Part One

Ever since 2006, Jacob Hood has been under notice that if the F.B.I needs him then they will call for him. The handlers before him knew about the sleeper drug but not Rachel. This was all pushed aside and out of the reach for Jacob Hood to be interested in tackling such a case. Jacob Hood was a genius that if given the chance could maybe brought back twenty-five lives back from there state. Twenty-five lives caused by one woman who is now going to a P.T.A meeting about her genius son Johnny.

As Rachel and Jacob would sitting in the dugout seats as Jacob was enjoying the game. "I thought this would be a good birthday present." Rachel said and Jacob responded, "Thank you Rachel." Rachel knew that this was playoff season since it was Fall and so she was going to ignored that phone ringing. Jacob was going to ignored it too. "I'm not going to let this ruined your birthday." Rachel said and Jacob looked at her, "Rachel, go ahead." Jacob said and Rachel cursed under her breath because she went through hell to get those tickets. "What?" Rachel asked and then she stopped still cursing under her breath. "Hood, We have to go. We have to go. Your requested has been granted." Rachel said and then Jacob left with her.

Jacob was going through his notes. "His name is Antonio Hart, he is the head of a cartel that brings in the usual, he has a daughter name Sarah. He was found in his apartment asleep." Rachel said and Jacob went through the notes. "We might be in luck.." Jacob said and added, "All the victims would found out several hours to a day. How long has it been?" "A couple of hours, there was a tip." Rachel said and Jacob paused, "We might have a chance called E.M.T." As they would driving, a black car passed a red light and they threw a fifty-year old body out of the car which was decompose and saw no head. Rachel ran out to stopped traffic and as Jacob approached the body. "Stopped!" a woman said and added, "Stay away from the body!" Rachel wanted to see the woman she was about to beat the shit out of. This night has ruined Jacob her boyfriend of several months ever since she got out of rehabbed after being abducted. "This is F.B.I manner who the hell are you?" Rachel asked as she pointed her gun ready to shoot the woman. "Agent Young!" Rachel turned it was Booth.