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Night Terrors;
Series two; Nightmares
Chapter eight/ 'Just a Dream'
Rated; M/ L, S (um.. dream sex, masturbation, slight voyeurism, oral, fisting, anal, pair I haven't yet written, horror movie theme)

'Go on.. it's only a dream.. you can play with him if you want..' A voice said.

Adam's head was moving from side to side. A pained whimper escaping his full pouty lips. Phil watched as Adam's hand traveled down his body, his fingertips ghosting lightly across his skin and causing chill-bumps to become evident as it slid under the covers.

Phil shook his head. No. Shouldn't watch this.. Should just back the fuck away and leave this room right now..

"Ohm.. please.. you feel so good.." The blonde arched into his hand, stroking up and down his length under the white sheets. His chest rising and falling under his heated breaths.

Phil swallowed. No. Back away. Back away. It's probably a trick anyhow.

"Oh, it's no trick, Punk." Freddy, out of nowhere, hissed.

Phil turned his head to see the dream demon standing against the wall, his arms crossed over his chest and his right hand held up as he examined his claws like they were fingernails.

Phil looked at him in confusion. He didn't understand why Adam was here in his dream. "What..?" He squeaked before swallowing. "What's he doing here..?"

Freddy smirked and stood erect. "Beautiful, ain't he, Punk? So ready and ripe for the taking." Freddy circled the terrified ravenette, his tongue curling past his lips. He took Phil by the shoulders as he stood behind him. "You want him? You can have him. He's all warmed up for ya. Just for you."

Punk shook his head, not so sure of the thing Freddy was proposing. "Je..Jeff..?" Phil squeaked.

"Jeff?! Ha! That Hardy-twat is clueless! He doesn't believe a WORD Adam says. He thinks I'm NOT real!" Freddy's voice boomed, his arms extending out to give the demon animation.

Phil looked back and Freddy was gone. Phil blinked as his attention was drew back to the bed as Adam made a noise. The blonde whined pitifully and wiggled his hips into his fisting hand, rubbing himself harder. Phil flushed and turned his head. He needed to get Adam out of here.. if that even was the real Adam.. Shit, he didn't know what was real anymore.

Phil closed his eyes. "This is not real.. wake up, Phil.. wake up.. Not real. Freddy's not real."

"Oh!?" Freddy's voice made Phil open his eyes. He flinched as he stared into the hateful eyes of the dream demon. Freddy leered at him. "If this is not real then, smart-pants; could I do this?" Freddy reach out and cut Phil across the arm with his claws. Phil hissed and jerked back instantly, looking down to examine the bloody gash that was now visible through his shirt.

Phil winced and looked back up. Freddy was gone again. Now was his chance. He had to get out of here.

"Uhm.. no.. don't stop.. oh, god, harder.. harder.. please.."

Phil glanced back over at Adam. Biting his lip as he thought. Making a decision, he rushed over and tugged at Adam's hand. "Come on, Adam. Get up, we have to go.."

"What's a matter, Punk? Ain'tcha man enough?" Freddy leered over Phil's shoulder. "Just take him.. He's all yours.."

"" Phil closed his eyes.

"Aw, are we afraid? Pussy." The demon taunted.


"Take him, take the little bitch." Freddy's voice lingered. It was like it was in his head now. It was coaxing and misleading.

Phil looked down when he felt Adam's hand rubbing up his thigh. The blonde stared up at him lovingly. Almost in this dazed sort of trance. His eyes were glossy and this glazed over look adorned his pretty face. Adam wasn't Adam right now.

"Let's get.. out.. " Phil trailed off as Adam jerked off his coat from around his waist then reach for his belt loop, undoing it before tugging at the buttons. "Adam.. we.. we have to go.." Phil said breathlessly. 'Just a dream. Just a damned dream.'

'So pretty.. such a pretty fucking bitch.. take him.. make him your fucking whore..' The voices in his head taunted. Phil wasn't so sure they belonged to him.

Phil swallowed, a warm glow taking over him. He didn't much feel like himself anymore. He reach out to run his fingers through Adam's hair as the blonde tugged his pants down past his hips. The thought of dying far from his mind as his cock sprang free, already hard and begging for attention. Adam wet his lips, staring at the cock in front of him longingly. His mouth slightly watering. That bit of precum that waited for him on the tip of Phil's cock looked so good. So tempting.

