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Will moved closer to the warmness. It was comforting and felt like home. He buried his face in skin that smelled like soap and took a deep breath. Strong arms tightened around his waist.

He let out a sigh and laid his head on Finn's chest. He felt fingers card through his hair. He lifted his head up and stared at Finn.

Brown eyes were wide awake and set on his face. Fingers trailed down from his hair along his cheek and across his bottom lip.

"Hey," Will said quietly. A smile curled across Finn's face. "Hey," he whispered back.

Will kissed the tip of the finger still pressed against his lip. "I'm glad you could come over."

After much planning, Will was able to have Finn over to his apartment. They could finally be together alone without that danger of being discovered; although, there had been that sense of urgency, when they had sex in the locker-room that slight danger of being caught each time. He thought that aspect turned them on more than then anything else.

"Me, too. It's just us, and we don't have to worry about anyone catching us. I can kiss you whenever I want," Finn mumbled, taking his hand and bringing it to his face. He bought the hand up and kissed his palm.

The feathery touch of lips tickled his skin.

Will smiled, propping his head on Finn's chest. "Yeah, it was fun, but the tiled floors and lockers were starting to hurt my knees and back. I'm not as young as I used to be, you know."

This garnered a chuckle out of the other man. "You'll always be young to me, Will." He ran his hand up Will's t-shirt, counting the bumps in his spine.

Will leaned over and kissed the line of his jaw. He hid his face in his lover's neck and said nothing else. It was hard to keep his feelings in check with his new boyfriend.

Finn had come in and completely flipped his world upside down, had come in and picked up the pieces of his broken self and helped put him back together again. He'd never known someone to completely care for him and be there for him without any ulterior motives, except his mom and dad. It was nice. He felt like he owed him or something.

"Thanks Finn for everything," he murmured into sleep warm skin. He let out a small noise of surprise, when large hands came up to frame his face and pull him backwards.

"What are you talking about?" the young jock looked at him curiously, "Why are you thanking me?"

"Just for being there for me and being you."

Finn sat up a little, leaning against the headboard, tugging Will with him to lie against his chest. His face covered in a light blush at his boyfriend's words. "You don't have to thank me for anything. I did all those things because I wanted to. I love you."

Will smiled and straddled Finn's lap. The younger man groaned as their groins pressed against each other. He reached for Will's face and yanked him into a kiss.

Will ground down into Finn's lap, moaning into a sweet mouth that tasted like strawberries. He slid his fingers into soft dark hair.

He felt hands slide under his shirt.

"Finn," he whispered, as a wet tongue licked across his neck and sucked on the skin, nibbling on it. He would surely have marks in the morning. He should be scared of that, but it only turned him on more. He moved his hips faster.

Hands grabbed his ass and pulled him closer. "Fuck, Will. If we don't do something I'm going to come in my pants."

Will reluctantly moved off his lap to strip off his shirt and sweats. Finn quickly took his own clothes off.

The older man yelped as he was tackled to the bed. He laughed as Finn kissed him. Sometimes Finn reminded him of an overgrown puppy, friendly, loyal, and playful. His laughter turned into small noises dropping from his swollen lips. He arched into the wandering hands, slipping across his abdomen and down his thighs.

He nibbled on Finn's lips, sucking on them enthusiastically.

Finn growled and pushed him further into the bed, slipping between his spread legs. He traced the lines of his stomach with his tongue, sidling up to lick and bite at his nipples. His hands grasped at his thighs, caressing the skin.

They surged up together to meet in a kiss. Their sweat-covered bodies made it easier for their erections to slide against each other.

Finn quickly grabbed the lube from the nightstand and lubed up his fingers. "Will, I love you so much."

He carefully slipped in one finger, crooking it to rub against that spot. He already knew Will's body so well.

Will's hips bucked off the bed as he groaned at the feeling of being stretched. He felt another finger slip inside of him and pushed down on the fingers, his chest heaving with the effort to keep it together. "Love you, too. Finn, please."

"Just wait, Will. I don't want to hurt you," Finn said, leaning over and sucking the other man's tongue into his mouth, while adding another finger.

Will's entire body felt feverish; he wanted Finn now. He gasped when the fingers left him. He gripped the sheets as he felt his boyfriend slowly slide inside his stretched hole. "Oh, God, Finn.

Little noises fell from his lips. He couldn't hold them back if he tried. He spread his legs a little wider, taking more of Finn in. He gazed up dazedly at the young jock hovering above him, kneeling between his legs.

A trickle of seat slid down the younger man's face, waiting until he was ready. Will leaned up and licked the sweat off Finn's flushed face. "It's okay. I'm ready now."

Finn moaned and pulled out and snapped his hips forward, reveling in the small cry from swollen lips. He bent forward, licking his way into Will's mouth. Hands danced their way across his back, digging into the skin and legs wrapped tightly around his waist. He continually thrust in and out, dragging his cock against Will's prostate.

He propped himself up by his elbows framing his boyfriend's sweat drenched face. "Oh, Will. Feel so good. So warm and tight. Love you so much," he babbled, his hips driving Will into the mattress.

The headboard thumped against the wall with each of his thrusts.

The heat and the vice grip around his cock felt so amazing. It just got better each time they made love. How is that even possible?

Will's eyes rolled into the back of his head. His head was thrown back in pleasure, baring his neck to Finn's devious tongue. Finn was going to kill him, but he really couldn't think of a better way to go.

He couldn't even respond. No words would leave his mouth. It just came out all jumbled.

He cried out as a decisive thrust hit his spot. He felt every inch of Finn's dick pulsing within him; it was driving him insane. He felt the thrusts get rougher and deeper. He could take it. Hell yes, he could take it.

Finn sped up and drove into Will harder and faster. He leaned down and bit the skin of Will's neck.

That was it. Will gasped, hands gripping wildly at Finn's back as his seed shot up between their stomachs.

Finn shouted as the tightness around him, gripped him to the point of pain. He moaned as spurt after spurt of his seed exploded inside his boyfriend. He didn't think he'd ever stop coming.

He nearly collapsed on Will, but managed to pull out and fall to the side.

Their heavy breathing filled the now quiet bedroom.

Will rolled over and placed his head on Finn's chest. Arms wrapped around without hesitation, bringing their sweat-covered bodies closer together.

Finn kissed the top of his head and blurted out. "Why does this get better each time?"

Will couldn't help but laugh. "It's because practice makes perfect."

A grin spread across the young jock's face. "Well, you think we can practice again later on tonight. I just need a minute."

Will looked up into dark brown eyes filled with love and lust. He studied him for a minute and realized how lucky he was. "How can I say no to that?"

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