Buffy and Spike sat in the middle of their bed pamphlets spread out in front of them.
"We have to call and make an appointment with the adoption agency, they have to
inteview us and look at the house and stuff." Buffy picked up a pamphlet with
a phone number on it, "You are sure about this right?"

"Yes, I am sure about this! This is perfect for us. First thing tomorrow you call."
Spike gave her a lazy smile as he ran his hand up and down her bare arm.

Buffy lay back on the bed her head against the headboard, "Boy or girl?"

Spike scooted up next to her, "Doesn't matter to me. You have a preference?"

Buffy shook her head, "No, I just want a baby. I know that sometimes adoption takes
awhile, but mom used to say good things are worth waiting for and this is a really
good thing." She smiled at him as she place a gentle kiss on his lips.

His lips met hers murmuring against them, "Yes it is."

Later that night, they sat together in bed tired from lovemaking yet excited about their
decision. "How about names?" Buffy giggled as she cuddled closer to Spike.


"You've got the papers Angel got for you right?" Buffy asked Spike for the second time
as she straightened his tie for him.

'Yes, luv. My complete background right here." Spike lifted the envelope of papers
for her to see as he stuck them in his coat pocket.

"Okay, well don't be nervous. We are decent people, we can give a child a good
home, we have lots of love to give." Buffy chattered as she gathered her purse.

"You don't have to convince me, pet." He grinned at her taking her hand and giving
it a squeeze, "It's going to be okay, I promise."

"Okay, let's go." She held his hand tightly as they left for the adoption agency.


"That should do it, everything seems in order here. We will make an appointment
to come look at your house and then its a matter of waiting." The adoption
agent smiled at Buffy and Spike, "Sometimes this can take a while, adopitive
parents have to learn a lot about patience."

"It went well didnt' it?" Buffy asked nervously as she picked at her dinner.

"Went great, pet. Even Ms. Saunders said so. Now we just have to learn how to
wait. And as long as I have you I can wait."

"Spike,you know even if we never get a baby. It's gonna be okay, I want you to know
that you make me happy. A baby is extra happiness, but I don't want you to ever think
that you aren't enough for me." She sighed as she pushed the plate away.

Spike took both of her hands in his, "I know that. But I have a feeling this is going
to work out for us."

Two years later.........

The small room off of the nursery was crowded as Buffy and William Pennington
packed up the diaper bag and the welcome baby balloons. Marie Saunders -
adoption agent smiled at the couple as she handed the small squalling bundle to
his mother. Buffy's face beamed as she held the baby boy close to her and quieted
his crying. Spike stood next to her, peeking at the tightly bundled baby's small
pink face, he was almost bursting with pride. Dawn and Jordan stood by smiling as Ms. Saunders introduced the
new parents to their son, Gareth Daniel.

"If you need us, just call." Dawn kissed Buffy's cheek and softly rubbed the baby's
head as she and Jordan got ready to leave.

"I will, but I think we'll be fine." Buffy replied from her seat in the new rocking chair.

"Okay, we'll see ourselves out." Dawn smiled at her sister as she left.

"He's perfect isn't he?" Spike's voice filled with the awe of a new parent, as he knelt
beside the chair and unwrapped a tiny foot, examining the five perfect toes.

"Absolutely." Buffy nodded in agreement.

Gareth opened both eyes then and scrunched up his face letting out a loud wail.

"Has his mommy's lungs." Spike laughed softly.

"I think he's hungry." Buffy stood up with the baby, "Here you take my place in the
rocker, while I go heat his bottle."

Spike settled into the rocker and accepted the tiny bundle. Buffy went to the kitchen
to heat the bottle.

"Your daddy's big boy, yes you are." Spike cooed at the crying baby, "It's okay,
mommy is getting your supper." He began to hum as he getnly rocked.

Buffy stopped for a moment in the doorway just watching Spike rocking the baby.
It was something she had never thought she would see. She gave the bottle to
Spike, he offered it to little Gareth who latched on to it greedily, making adorable
sucking noises as he enjoyed his meal.

"Mommy's lungs, and daddy's appetite." Buffy giggled as she knelt beside the rocker
and rested her head on Spike's shoulder.

She knew in her heart that if she had never had the chance to be a mother she would
have survived, Spike would have made sure she was happy. But now sitting here with
Spike and their son, she felt more complete then she ever had. And as for that
cursed biological clock - all that was left of it was a very faint tick tock.

The End