I wanted you back. I missed you so much. I wanted to see if we still had anything between us. I wanted to see if I could forgive you and trust you again."

Veronica gets red in her face. Logan can see she is pissed. "You were going to try and forgive me?" Veronica tries to get up off Logan but he holds her close to him.

Veronica hisses, "Let me go Logan."

Logan says quietly, "No Veronica. Nothing between us but the truth."

Veronica glares down at Logan. He says quietly, "Ronnie, do you understand what a huge thing it is for me to consider getting back with you when I thought you fooled around on me? "

Veronica says, "You did it for Lilly all the time."

Logan bursts out, "Don't you get it? I vowed never to let a girl treat me like that again. I was willing to break that vow for you because I missed you so much and I need you so much."

Veronica takes a deep breath and lets it out. She is obviously thinking.

Upset, Veronica blurts, "God Logan. What do I have to do to make you trust me?"

Logan throws the question back her way. He says, "What about you Ronnie? The only person you really trust is your Dad and you have secrets from him."

Veronica sighs and then says "Logan, my Dad has always been there for me. He loves me because he has kept care of me since he held me as a baby. It has taken years to develop that relationship."

"We have known each other since we were twelve," Logan points out.

Veronica says, "We have had so many problems and things between us."

Logan runs his hand gently up and down her spine. He says, "Ronnie we have never been completely open. We have always held back. You are a girl who has secrets and your dad, Wallace, Weevil, Duncan, Meg and your other friends understand and accept that. I need you to let me in Ronnie totally and without reservation."

Veronica sucks in a breath and says, "Logan, you love totally and you hate totally. I am not like that. I hold part of myself in. I am not comfortable with being totally out there. You are asking me to take a huge risk."

Logan takes her face in his hands. He presses his lower body up into hers. Her eyes get huge. Logan says, "You have already let me almost all the way in Ronnie. I know our physical relationship is a big step for you. All I am asking is you to be that open with your heart. Just let me in your heart too."

Veronica looks at Logan and says, "Logan I've already let you in my heart further than I have ever let anyone else. I love you. Why isn't that enough?"

Logan leans up and kisses her gently. He explains, "Normal relationships are hard Ronnie."

He moves her bangs from her eyes. "It's harder being us. I am Logan Echolls. My life will always be a media storm. You are Veronica Mars. You attract trouble. The only way we are going to work is for both of us to give 100%."

He pauses for a few seconds and then says, "I think we are worth the risk."

Veronica says quietly, "Don't you think total trust will come with time? We have only been dating a few months and so much has happened in our lives."

Logan says quietly, "We broke up Ronnie."

Veronica points out, "But you got us back together."

Logan says heavily, "But you didn't Ronnie. You didn't fight for us."

Veronica breathes in and lets the air out audibly. She says quietly, "You're right. I would have left for college and let us be over."

Veronica looks at Logan and sees the hurt in his expressive brown eyes. She says "Logan, I am so sorry. I should have tried harder. I was so hurt that you could think I would be like Lilly."

Logan says, "We were both hurting and we let our relationship end."

They are both quiet as they look at each other.

Logan says quietly, "How has your life been without me in it Ronnie?"

Veronica takes a deep breath and says, "Awful Logan. I've missed you so much. I miss taking to you, being with you, touching you."

Logan points out, "Doesn't that tell you something Ronnie?"

Veronica, her voice frustrated says, "You know I need you Logan."

Logan stays silent looking at her.

Veronica looks back at Logan and says, "I don't know what to do Logan. I don't know how to be 100% committed."

Veronica looks pleadingly at Logan. He says quietly. "Actually you do Ronnie."

Veronica looks at Logan puzzled.

Logan says, "Think about it like this. If you and your dad fight, you go away for a few days and you're mad but you come back to him."

Veronica exclaims, "He's my dad!"

Logan says quietly, "I'm Logan."

Veronica's eyes widen. Logan can see her eyes darken with emotion. He sees that she gets what he is saying.

His eyes are full of love. He says "I am the guy who loves you; who will always be there for you; who gets you."

He takes her face in his hands and says, "Here's what I need to know Ronnie. Are you always going to come back even when I make you mad, hurt you and generally act like a jackass?"

Logan lets go of her face and lies back waiting.

Veronica looks down at Logan. Her blue eyes are full of love and she says quietly "Yes, I will."

She takes his face in her hands and says, "Are you going to always come back to me even when I'm judgmental, stubborn and insecure?

Logan says quietly, "Always Ronnie. I love you."

Veronica says, "I love you too Logan."

Logan raises his head and kisses her. He holds his hand behind her head and deepens the kiss. His other hand slides down her back and holds her lower body against him. He feels her intake of breath when she feels him harden inside her. She breaks the kiss and says "I might need of lot of reminding why I want to come back to you." She clenches around his arousal.

Logan's eyes darken and he pulls her back down for a kiss.

Veronica says against his lips "You're mine now." He smiles. Her lips close over his.

The end


Thank you for reading this story. I love to hear you ideas about what worked and what I could have done differently.