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Can't Refuse You

Will walked down the hallway quietly. The school was pretty empty because most of the students and teachers had left and went home.

Yet, here he was still inside the darkened hall, making his way toward the boys' locker room. This hadn't been his idea. Actually, he had fervently said it was a bad idea.

But, he still found himself entering the large room.

Once he was inside, he ambled through the rows and rows of lockers, glancing down each aisle, but who he was searching for wasn't there.

He was starting to get a little antsy, but then arms wrapped around his waist.

He let out a girly shriek at the sudden appearance of the limbs. Short bursts of air, which he assumed were chuckles, brushed against his ear.

"It's just me, Will," the voice assured him. Will let out a sigh in relief but frowned.

Arms hung loosely around his waist as he turned to face his lover.

"Finn, that wasn't funny. You scared me half to death," he said as he sent the younger man a reproachful look.

Finn had the decency to look ashamed with a little mischievous spark in his eyes. "Sorry, I wasn't sure you were going to show. I didn't mean to scare you."

After he got over the initial shock of his scare, Will took in the sight before his eyes and felt his cock develop a certain interest in the sight as well.

The jock was standing there completely wet and naked except for the towel hanging loosely from his hips. Water cascaded down his broad chest and down the grooves of his muscled stomach. His dark hair was spiked up in various directions. There seemed to be a blush expanding across his body.

The young teacher had to bite down on his lip to keep any noises from escaping his lips.

An amused voice shook him from his thoughts as the arms draped around him tightened. "Will, are you listening to me?"

His body was now flush against a warm naked one. "Huh…What?"

"I said I bought you here for a reason. Can you guess what it is?"

Will tried to reign in his hormones, but it was getting extremely difficult, especially with a wet body pressed against him.

The hardness poking into his belly was an informative hint.

"This is way too risky. We could get caught and besides that I thought we were going to take things slow." Will was very scared of this new and strange relationship.

He and Terri had just divorced a few months ago, after he found out about her lies. It had hurt for a very long time, but he was only able to get through it because of Finn. He wanted to give his boyfriend any and everything he wanted but some things just had to wait no matter how much it was killing him not to give in. He figured he wanted it just as bad as Finn did.

He gently pushed Finn away and averted his eyes.

A hand came up and cupped his chin. Blue eyes met warm, lust-filled ones. "It's okay. No one's going to come in. We pretty much have this place to ourselves. I just want to do this with you and no one else."

The older man felt his walls slowly start to crumble. "F…Finn," he stuttered in confusion and grudging surrender.

Finn simply pressed a heated kiss to his lips, whispering against them, "I just want you."

Will felt his walls immediately fall to the ground. It was just too much to stand. After withholding for so long, he was giving up so easily after seeing Finn naked and wet. He let himself get pushed up against the lockers, temptation slowly whisking him away.

Lips crashed into his hungrily. They molded against each other immediately, resorting to that familiar pattern they knew so well.

He blindly reached out curling his arms around Finn's shoulders, pulling him closer. He gasped as hips ground into his own.

Finn's hands roamed all over his body, impatiently stripping him of his clothes, one by one. Until he was just as naked as the other man who still had his towel on.

Finn stepped back for a moment to let his eyes wonder over his lover's nude form. "You're so beautiful, Will."

He stepped forward and placed a searing kiss on plump lips, sucking and nibbling on them.

The cool metal dug into the skin of Will's back as he felt a rush of heat passing over his face. He let out a heavy sigh. Reluctance was still heavy in his heart, but he couldn't refuse Finn, not when he was hard and pressed against him like this, kissing the life out of him.

His hands moved of their own volition, removing the towel from the pale firm hips. The jock let out a low moan, when his hands brushed against the damp skin.

Here they were without clothes leaning against the lockers, kissing and wildly rubbing against each other.

Finn pulled away regretfully. "Tell me what you want, Will. I don't think I can last much longer."

Will was sliding down the walls of metal, his knees seeming to not want to cooperate with him any longer. He was only being held up by the hands on his sides, fingers rubbing against the flat of his stomach.

"I just want you. It's your first time, right? Whatever you want." Will whispered.

Finn gulped and his brows furrowed, while he nodded. He wasn't quite sure what to do. He knew what he wanted. "I want to make love to you, Will. I do but I've never done this before. I don't know what to do. Tell me what to do."

His eyes widened as a thought hit him; he had remembered something. With a quick "I'll be right back," Finn left a half standing and half leaning Will for a few seconds.

He came back with a small tube in his hands and very adorable blush painted across his face. "I always heard Puck talk about needing this; I never asked him what you needed it for. I was too embarrassed."

Will smiled and took the tube from him. He looked over it and chuckled. "It's called lube, Finn. You need to prepare me before we… well…you know."

