As some of you know I already have a story called "A walk down memory lane" but Sammy gets the girl in that one. This time it´s Deans turn. I hope you like it. Reviews will be very much appreciated. xxLois87

The story takes place at the end of the episode "Home" (1x09). This is my altered ending.

"Did you tell the boys to go to Rockford, Illinois?" John stepped out of his hiding place and approached Missouri. "Yes but why didn´t you want to talk to them? They are both lost and need you to be there for them."

"I can´t, at least not yet. I need to know the truth first." Johns voice was filled with sadness. More than anything he wanted to talk to his beloved boys and console them but now was not the right time. Instead he had told Missouri to send Dean and Sam to Rockford to look for Kristin Walsh. He was sure the boys probably wouldn´t remember her since they were too young when they had first met her in 1983. The Walsh family had been friends with Marys family for decades and just like them they were hunters. Mary had stayed friends with Lisa Walsh over the years even after quitting the hunters business. Lisa Walsh was about the same age as Mary and was married to a fellow hunter named James. A couple of months after Dean was born, Lisa and James had a baby girl named Kristin.

After Mary was killed, John and the boys left Kansas and stayed with the Walsh family in Rockford. They were the only ones who didn´t think that John had gone crazy when he had told them that something supernatural killed his wife. James confirmed Johns suspicions and started training him. He taught John everything he knew about hunting.

Flashback. November 10th, 1983. Rockford, Illinois.

"Kristin honey, John and his boys will arrive shortly and they are going to live with us for a while. Dean and little Sam just lost their Mommy, so I need you to take care of them and be especially nice. Okay?" Lisa told her three and a half year old daughter.

"Of course Mommy." Kristin smiled. She was an only child and excited to have some company, especially baby Sam.

Just then they heard a car pull up their driveway. "They are here!" Kristin shouted excitedly and ran outside. John got out of the car with little Sam in his arms and Dean hiding behind him. John kneeled down and hugged the little girl. She smiled and kissed Sams forehead. "He´s so cute. Can I help you take care of him? Pretty please." Kristin gave him her best puppy dog eyes and he couldn´t help but smile back at her. "Of course." He replied. "Dean, cmon say hello to Kristin." He said and stepped aside. Dean clung to his Dads leg. Kristin got a little toycar out of her pocket and showed it to Dean. "This is for you." She said and handed him the car. He pulled away from John and took the car. "Thank you." He said shyly. "Do you want to come and play with me? I have a lot of toys and don´t worry they´re not all dolls. I´ve got some really awesome toycars." Kristin extended a hand and Dean took it without hesitation. A smile appeared on his face.

Another Flashback. December 22th, 1983. Rockford, Illinois.

The Winchesters had lived with the Walsh family for about 6 weeks now. The boys and Kristin shared her large bedroom, while John slept in the guestroom. The children were inseparable and spent every free minute together. Everytime John and James would return in the evening from training, they would find Kristin rocking Sam to sleep and singing lullabies to him.

She was also the one to console Dean when he woke up from nightmares.

End Flashback.

Meanwhile Dean and Sam were on their way to Rockford. "Do you think this Kristin chick knows where Dad is?" Sam asked as he once again flicked through his Dads journal.

"Dunno, but we might aswell give it a shot." Dean shrugged. That´s when a picture dropped out of the journal. Sam picked it up and took a look. A young Dean was sitting next to a girl who seemed to be his age. The girl had a baby in her arms. Sam turned the picture around. "Dean, Sammy and Kristin. December 1983." It said on the back of the picture. "Dean, take a look at this."Sam said and handed Dean the picture. "Woah. That explains why that name sounded so familiar. Seems like we have some history."

Later that same day...

Dean and Sam arrived in Rockford late that evening. "Let´s go check into a motel and have a few drinks. We´ll look for Kristin first thing tomorrow." Dean suggested and Sam agreed.

After checking into a local motel, the two boys went to a bar close by. Dean roamed the bar looking for some hot chicks. He returned to Sam and sighed as he sat down next to him on a bar stool. "I can´t believe this place. Four hot chicks tops and all of them had boyfriends." Sam just rolled his eyes at his brothers statement.

Just then a brunette girl appeared behind the bar counter. Dean spotted her instantly and whistled. "Make that five hot chicks. My lucky day." He grinned at his younger brother and then continued checking out the new arrival. She was about 5´6 tall, slim with curves at all the right places and had brown wavy hair that reached midback. She had a pretty face to match with long voluptuous eyelashes that highlighted her pale green eyes.

"Why am I doing this again?" Kristin asked her friend Kevin who owned the bar as he handed her an apron. "Jack called in sick and you still owe me a favour." He replied and she rolled her eyes at him. She then headed towards Dean and Sam.

"Hey boys, what can I get you?" Oh my god, she´s even hotter up close, Dean thought and put on his trademark smirk. "Two beers please and your phone number." Dean replied and winked at her. "Just because I have a nice rack and a pretty face to match doesn´t mean I´m some brainless Bimbo who falls for cheesy pick up lines." She retorted sarcastically as she filled two glasses with beer. "Sorry, I didn´t mean it like that. My name is..." Dean started but was cut off by her. "Let me guess, you are a talent scout for some big ass movie company? Sorry to break it to you but I don´t care who you are and I´m not interested in whatever offer you were planning to make." She paused and leaned on the bar counter. "Besides, you´re not my type sweetheart."

"What´s your type then?" Dean challenged. "I like smart guys who actually use their upstairs brain and you don´t strike me as one of them. From what I can tell, you don´t seem to be the sharpest tool in the shed." With these words she left and tended to the other people at the bar. Deans jaw dropped in disbelief and Sam just chuckled.

"Dude, you´ve been..."

"Don´t you dare say it Sammy." Dean warned but Sam ignored him.

"WHIPPED!" Sam laughed.

The same evening, 3 hours later..

Kristins shift was finally over. She poured herself a drink and joined the small crowd around the pool table. Time for some fun, she thought and smiled.

"Hey boys, mind if I play?" She asked the middleaged men.

"Honey, we don´t play for fun. What have you got to offer?" One of the men asked.

"How about the winner gets to spend the night with me?" She asked seductively. "But if I win, I´ll get 200 bucks from each one of you."

The five men laughed. "Okay." They agreed. Foolish idiots to underestimate me like that, she told herself and grinned. Soon enough she´d be a thousand bucks richer.

Dean and Sam watched her intently as beat guy after guy at pool. The men reluctantly handed her the money. She counted the money and stuffed it into her pocket.

Kristin made her way back to the bar counter where Kevin was serving more customers. "Hey Kev, I´m leaving. See ya!" She said and pulled him into a hug.

"Bye shortbus." She called over to Dean and grinned. Sam chuckled and waved goodbye to her. Kristin winked at Sam and blew him a kiss.