A Faint Tick Tock

Set two years after If I'm Still Welcome
Dawn has given birth to her second child, Buffy and Spike are still going strong.
Buffy hears the faint ticking of her biological clock. She and Spike deal with it.

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns them not me.

The hospital room was crowded as Dawn and Jordan Jacobs loaded up the
baby gifts and flowers from friends and family. The car seat sat on the bed
ready for it's precious bundle. Said bundle was being cooed at by her aunt

Dawn nodded her head towards Buffy and smiled. Jordan whispered, "She needs
one of her own." Dawn nodded sadly in agreement.

"Hello, little punkin baby. You are so sweet. Yes you are." Buffy wrinkled her nose
at the baby girl in her lap. "Aunt Buffy loves you, yes she does."

Dawn giggled as she took the baby from Buffy, "Leah is going to love her
Aunt Buffy too." She situated the baby in the seat, "Thanks for coming to help
get all of this stuff home. How was Will?""

"He and his Uncle Spike were eating Count Chocula when I left. He misses
his mommy and is anxious to have his new sister at home." Buffy gathered up
several balloons and a bag of gifts. "I'll take these in my car and see you at the

"Okay we'll be there soon. Tell Will his mommy loves him." Dawn smiled as she
watched Buffy leave.

"I hear a car, lets see who it is." Spike cautiously peeked around the curtain
and saw Buffy's car, "It's Aunt Buffy." Spike stood in the shadows as Buffy
opened the front door.

Will grinned, "Aunt Buffy!"

"Will! Mommy and Daddy and Leah will be home soon. Mommy said to tell you
she loves you!" Buffy knelt down in front of the little boy.

"Can I hold the baby?" Will asked as he peeked out the window.

"I'm sure you can." Buffy ran her hand through his hair, "Lets go get some
lunch started."

Spike leaned against the doorway and watched as Buffy and Will made lunch.
She was very good with Will, very patient and loving. He felt that twang in his heart,
she would make a good mum. She didn't ever come out and say she wanted
children but he could tell after Dawn got pregnant the second time that Buffy
seemed to be intrigued in every detail of the pregnancy. She had been out of town
when Dawn was pregnant the first time and missed out - he tried to blame that
for the reason she seemed to light up when she felt her sisters baby kick or when
she wistfully asked how it felt when the baby moved. But he knew that somewhere
under the tough slayer exterior was a woman, a woman with maternal feelings.

"We're here!" Jordan called as he opened the door and let Dawn come in with
the baby.

"Mommy!" Will called as he ran into Dawn's arms. She was knelt down on the
floor with the Leah in one arm and Will in the other was grinning at his little sister. "Can I touch
her?" He asked with awe.

"Sure you can." Jordan stooped down next to Will. "You have to be careful though."

Dawn smiled as Jordan took his daughter and helped his son hold her ever so
gently. Will was telling Leah that he would share his toys with her.

"Wonder how long that will last?" Buffy grinned as she and Spike watched the
happy family.

"Uncle Spike want to see Leah?" Will called to his favorite uncle.

Buffy nudged Spike, "Go on she's beautiful."

Spike leaned and kissed Buffy's cheek, "What was that for?" She asked
with a smile.

"Cause your beautiful." He answered as he turned to Will, "Let me see that
beautiful little sister." He knelt beside Will and softly touched the downy hair
on the babies head. She was beautiful. Dawn had beautiful children, so did
Xander and Anya and even Angel. He peeked at Buffy as everyone stood and
moved to the living room. She had that bittersweet look in her eyes again as
she watched him with the baby.

"Hey, I made lunch, I mean Will and I made lunch." Buffy cheerfully called from
the kitchen.

After the meal was done and Buffy and Spike did the dishes, Will went down for
a nap and Buffy held the baby one more time before she and Spike left to give
Dawn a chance to settle in. Spike watched her rocking the baby and cooing at her softly.
She gave her back to her mommy and they said their goodbyes.

"She's a beautiful baby." Spike noted on the drive home.

"She is." Buffy agreed.

"You ever think about having a baby." Spike asked trying not to appear anxious.

"Me, nah. I mean....uhh..well number one - we can't have them. Number two - what kind of mom would
a vampire slayer make?" Buffy tried to lighten her tone.

"Number one there are options and number two, I think this vampire slayer would make a great mum."
He said seriously as she pulled into the garage.

"Okay, what brought this on?" Buffy asked as they went into the house. "You want a baby?"

Spike sat down on the couch and patted the cushion beside him, "I think that I am scared of thinking about
being a daddy, cause I don't have a great past. But I can tell you that you are the only person in the world
who could make me even think about it. And if you really wanted a baby, I would be honored to be the daddy."

"I don't know Spike, part of me, a part of me I was sure was really deeply buried seems to almost yearn for
a baby. But I'm not sure that its right for us.......for me." She leaned against him and he pulled her close
kissing the top of her head.

"Well think about it. Okay?"

"I will. And thanks." She sighed as his arm tightened around her.

"For what?" He asked with small laugh.

"For knowing me so well." She answered as she turned and straddled his lap.

"Oh that, think nothing of it." He laughed again as his lips found hers and they proceeded
to do things on this couch that would make Dawn avoid it the way she had once
avoided the one from the old Summer's house.