Semi-understanding passed over Finn's face. "How do I prepare you?"

The other man leaning against the locker felt a tad bit embarrassed. He didn't want to explain it. He made a decision. "I'll just show you how."

Will opened the tube and coated his fingers; he handed the tube back to Finn. He turned around and braced one hand on the lockers, and the other hand made its way to his entrance.

He heard a little gasp of surprise. He wasn't sure if it was from him or his boyfriend because the finger sliding inside of him kind of distracted him. "You have to stretch me open, one finger at a time, so when we have sex, it won't hurt as much."

Words were lost to him as his breath grew heavy; he slid his finger in deeper, feeling his muscles contract around the intruder.

"Oh, fuck, Will," Finn murmured as he pressed in close behind, eyes transfixed on the finger moving in and out of his lover's entrance. He tore his eyes away to place kisses along the stretched neck and shoulders. His hand curled around his waist to grip the hardened cock.

"Finn," the other man cried, panting loudly. Will quickly took his finger out and pressed in two, thoroughly stretching himself as the younger man slowly pumped his cock.

He rocked himself back into his fingers as a hot mouth latched onto his neck, gaining a drawn out moan from him.

When Will felt he was ready, he stopped the hand on his cock before he made a mess on the lockers. "Do you know how to do it, now?"

Finn also stopped his assault on Will's neck. "Yeah, I think so."

The hand gripping his own placed his hand at Will's entrance. "Prove it."

Finn immediately understood, although he was hard and it was really starting to hurt. He wanted to make sure Will was comfortable. He didn't want to hurt him. He wanted this to be good for the both of them. He picked up the lube and coated his own fingers in it before pressing two inside the quivering muscle.

He leaned his head on Will's back as his fingers began to move. He slowly pushed them in deeper until his fingers pressed into something that made Will's entire body jerk and his mouth cry out.

Out of curiosity, he brushed against it again, getting the same reaction. He smiled. "What's this, Will?"

All he got was an unintelligible noise, so he figured that was a good thing and focused on that little spot, prodding it once more.

"Damn it, Finn, just fuck me. I'm ready now," Will choked out.

The tall teen had never heard such words from his teacher, and it kind of turned him on. He obediently pulled his fingers out and pressed his aching cock against the puckered hole.

He pushed in and steeled himself against any premature happenings. His arms came to wrap themselves around Will's waist; his forehead resting on the sweat covered back as he let the other man get accustomed to being stretched open.

"Ughh," was all that came out of Will's mouth for the moment. He tried his best to gain what semblance of words he could. "Finn, please move."

The pleading in his boyfriend's voice spurred his hips into movement. He groaned as he pulled out and pushed back in, Will's hips meeting his in a resounding smacking noise.

Both men moaned loudly.

Will wiggled his hips as he was thrusted into again and again. The pain was still there but it was soon becoming pleasure. It had been a while since he done this.

"You've done this before?" Finn asked with a bit of curiosity and something else in his voice.

The other man had not realized he had said it out loud; he mentally slapped himself from uttering the words. "Like once or twice in college. Just a little experimentation," he mumbled.

Finn's movements immediately stopped. The hands around his waist tightened and warm breath ghosted over his neck and then onto his ear.

He started to get nervous. "Finn."

The jock gripped him tighter. "You're mine Will. I don't want you to remember anyone else doing this to you except me."

A shiver made its way down Will's spine, the possessiveness nearly driving him over the edge. "I'm yours Finn. Just don't stop."

"Whatever you want," was whispered into his ear as the thrusts sped back up and hands gripped his hips tightly. He groaned at the feeling of the cock inside him, sending all types of sensations throughout his body.

Finn kept a steady rhythm as he rocked into the tightness that was enveloped around him. He didn't think he was going to last much longer.

He moved his hips around and hit a particular spot that once again had Will's body going rigid and a small cry falling from his swollen lips. He decided to focus on that spot again and continually thrust into that particular spot. The clenching around his cock became even more unbearable.

He moved one of his hands to cup Will's leaking member. He began to run his hand up and down, squeezing it at certain times. He kissed various places on the expanse of skin in front of him.

His name was all he heard before Will's seed exploded all over his hand.

He groaned loudly as the tightening around him reached epic proportions and he came inside his Will.

They stood there slumped against the lockers for a few minutes. The sound of heavy breathing filled the silence between them.

Once Finn pulled himself together; he gently pulled out and picked up his towel getting to work by cleaning Will up and the mess they made. While he did that, he still managed to place kisses on Will's back.

After he was finished, he pulled the other man toward his body. "Thank you for being my first."

Will smiled and turned around in the strong arms, lips seeking out the other's for a chaste kiss. He pulled away and looked into brown eyes.

Then he knew why he did it.

"Anything for you," he repeated with love engrained in each word.

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