"Oh, shit.." Phil groaned as Adam licked across the head, retrieving the precum before curling his tongue back inside his mouth and swallowing. Moaning at the taste.

Adam went for another lick, swirling his tongue around the swollen head before molding his lips around it. Phil bucked his hips as he felt Adam sucking, his tongue massaging the underside gently. Adam took hold of him at the base, rubbing him. Moaning like a slut around Phil's width. Adam raised his eyes up at the younger male, pulling his lips off and teasing the head with his tongue as he flicked it fastly across. Phil raked Adam's hair from his face, looking him over. He looked like a doll. Better than the crumbled up one he saw in the hall. This one was all shiny and perfect.

'Make him your dirty little bitch.. You know you want to.. Fuck his throat and make him gag..'

Phil nodded, twisting his fingers in Adam's soft golden hair and jerking his head back. His cock twitching as Adam let out a soft whine.

"Open, Addy.. Open that pretty mouth of yours.." Phil growled, watching the gorgeous blonde part his full arousal swollen lips. Taking hold of his own cock, Phil pushed past them, shoving in all the way before pulling out and tapping his cockhead on Adam's lips. He shoved back in, gaining a whimper from Adam as he hit the back of his throat. Hard. Rough. Adam didn't try to pull away though. Just looked up at him with those curious green eyes.

'Make him gag..'

"Be still, my pretty." Phil whispered as he petted Adam's hair back. He shifted his position some and started thrusting his hips, fucking Adam's mouth as he held to his head.

The ravenette groaned, loving how tight Adam's throat felt. Loving how the blonde gagged on his cock as he hit the back of his throat. So pained. So wonderful. Adam ran his hands up Phil's thighs, grabbing at his pants and digging nails into skin underneath in the process. That sent a spark through Phil. A twinge that urged him on. Made him want more of him.

"Oh, god.. oh, fuck.. fucking shit.. Uhmm... what a mouth on you, Addy..." Phil panted, licking across his top lip. He felt strange. Not like himself. He didn't know what the hell he was doing and he didn't rightfully care. That should have terrified the Straightedge Superstar, but it didn't. It only fueled him, made him harder. "Suck, bitch.. suck on that dick and make it happy.."

Adam whimpered, swallowing involuntarily. He started to suck the best he could.

"Oh, fuck yeah.. such a good little bitch... so fucking good.. Suck harder.. Harder, bitch.." Punk growled, tugging at Adam's long locks.

Adam dug his nails deeper into Phil's skin. Tears were forming in the corner of his eyes. His jaws were aching, his lips were being stretched and his throat was being abused and he fucking loved it. Adam closed his eyes, feeling Phil shove him back down on the bed. Phil walked his fingers along the edge of the mattress as he went around to the bottom of the bed and crawled up between Adam's legs, the sheet still separating them.

'Make him your whore.. he's all yours tonight..'

"All mine." Phil growled.

Adam stared up at him as Phil grabbed his face, pressing his lips to the blonde's own and kissing him hard. Forceful. Dominate. Phil wasn't usually dominating. This felt nice. This felt liberating. Adam was grabbing at Phil's shirt. Clawing at it desperately as Phil's mouth explored his own. His cock aching underneath the younger man as Phil's hips were grinding into his. Phil pulled back and licked his lips, leering down at the pretty blonde writhing underneath him.

"Please.." Adam whined, arching his hips into Phil's. "Touch me.. please.. so hard.. uhm.."

Phil kissed Adam again, biting on his bottom lip and tugging at the delicate flesh before making his way down the blonde's body, kissing and nipping the lovely blonde in certain areas till he got to the white sheet.

"Oh, please.. please.. Philly.." Adam whimpered, thrusting his hips upwards. Phil jerked the blanket away, grabbing Adam's hands before he could touch himself.

"No.. bad little slut.." Phil chided, blowing air on Adam's groin. The blonde whined and tried to jerk away. He was on fire and Phil wasn't being very fair by teasing him like this. "Bad little bitch.. you're going to get it.. you're getting it hard.. so fucking hard.."

