Chapter 6

Richard settled into the saddle with Kahlan, still unconscious, in his arms. They wore their cloaks and a warm blanket he had taken from the temple that he wrapped around them. He tried to sit her as comfortable as possible so she could rest her head against them as they rode. He tied a second horse to his hoping she would soon be able to ride.

Zedd and Chase had decided they would return to the temple where Kahlan had been held captive to search for the key to the Rada' Han around the wizard's neck. Zedd hoped to find it there after searching Reetha and the rooms here without success.

Anxious to get Kahlan home, or what they had of one at the inn, Richard would take her the more direct route back to Holly Meade.

Having said their good-byes, Richard urged his horse forward, eager to put the memories of this place behind them.


For two days Richard spoke to an unresponsive Kahlan, telling her all that he would teach their daughter; how to follow tracks, build a fire, how to make a rabbit snare; he'd teach her the names of all the different trees and which plants were good for healing. He told Kahlan how much he loved her and how amazed he was at her strength. He hoped the sound of his voice would eventually help bring her around.

He rode with her now tucked warmly against him as they made their way slowly through the woods. He loosely held the reins, his hands resting on Kahlan's belly. A light snow was falling through the chilly, gray sky and Richard's hands were raw from the cold but he didn't care, he preferred where they lay now over tucking them away for warmth.

Kahlan stirred in his arms. He pulled up on the reins, halting the horse. He was looking intently into her face when her eyes fluttered open.

"Richard." She smiled up at him glad that he was the first sight she saw.

He felt relief at hearing her speak his name and gave her a broad smile. "Hello."

"Where are we? What happened? "

"You saved my life…and now we're on our way home."

"I saved your life?" Kahlan's eyes focused in on his as she recalled all that had happened.

Though he smiled she could see the worry in his eyes. She knew he must be concerned for her, for their baby. Snug in the saddle, she wrapped her arms tight around him and held close to him, wanting to shed the memories of all that had happened. She didn't want anything to separate them ever again.

He held her close, his face in her hair. "I've missed you Kahlan" he whispered. Tilting her head, she smiled and lifted her blue eyes to his, sending his heart pounding. He put a hand to her face and stroked her cheek with a thumb. At feeling his icy hands on her, Kahlan's eyes showed her concern. She took his hands in hers bringing them gently to her mouth, she blew her warm breath on them as she kissed them and held them to her face. "Richard, you're so cold."

Holding his wife in his arms, their child growing within her he smiled, "I've never felt warmer in my life Kahlan."

The End (Hope you'll read The Arrival, the final fic in this series).