Adam bit his lip, chewing at it in anticipation as he watched Phil. The younger male was poised over him, his tongue curling out past his lips sinisterly. Phil leaned down, taking Adam's cock in his mouth. The blonde was beautiful and he tasted so fucking sweet. The thought that this whole thing was fucked up never crossing his mind. He was lost in the moment. Held prisoner by it.

'Suck him.. Make him beg like the slut he is.. Make him beg to be your whore...'

Phil nodded to the voice and began bobbing his head, sucking Adam as hard as he could. The blonde whimpered pitifully, writhing his hips on the mattress top in desperation. In desire. Adam struggled to pull his arms away, but Phil wouldn't let him.

"Please.. Phil.. oh, god.. uhm.. right there.. shit.. shit.. Oohh, fuck.." Adam shuddered, he was so damn close. He needed to cum so fucking bad.

Phil took him out and rubbed him softly, kissing the blonde on the stomach before biting at his navel and earning a squeak from Adam.

Adam ran his fingers through Phil's hair. "More.. please.. more.." He panted heatedly.

"Yeah, you want more, Ad-dy..? You're going to get more.." Phil growled, spreading Adam's legs and crawled up between them. Phil reach between them, taking hold of Adam's cock as he nipped at his neck. "Like this? Huh, bitch..?"

Adam nodded. "Please.."

"Beg, Adam.. beg for it.. Come on, beg.." Phil commanded, squeezing his cock at the tip and forcing precum to surface.

"Please, Philly.." Adam gasped as Phil's teeth dug into his neck. "Fu..fuck me.. oh, shit.. please.. fuck me.. please.."

Phil drug his tongue over where he had bit. "S'that what you want.. want my dick, huh?"

"Um-hm.. please.. want you inside me.. so bad.. ohh.. fuck me.. uhm.. please.." The blonde pleaded, nibbling on his bottom lip.

Phil growled and released Adam's cock, taking hold of himself and positioning himself at Adam's entrance. Adam leaned up and kissed Phil's neck, running his hands up under the younger man's shirt. Screaming out as Phil pushed past his tight little pucker, his cock stretching him relentlessly as he forced his way inside. Adam's breath caught in his throat. He closed his eyes tightly as white hot pain shot all through him. It was rough and unprepared and hurt so fucking bad. He swore he could feel it through every single nerve-ending.

"That's it, bitch.. Fuck, you're choking my dick.. oh, shit.." Phil buried his face in Adam's neck, loving the tightness that surrounded him. Adam gasped, whimpering in agony as Phil started to pound him. Fucking his tight hole as hard as he could.

"Philly.. please.. hurts.." Adam begged, clawing at Phil's back under his t-shirt.

Phil shuddered and growled. "Shh.. such a good slut.. Take it.. take that dick.. Oh, you feel so fucking good.. such a tight little bitch.."

Adam closed his eyes, biting down on his lip so hard he about drew blood as Phil brushed against his prostate, sending a nice little spark of pleasure to mesh with the pain. "Uhm.. please.. please.. oh, god.." Adam's teeth chattered. It hurt so damn bad it actually felt good.

Phil pulled out almost all the way, shifting his legs apart before plunging back inside. Adam cried out, shuddering as he came almost violently.

"Ohm.. oh, shit.. uhmm.. fuck.." Adam collapsed back on the bed, his arms falling to the sides. Spent.

"That's it, bitch.. oh, fucking shit.." Phil raised up, holding Adam's legs apart and pinned down to the mattress. He looked down, admiring his cock sliding in and out of the blonde's asshole. It was coated in blood. From the tearing no doubt. Punk grinned tossed his head back, feeling it build higher.. higher..

"Oh, fuck.. shit.. Uhm, shit.. Fuck!" Phil let go, cumming deep inside the blonde before collapsing on top of him. Panting and sweating. He was drained.

Phil raised up as he heard Adam smacking his lips, sighing sweetly in slumber. His senses instantly came back to him. Phil swallowed thickly as the horrid thought of what he done crossed his mind. Oh, shit.. No.. No.. If Jeff ever found out that he even dreamed of fucking Adam, he was a dead man. Jeff would fucking kill him for sure. Phil moved to get up when he heard a loud cackling laugh resonate throughout the room. Phil groaned and collapsed back on top of the wrecked, yet none-the-wiser, blonde. Everything was fuzzy before fading to black.

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